Don't You Want It, Baby?

Author's Notes: prompt: "Yuka hooking up with Reiji?"

Yuka twirled her hair around her finger. Honey-colored eyes dragged across Reiji’s toned, maybe even too toned, if possible, chest as she weighed her options. He was kind of a jerk. A bunch of girls liked him for whatever reason though. She guessed that she could see the appeal. She was sure that he probably felt similarly about her; too made up and ditzy but he could see the appeal. Or something. He must’ve if he agreed to fool around with her. Whatever, she didn’t really care.

She kind of just wanted to get off. It was one of those days.

“Ugh, I don’t trust you to pull out, so…” She yanked her shortened skirt over her hips, revealing her pert ass, and bent over one of the desks. “You can just, like, fuck my ass, I guess?”

“...You serious?”

Liiiike… if you have a problem, you can just leave, y’know?”

A huff escaped him as he stepped towards the desk. Her breath hitched as his hands rested themselves on her hips. Was he gonna go for it? Her teeth sank into her bottom lip in anticipation. Before she could properly brace herself, she felt his lips on her still-clothed pussy. She gasped.

His fingers pushed her panties to the side and gave him full access to her cunt. She shivered as his tongue delved between her folds. Her manicured fingernails rapped against the desk as her toes curled inside her shoes. His hands latched onto her hips and pinned them to the desk. Even as his tongue swirled around her clit or he suckled on it, Yuka couldn’t do anything but whine or try to squirm in his vice grip. Pants fell from her mouth in between breathy whines and moans. Ugh, this was embarrassing! Why couldn’t he be like the other guys she fucked and just go for it?

The slick sounds of his mouth on her already wet pussy only made things worse. His tongue laid flat against her and started from the ‘bottom’ to the ‘top’. Another shudder rolled across her body. The tip of his tongue swirled around her entrance. The light teasing was more than enough for her body to scream out. She ached for him. She ached for something to be inside her. Her pussy twitched as he continued to tease her with the possibility of penetration.

It was absolutely unfair!

“Ohhhmygooodddd…!” Her voice jumped an octave as she moaned. “P-please! Just… j-just fuck meeeee already!!!”

When he pulled away, Yuka didn’t know whether to cry in relief or out of agony. She laid there on the desk, panting like mad, as she heard the familiar hiss of a zipper being undone. The way her heart throbbed almost made her worry about it bursting! Then, his cock laid itself against her. A keen escaped her as he slid his cock between her cheeks. Before she could brace herself for an intense assfucking, Reiji slammed the entirety of his cock into her pussy instead.

A squeal tore itself from Yuka’s throat as her cunt spasmed around him. Even as she orgasmed, he kept up the brusque pace and she couldn’t and didn’t want to do anything about it.