Dream Come True

Author's Notes: he's so dreamy...

"It's... kind of tight, Adachi-san..." Yuka murmured. Adachi simply responded by tightening the cuffs around her slender wrists. "Ow!"

He chuckled at her response. "No complaining. Just shut up and take what I give you," he said with a sneer. He tugged her top up and revealed her flat chest. Despite her size, Adachi sank his finger tips into what little was there. Just enough to squeeze. Her nipples, stiff and overly sensitive, brushed against his busy fingers and made her gasp out. "Maybe I should've swiped a muzzle from the K-9 unit too since you won't shut up."

Yuka bit her lip in an attempt to silence her moans. Whether or not she did a good job was up to her crush. Her eyes squeezed themselves shut as her fingers wriggled within the grasp of the handcuffs. After growing bored, Adachi yanked her shorts down to her wobbly knees and threw her onto his coffee table. Her long frame meant she covered the entire surface with her head hanging over the side. Her flat chest pressed against the cool wood. His hands made themselves at home on her small yet pert ass. There was a bit more to squeeze there. She shivered as he felt her up. The anticipation for what Adachi might have had in mind for her was willing the girl! The sound of something heavy and metallic hit her ears. She blinked before trying to turn towards her crush... Only to get greeted by the sight of a gun barrel. Her eyes shot open as it was pressed against her temple. Her blood ran cold as the sound of a zipper coming undone played out.


"Shut up." His cock thwapped against her ass before sliding between her perky cheeks. Her breath hitched.

She should be ecstatic right now. But having a gun pointed at her like this... it was distracting. A hand pulled her cheeks apart to reveal her twitching asshole. Adachi huffed at the sight. He pulled his hand away to spit on it before 'lubing' up his cock. Then, he lined himself up with her asshole.

"W-wait--" Yuka's panicked words were cut off by a shrill scream as the detective's cock pierced through her tight rim. Tears pricked at her eyes as she was stretched to what she thought was her absolute limits. Eventually, she'd learn that Adachi was painfully average but that didn't matter. She was so tight and he felt so big. This wasn't what she wanted when she came to visit. She hoped that something would happen but... A hand slapped itself across her gaping mouth as the gun pushed harder against her temple. Adachi laid atop her back.

"I told you to shut up, Yuka-chan. Do you know what happens to bitches who can't listen?" His words dripped with venom and forced ice water to pump through her veins. She had gone from feeling as if she was on fire to feeling like a bufudyne was cast upon her. Fat hot tears rolled down her face as she tried to keep herself quiet. Storm-colored eyes screwed themselves shut as she tried to ignore everything. She tried to on the fact that it was Adachi's cock inside of her right now but it brought the teen girl little comfort as Adachi continued his assault.