Tweetfic 20? - Kamoshida/Rin


"I'll sit in the front."

The blonde girl--Ann or something--stared at Rin sadly before sliding into the back seat of the sedan. She was obviously uncomfortable with the idea of riding alone with the teacher. So, she thought that she'd try to defend the girl. Her kindness was returned with her first cock. Before Ann could even close the door on her way out, Rin's head was shoved into Kamoshida's crotch. The overwhelming scent of masculinity clouded her lungs and her mind. His fingers tangled in her wild curls. He yanked her off his bulge just long enough to pull out his cock and impale her mouth onto it. Hot and thick cock clogged up her throat. Spittle sloshed in the girl's virgin mouth and rolled down his shaft in runny trails. After what felt like hours--in reality it was fifteen or so minutes--Kamoshida came. Cum flooded her mouth and shot out of her nose before being shoved out of the car.

Dazed, all Rin could do was walk to her class and try to ignore how wet her tights were.