I Bought My Girlfriend Omega Ruby For The Nintendo 3DS And She Called Me An Otaku So I Wrote Her This Song And We Drank Monster And Watched Adventure Time Together

Author's Notes: ""can u do haru x reader where haru says the reader has rly good taste in music""

Waiting for the train was always an overwhelming nightmare. From the sounds of all the people, the announcements on the always staticky speakers overhead and the trains themselves. Not to mention how tightly packed together everyone and everything always was. It kind of sucked but what could you do? You stood at the platform, phone in hand as your music played, and started to zone out.

The familiar sound of Haru's nickname pulled you out of your daydream. There was just something about the fluffy haired girl that always caught your attention and you were happy to give it. Even if it meant having to pause your music during your favorite part of the song. She gave you a wave and a smile so sweet that could potentially melt the hearts of the coldest people on the planet as she ran towards you.

"Good morning! How is your day going so far?" She asked as she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. You gave her a vague but pleasant response which she seemed happy to hear. "Oh, were you listening to something? I'm sorry to bother you!"

You shook your head. No, she wasn't bothering you. It wasn't anything particularly interesting or important. It was just music. Talking to her was something that you couldn't get enough of, though you left that part out. As much as you liked her, you didn't know if she returned those feelings. She gave almost everyone a nickname, after all. Even if you could only recall two people she gave them to. One of them being a cat, but, still. It couldn't have meant anything in your case, right?

A still apologetic smile swept across her face. "Ah, I see!" She turned towards the tracks and stayed silent for a bit. You figured it was just the end of the conversation but still felt her gaze upon you every few seconds. Every time you looked over at her, she was looking at you but quickly turned away. It didn't take long for a heavy blush to paint itself across her face. "Oh, um, feel free to say no if I'm crossing any boundaries, but, would you mind if I... listened to that song for a bit?"

Your heart fluttered at the question. Why would she want to do that?

"I, um, I'd just like to know you a little better. I understand if that would make you uncomfortable--"

Once again, you shook your head and handed her your headphones. She blinked then smiled. The pounding of your heart grew so intense that it drowned out the crowd around you. Haru quickly slipped the headphones on and gave you a nod. You swallowed. Your thumb hit the 'previous' button and restarted the song from the beginning. You watched her reaction with rapt attention. Nervousness ate away at you as your eyes flickered from her face to your phone's screen to watch how much was left.

Haru's eyebrows furrowed slightly in focus before relaxing. Her cute and oh-so-kissable lips curled into a small 'o' and then into a teensy smile. It didn't look like a fake one out of obligation, one that she'd make when hoping to not offend someone, it seemed genuine. Relief washed over you.

The song came to an end. She slipped off your headphones and handed them to you. "It's not normally something that... I listen to, but I... I really did like it! I'm sorry for taking your headphones for so long."

A wide grin spread across your face as you reassured her that it was okay. You were just happy that she liked it and that she wanted to listen to the whole song.

"If... it's not any trouble, could I ask for recommendations? I know it's just one song but I'd love to hear more. Your taste in music seems rather interesting. I can try to return the favor as well."

It was probably too enthusiastic of a response for your liking, but you, of course, agreed to the impromptu playlist exchange.

The next day, Haru ate your ass behind the school dumpster because your music was so based and red pilled.