You're My Pockets, Daddy

Author's Notes: prompt: “He's a little unnerved because he killed her dad. She's all, "He killed Daddy, that makes him Daddy now."”

“I love you, Daddy,” Haru whispered. “I love you so much.”

Her cunt was so tight and so slick around Goro’s cock that he swore she was trying to crush him. If he had her in any other position, she may have unintentionally pushed him out. It drove him crazy. The false detective grit his teeth as Haru ground her hips against his. His cock pulsed against her twitching walls. He didn’t want this and yet she felt so good around him. He swore up and down that he didn’t want this or her. It sickened him how turned on Haru made him. It sickened him to think about her relationship with her father.

Arousal dripped down his cock and balls before seeping into the expensive sheets under his ass. The scent of sex was heavy in the air. Sweat, Haru’s slick juices, and pheromones hung around them in a thick, hazy cloud. The sounds of Haru’s fat ass clapping against his lap and the mattress creaking with each bounce was both heavenly and irritating. As if feeling her snug pussy around him wasn’t enough, he could hear how wet she was. Haru Okumura was filthy wet and it was all for him, her ‘new’ daddy.

His jaw ached. Goro tugged at the bonds around his wrists that kept him pinned to the bed. The chains noisily clattered against the headboard. Blood rushed down his veins as the feeling in his fingers disappeared. Pins and needles stabbed his bound limbs from all directions. It was a strange feeling. He was so overwhelmed with sensation from the waist down while his arms were going numb.

“Does Daddy feel good?” Haru asked. “Do you like your little girl’s pussy, Daddy? I love you so much, Daddy.”

Goro kept his mouth shut. He wouldn’t give into Haru’s disgusting fantasy. If he knew she would become like this after killing her coward of a father, he would have told Shido to fuck off. Even if it meant disrupting his own plans of revenge for a while. He wouldn’t give in. He refused to give in.

As if she was displeased with the lack of reaction, Haru leant forward. Her heavy tits swung above his face as she started to pick up the pace.

“Am I not good enough, Daddy?”

Between each word, the girl bounced on his stiff cock. She pulled up just enough so that only the very tip of his cock brushed against her folds... and then impaled herself onto it without missing a single beat. His breath hitched. He tugged at his bonds again. He couldn’t help but curl his toes each time she greedily took him to the base.

“Is my technique not to your liking, Daddy? Do you like it hard and fast? Slow and gentle? Teach your little girl what you like, Daddy!”

Goro felt as if his teeth would shatter if he ground his teeth any harder. Both his eyes and head rolled back as his breath quickened. His balls tightened under Haru’s plump ass. Her cunt twitched and spasmed around him as if she was trying to milk him dry. Pre seeped from his cock. His cock throbbed faster and faster inside of Haru.

Then, he came.

The world around him faded to white as his cum flooded the heiress’ pussy.

“You...” he murmured once he came back to earth. “You...felt... a-amazing, my... princess.”

Haru grinned.