Tweetfic 24? - Kawakami/Shinya

Author's Notes: i kept getting requests for these two back in the day lol

"Um... This isn't..." Shinya couldn't even finish that thought. He wasn't sure if adults could think while they were getting off. His hands gripped the edge of his messy bed while Becky worked him over. Filthy wet slurps and gasps filled his room. Saliva dripped down his shaft, down his balls, and then along his crack. Whatever wasn't inside the maid's mouth felt cold in the open air and yet he was burning up inside. He found the flyer in Ren's room and saved it for himself for when his mom told him to clean his room.

When she showed up, she rolled her eyes and said "Fine. I've done worse on this job." He thought she was talking about his room but now he really had no idea what she meant then! "Are you almost done yet?"

"N-no?" he panted out.

"Alright..." she sighed before pushing him and his knees back on the mattress. He was effectively folded in half. Then, she did something weird. Really, really, really weird. She started kissing his ass! Her wet lips felt strange against his hole but he didn't tell her to stop. Then, her tongue got to work. It slithered around his now twitching rim and forced a moan past his lips. All it took was a few more licks for Shinya to cum. Clear cum spurted into the air and splattered across Becky's meticulously combed bangs.

"Alright, that'll be five thousand yen, Young Master!"

"But... y-you didn't even.... c-clean my room...!"