Kirijo Code

Author's Notes: prompt: Aigis/Ken. Ken has stumbled across a cheat code that will (temporarily) reprogram Aigis into his personal sexbot.

It was an accident. Ken went through the meeting room in the dorm and found a list of codes and commands. He didn't know what they were for. The thought of asking Mitsuru seemed daunting. What if she didn't want him digging around? So, he settled for asking Aigis. She was a robot. So, maybe she'd know best. At a painfully slow pace, he read out each character to the blonde. Distracted by the complicated combination, he didn't notice the android slumping forward. Her eyelids fluttered as her eyes shifted from a bright shade of blue to a glowing magenta. The sounds of machines whirring and clicking loudly made the boy look up from the paper. Aigis looked... different. Heavier and softer in areas. A slot, one he wasn't aware of, had slid open between her legs. Before he could ask what was wrong, Aigis dropped to her hands and knees.

"Will this position suffice?" she asked, her voice crackling somewhat. "Please use me to your content, Master."

Ken balked at that. Did she mean doing that? Swallowing, he circled around the gynoid. The sight of her open slot and what was inside it made him freeze. He could only describe it as a fake pussy. He hadn't seen a real one before--aside from pictures in dirty magazines his classmates stole--but there was no denying it. Panic pulsed through him as he looked around the lounge. There wasn't anyone there but the chance of getting caught was extremely real. Still, curious arousal pumped through his veins. Aigis looked over her shoulder with her eyes still glowing bright.

"Is there a problem? Should I adjust my position?"

"No, that's fine..." he said as he peeled off his shorts. His cock twitched.

Hesitantly, Ken crouched behind Aigis and poked her pussy. It was weird. Spongy and kind of rubbery and trapped inside a weird cup or something. She didn't react. Gulping, he lined himself up with her pussy and pushed inside. She felt tight. Did real pussies feel like this? He wondered as he rested his hands on her wide hips. He swallowed and began to thrust. The sound of fans whirring to life and something clicking inside of her again brought him back to earth. Something slick coated his cock and she instantly felt warmer.

"Ah!" he gasped out as pleasure washed across him. He gripped tighter onto her hips as her pussy itself seemed to move. It glided across his small shaft without him needing to move. Then, it began to shake around him. A girlish moan escaped the boy as vibrations ran across her pussy. Panting, he started to move as Aigis' cunt did. He was being serviced so well but couldn't stay still. The robot herself was emotionless and still, save for the apparatus inside of her that tended to his cock, but Ken couldn't care. He simply felt too good! As quickly as it started, it all came to a firey end. Clear and sticky cum splattered all over the silicone interior of the fake pussy as he flopped forward. He panted as his little cock softened and flopped outside of Aigis. He clung to her as she stayed still.

"Would you like me to start cleaning mode?"

"Huh? Yeah ok..."

Suddenly, Ken was on his back and Aigis's mouth was around his spent dick. He howled in a mixture of delight and overstimulation as her tongue swirled around his prick. Then, he was clean. Or as clean as a blowjob could leave him. He panted as she got up. "I will commence the cleaning routine for myself unless there is anything more you want, Master?" Ken shook his head and simply lay on the floor. With a nod, her eyes shifted back to blue before heading to the bathroom.

He would have to memorize that piece of paper for the future.