Tweetfic 13 - Kanji/Dojima

Author's Notes: this ship is hot... i should really think some stuff up.

Dojima had never been with another man before. It'd been so long since he had been with anyone at all. It felt wrong to fool around with his nephew's younger friend but it was too late to back out now. A grunt escaped him as Kanji swallowed more of his cock. His throat spasmed around him and coated it in a thick, shiny gloss each time he pulled back. Ryotaro wondered if Kanji had been with Yu before. It had felt too good to be HIS first time, he imagined. Before he could think to ask, Kanji's tongue brushed against the top of his balls as his nose buried itself into his pubes. A strangled moan escaped Dojima as his orgasm wracked his inexperienced body. With a gasp, he wiped his brow and looked at the boy as he pulled away from his cock.

"G-gimme five... ten minutes and... I-I can repay the favor, kid."