Author's Notes: prompt: Kei knocking up Yuka

They had an arrangement. One that was easy to understand. It wasn’t like they were dating each other or anything. They’d fuck and then he’d buy her something nice. Well, no, it was her buying herself something nice. He just handed her cash once he was able to move again. Some days, their ‘meet-ups’ lasted longer than usual. Those were the days he’d tell her to stay. Just a little longer. They wouldn’t fuck again or anything. Yuka assumed he just wanted the company but couldn’t spit it out. She didn’t mind it too much.

Today was one of those days but it also wasn’t.

Kei shuddered as Yuka pulled herself off of him. His hands stayed on her hips even as his softening cock slid out of her. With a roll of her eyes, she reached between them, yanked the condom off his cock, and tied it off… and he still clung onto her. She sighed. “Let me go clean up first..”

He huffed and rolled his own eyes but eventually let go of her. Yuka gave him a small, mostly fake smile only for it to be wiped off her face. His hands were on her hips once more and he swung her onto the bed. He pinned her onto her back, both hands on her shoulders and his hips flush against hers. His cock, still sort of slick from the lubrication, throbbed above her cunt as he stared down at her. “I’m not done yet.”

“Jeeeeez, like, fine! Just let me get another cond–”

“That won’t be necessary,” he muttered.

Yuka stared up Kei in disbelief. She squirmed under him as he lined up himself up. “I’m not on the pill, jackass! G-get oOFF–!!” Her eyes rolled back once he pushed his raw, sticky cock inside her bare pussy. She shivered. They had never done it raw before. The sensation seemed to get to him too. “Fuck, if you’re still… T-take it out!” she whined. Her voice and breath caught themselves in her throat once he began to properly thrust. “I, ohhhfuck, I can get you off in other ways!”

“This is fine.” He punctuated his words with a hard, deep thrust and ground himself against her. The head of his cock kissed her womb. It was like a taunt or a threat. His hands slid from her shoulders to the back of her knees as his thrusts grew faster. “I-I know what I want… Have my children, Ayase. I-I’ll take care of you,” he breathed. The pace he set himself at was incredible. He had never taken her like this and left her utterly breathless.

However, she couldn’t believe what he was saying. Have his kids?! She squirmed under him and desperately fought to keep herself lucid. Her body wanted to give in. Even the selfish parts of her mind were starting to give in. He would take care of her. He would take care of their children. If the easy street had a name, it’d be Kei Nanjo.

Before she could even try to protest any further, he buried himself as deeply as he could. Thick cum splashed against her cervix. Hot and plentiful despite this being his second orgasm. He trembled on top of her but continued to grind against her. A hand reached between them and toyed with her clit. It didn’t take long for Yuka to reach her peak as well, her walls spasmed around him as if they were trying to coax more cum from his balls and into her fertile womb.

Ah, she’d definitely get him back for this…

Impregnating a girl had to be worth a lot, after all.