Silver Screen

Author's Notes: my p3 otp...

He and Hamuko had already seen this movie. So, it wasn’t like it was that big of an issue when she started to talk. It was a flick that Junpei wasn’t sure he liked or not when he first saw it a few days ago. The villain made things not as fun then. This time around though, he was getting pretty into it. Hamuko babbled on about something, he’d nod and mumble back in response. He didn’t mind when she lifted the armrest between them and leaned against him. The feeling of her soft body against his bare arm felt nice in all sorts of ways. Her warmth felt good In the almost cold air of the theatre. Plus, it was always nice to have a pretty girl on your arm. His ego swelled as she wiggled closer towards him. He swung his arm around her and pulled her even closer. None of the other girls would ever let him touch them like this, he didn’t mind too much but Hamuko was really something special.

Still, his focus was on the movie. He had no idea that his leader had something else in mind. Her hand placed itself on his thigh. Slowly, it stroked the inside of it back and forth. Back and forth. Each stroke grew higher and higher, just by a little bit, until it was impossible to ignore what she was doing. Her fingers traced along the shape of his cock.

He coughed. “W-what’re you doing?”

“Nothing… yet." Her giggle rang in the air. The almost tense scene on the screen made it obvious that the teens weren’t paying attention… as no one else was laughing. A man sitting in the row behind them loudly shushed them. Junpei sighed. Still, Hamuko kept it up. He slumped in his seat and spread his legs further apart. Was it a bad idea to enable his friend’s borderline nympho behavior?


Was he going to do it anyway?


Ideally, he wouldn’t have to cum inside his pants but the thought of making a poor employee clean up his mess wasn’t that great either. So, he'd just have to deal. His head lilted back as she rubbed him through his pants. The treatment was light. So light that it was barely a tease but… Then, her hands got to work on his belt and pulled him out. Woah, was she seriously about to go this far? He wasn’t serious with those thoughts!


Her hand wrapped around his cock and started to properly jerk him off. “Just be quiet and you won’t give us away,” she said before diving down to swallow as much of Junpei’s cock as possible. His breath hitched and his hips bucked up into her mouth. Muffled gags and slurps were mostly drowned out by the sounds of poorly mixed action movie audio but it still made him paranoid that someone was going to catch them. His eyes flickered around their seats; the man behind them didn’t seem to be paying attention and it looked like Hamuko was just out of sight to the family in their row. Satisfied, for now, he bit his lip, unsure if he wanted her to finish him off quick or for it to never end. Each bob of the head wore him down more and more.

Fuck, she felt so good. Emboldened, he reached over and slipped his hand under her skirt. “You’re… really wet,” he murmured, pressing his finger against her. A moan escaped her and ran down his cock. His hips jumped, his cock plunging deeper into her mouth, as he ground his finger against her clothed pussy. Hamuko’s mouth work grew sloppier as he toyed with her. He huffed. The movie was almost over. “Shit, shit, shit,” he panted. “C’mon…!”

His fingers slipped under her panties and flicked her clit in a desperate frenzy. His cock may have garbled her moans but she was still loud enough to make a head turn. His eyes met another audience member’s. He felt a small rush of slick against his hand as panic pulsed through him. Could they see her?! His free hand gripped her ponytail and shoved her down as hard as he could. She sputtered and gagged around him as he waited for them to turn back around. His cock throbbed in her spasming throat. Fuck, fuck, fuck— A thick, heavy load pumped itself down her gullet right as the credits began to roll. He groaned and finally released her. She shot up, gasping for air right as the lights flicked back on. Then two scrambled to clean themselves up and rush out of the theatre.

"That movie was kinda boring, huh?” asked Hamuko.

Junpei simply stared.