Tweetfic 18 - Jokercest

Author's Notes: dedicated to cakie whom i love very much

As the blade of Akane's Cognition tore into Ren's pants, he couldn't help but grit his teeth. He thrashed in the cognition's grip as 'Shadow Joker's' boot drove deeper into his skull. The clone grinned. The stark whiteness of his teeth contrasted against the inky black of his skin. Ren shuddered. The Shadow's hand grazed his now bare ass before giving it a harsh smack that echoed in the Kyoto air. The rest of the Thieves were too busy with their own battles to step in and help. Ren thrashed once again only to stop once he felt the other him's cock line up with his ass. Then, it sank inside of him. Pain and shameful pleasure welled up inside of him as Akane's squeals of delight filled the air.