Tweetfic 27? - Ai/Ayane

Author's Notes: im da only shipper...

Ayane was just so sweet. Ai swore she could eat her kouhai up. She felt a little guilty for it though. She just couldn't stand it anymore as she finished Ayane's makeup. The girl had asked for help in trying to look 'more mature' for their shared friend, Yu. And now? Here Ai was stealing apple-flavored kisses from the girl. Ayane stared at her with wide eyes when they pulled away. "I'm sorry," Ai whispered.

"No. I-it's okay, Senpai... I liked it."

Once again, their lips met each other. Again and again. Each kiss lasted a little longer than the last and soon they were making out. Ai's hands clumsily ran along Ayane's smaller body before pulling her in close. Clothes were pushed aside or pulled off and they were now on the floor. A desire to be closer rang throughout their minds and bodies. Ayane was the one to take charge. Ai let herself be pushed onto her back as Ayane slid between her legs.

Soon, they were flush against one another. Ai's tights and panties hung uselessly off one of her legs as Ayane ground her puffy, hairy cunt against Ai's. The friction of coarse hair against Ai's shaven flesh felt divine and only added to the feeling. Desperately, the two girls rutted against each other. Strings of arousal stretched and snapped between them with each grind. Their clits felt as if they were on fire each time they bumped against one another. And Ayane was determined to experience that sensation again and again.