Where I Wanna Be

Author's Notes: this actually got art inspired by it heh. i can't find it but i swear to god it exists. it was nsfw art but pls understand that my friend, chaos, is a real one.

"You guys crashed and burned hard, huh?" Hamuko giggled.

"Hey, if you hadn't come in, I'm pretty sure I could've got Ai-chan to come around..." Junpei pouted, then a grin split itself across his face. "Y'know, with my never-ending charm."

"Oh, totally," she said before leaning against him. "Every Casanova always has to wear a girl down before scoring."

An arm wrapped itself around her shoulder as Junpei dramatically sighed. "You wound me, Hamu-tan. The chicks dig persistence, I thought you'd understand that more than anyone!"

"Then why don't you get back out there and show me some of that so-called persistence then?" She said before smacking her palm against his ass. The impact caused her hand and his cheek to burn as the sound echoed in the late afternoon air. He yelped before scrambling backward.

"Jeez! Fine, yeah, y'know what? I'll do it, just don't get jealous when I get all sorts of babes hanging off of me by the end of tonight." He mustered every drop of fake confidence he could though its convincingness was questionable.

"Alright, as long as you don't leave out... anyone," she said with a firm poke to his chest. "I think there's a girl who's definitely interested that you missed today."

"R-really? Is it someone we know?" He stammered.

She nodded.

Suddenly, she stood on the tips of her toes and pulled him into a clumsy yet wonderful kiss...which he returned.