Author's Notes: just realized i couldve pushed my junpei top agenda by having ikutsuki use him as a dildo o well....

Junpei jolted awake as he felt something, no, someone, pin him to his bed. His eyes shot open as he thrashed against his attacker. A hand slapped itself across his mouth as a scream tried to tear itself from his throat. Wide eyes flickered behind him or as far as they could get from this angle. The sight of curly brown hair caught his attention. His pupils shrank to pinpricks as the realization set in.

It was Ikutsuki. Ikutsuki was trying to rape him. He froze. No, it couldn't be him.

A guy like that doing such a thing? It just had to be some weirdo who broke into the dorm, surely?

Still, Junpei thrashed under him only to get shoved into the flat pillows under him. His briefs were tugged down his hips. Once again, he tried to squirm out of his assailant's hold.

"You got a lot of fight in you, Iori-kun," Ikutsuki laughed. "I'm not used to such a thing. Mitsuru-san usually gives in so easily. This is nice but please give in. You wouldn't want anyone to catch you like this, would you?"

Tears pricked at Junpei's eyes as shame wormed itself through his twisting stomach. He wanted help but he didn't. The idea of being caught in such a state was mortifying. Wait, what was that about Mitsuru-- His blood ran cold as he felt Ikutsuki's prick slip between his cheeks. A sound, one that could only be described as a cry and whimper, slipped past his lips. No, no, no not this!

"Now now... no more of that. Someone might hear... you wouldn't want that, would you? Or... would you prefer I go to someone else?"

Junpei froze once again. No, there was no way that he'd... would he? The thought of someone else being assaulted tonight because of him... Even worse if it was one of the girls or Ken... Junpei swallowed and forced himself to go limp. He didn't want this. He hadn't even had his first time. He didn't want to lose his virginity to a guy like Ikutsuki, let alone in a way like this! Tears rolled down his cheeks as the man thrusted forward. He didn't know if Ikutsuki was actually big or not. He just knew that it hurt. It hurt so much. Whimpers escaped him as his virginity was stolen from him. Ikutsuki huffed and puffed above him. The scent of sweat was heavy. Brown hair tickled Junpei's face and neck as he tried to just bear with it. Each thrust forced Junpei to grind against the mattress. His cock ground against the soft surface and slowly grew harder and harder. The pain melted into discomfort and faint pleasure. He hated this. He really, really did... Before he could even think about entertaining the idea that this felt good, he felt Ikutsuki throb inside of him. Then, his formerly virgin ass was flooded with the older man's thick spunk. It felt hot. It felt disgusting. With a sigh, Ikutsuki pulled out and patted him on the head.

"Thank you, Iori-kun. I might have to come by again some other time."

Junpei sobbed.