Author's Notes: smh kamo u shouldve just made him eat your ass instead of breaking his leg

Kamoshida's chuckles filled the stuffy office as Ryuji's tongue dragged across his twitching asshole. The wiry texture of Kamoshida's hair against his tongue made Ryuji recoil in disgust but the gym teacher's strong hands kept him firmly in place. The taste of sweat and musk was disgusting. Or rather, Ryuji felt that it should have been disgusting. He shouldn't have found this hot. He shouldn't be enjoying this... and yet.

Here he was on his knees after being summoned to the 'king' of Shujin's office. God, he couldn't stand this. He couldn't stand being like this. Part of him hoped that someone would walk in so he wouldn't have to do this anymore. However, the fear of being caught with his face between Kamoshida's hairy asscheeks was a terrifying one. His nose was buried under his heavy shaft where his pheromones were the absolute strongest. He huffed. The scent of a stronger, masculine man flooded his lungs and made his own cock throb. Ryuji screwed his eyes shut. His nails dug into his palms as he started to lick his teacher's asshole again. Soon, the texture of his hair stopped bothering him.

It was both a taste and scent that he couldn't stand. It was so strong. So dirty and yet... Ryuji couldn't help but smooch his asshole which made Kamoshida laugh again. Despite his laughter, his cock throbbed against the blond's sweaty face. Hesitantly, Ryuji's tongue probed further It swirled around the tight pucker before prodding forward. Kamoshida hissed in pleasure.

"Keep going, you piece of trash." Ryuji grumbled but obliged. Slowly, his tongue coaxed Kamoshida into relaxing and pushed inside. The heat and tightness were incredible. He didn't know what to do. Curiously, the teen pushed his tongue in a little further which made the man moan out. He pulled his tongue out only to push it back in. It was tight and made his jaw ache... but Kamoshida wouldn't let him stop. His tongue wriggled inside his asshole as Kamoshida's cock twitched and throbbed above him.

Precum dribbled down his heavy dick and onto Ryuji's forehead. This was so gross. It should have been gross anyway... And yet... Ryuji kept going. He swirled, or tried to anyway, his tongue inside which made the teacher come undone. Cum splattered across Ryuji's scalp and under Kamoshida's desk. Panting, Kamoshida gripped what little hair Ryuji had before pulling him out of his ass.

"Looks like you're good for something, puppy."

Ryuji grimaced. It looked like life for him at school was going to get even harder.