Feral Youth

Author's Notes: another randomly generated pairing lol.

Suguru Kamoshida wasn’t happy about his sudden transfer to a nowhere hick town. Still, he understood that Kobayakawa was looking out for him after a student’s suicide attempt. A fresh start. It was frustrating to have to restart everything but... Inaba was nothing. It’d make things even easier for him to become king once again. There were plenty of cute girls here.

However, there was someone who caught his eye.

Yosuke Hanamura, a second-year boy who hung out with one of the girls he had his eyes on. Hanamura was a good-looking kid. It kind of pissed Suguru off. He was a bit of a priss. Tight clothes that clung to him like a second skin and the way his pretty eyes lit up whenever his best friend was in the room... It all gave him ideas. Ideas that Suguru thought he’d never act upon.

However, Suguru’s mother didn’t raise a quitter. If he wanted something, he was going to have it.

Hungrily, Suguru’s lips devoured Yosuke’s pretty ones. His tongue dwarfed the younger man’s as his hands made themselves at home on his surprisingly round ass. The boy squirmed against him. His cock strained against his jeans. The sensation of his clothed prick rutting against Suguru’s thigh made the man chuckle.

“Mr. Kamoshida...” His voice was hoarse with shameful need. “Th-this is bad. We’re gonna get...”

“Do you not wanna be seen with me, hm?”

“It’s... I-I’m not gay! This isn’t right...”

Suguru chuckled. “Neither am I.”

Once again, their lips met together in a frenzy. Yosuke clung to the other as his hips rutted against his thigh. Saliva dripped from their lips and rolled down their chins. Suguru groped Yosuke. Strong fingers sank into his plush flesh. The pads of his fingers ran along the crack of his ass through his jeans. The brunet yelped against his mouth but Suguru pressed on. Yosuke’s back arched against the wall as he was forced to grind against his thigh.

“Hah... ahhhn!” Yosuke let out soft, almost girlish moans in between hurried kisses. Precum seeped through his boxers and into his pants. The movements of his hips grew harder. More desperate. Soon, Yosuke was rutting against his teacher like a dog who caught the scent of a bitch in heat.

Though, when Suguru pulled away from the kiss to get a look at Yosuke—his eyes half-lidded, his drooling, kiss swollen mouth open in a heavy pant and a heavy blush dusting his cheeks—he knew that his student was the bitch in heat. He chuckled. His grip on the boy’s hips grew intense as he pushed and pulled him across his thigh.

“F-fuck! More!”

Another chuckle rumbled in Suguru’s throat. He pushed his leg firmer against him. Yosuke’s drooling cock was sandwiched between his wild hips and Suguru’s muscular leg. Then, it all came to an end. Warmth splattered across Suguru’s leg as Yosuke trembled against him. He shivered as he came down from his orgasm and limply laid across his chest.

“Don’t pass out on me now, Hanamura. You still need to tend to this,” Suguru muttered. A hand reached for Yosuke’s slim wrist and placed his hand on his erection. “You better get to work.”

Yosuke gulped.