Tweetfic 26 - Kamoshida/Rin

Author's Notes: wat do u want me 2 say....

Kamoshida chuckled as his fingers threaded themselves in Joker's messy hair. His other hand swiped his cock across her sweaty bruised face. She grimaced as the heavy scent of his masculinity clouded her lungs.

"What's wrong? What happened to all that fight from earlier?"

Wearing a wicked sneer, Kamoshida pulled her close. Her nose buried itself between his balls. The scent of his musk was heavier. Filthier, even. Joker choked back a sob as he pushed her in further. Unable to contain herself any longer, she took one of them into her mouth. Greedy, needy suckles were given to the shadow's heavy balls. It was a taste and scent that she couldn't stand or get enough of. Humiliated tears rolled down her face as Rin sucked on his flesh. Her costume, something that symbolized her rebellion, faded away. Instead of her uniform, she was now in a black bikini adorned with a fluffy black tail on her bottoms. Atop her messy mop of hair was a small crown decorated in black and purple jewels... with a pair of dog ears. It seemed that Kamoshida had gained a new princess.