Ruining Every Day

Author's Notes: there NEEDS to be more ikutsuki porn! and takaya and jin porn! praying for there to be more when P3Reload comes out!

Mitsuru bit down on her bottom lip as the chairman's hands roamed across her body. Her eyes squeezed themselves shut. He was getting bolder and bolder by the day. Once upon a time Ikutsuki only kept it to leers and casual touches that lingered for a little too long. It grew into uncomfortable shoulder rubs and pats on her hip. Now, the man groped her heavy tits. Mitsuru didn't know why she didn't fight back. She also didn't understand why he did this. Shame kept her from speaking up, she supposed. It was worse when it started to feel good.

"Such a good girl, Mitsuru," he said with that oh-so-familiar light and airy laugh. The kind he put on after telling a horrid joke to her and the rest of SEES. Those words made her burn like an agidyne. Tears threatened to prick at her shut eyes as her breath grew a little heavier.

Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.

Oh so desperately, she wanted to scream this out but the words were caught in her scratchy throat.

His fingers sank into her breasts, starting from the base and pulling forward in slow motions. Then, he tugged on her stiffening nipples that managed to bulge out even through her bra and uniform. One hand dropped from her tits and she let out the breath she didn't realize that she was holding. However, it offered her little relief. A hiss escaped her as that hand hiked up her skirt. His hand made itself at home between her thighs. He had never gone this far before.

"W-wait!" she finally cried out. He ignored her. Deft fingers pressed into her clothed slit, forcing her puffy folds to part under his touch. She shuddered as that heat continued to grow and grow. He chuckled into her ear. "Chairman!"

The hand on her breast snapped towards her jaw and yanked it towards him. His lips smashed against hers, effectively silencing her as he continued to toy with her pussy. Her panties began to dampen. A whimper escaped her mouth and filled Ikutsuki's mouth. Her hips squirmed as the urge to fight and escape filled her. It all left her the moment he pulled away and grinned at her. "Good girl." A shaky sob tore itself from her as he began to assault her stiff clit. She didn't want this. She didn't want this. She didn't want-- All thoughts came to a screeching halt as her orgasm tore through her. Her first-ever orgasm.

He pulled himself away from her, leaving her to collapse atop the computer with a heavy crash.