Author's Notes: "listen bro im not gay but--" is my fave shit with m/m fics im sorry

“Wait, wait, wait. Look, dude, you’re really hot right now but, uh,” Junpei rambled. His eyes darted across the room, looking at just about everything but the guy in front of him. He swallowed as he continued to fidget. “…but, I’m not, like, gay.”

Minato stared at him. Even behind his dark fringe, he could feel the iciness in his gaze.

He gulped. “Like, listen-“

“This is a dream.”

“Y-yeah… and?”

“We won’t remember anything when we wake up.”

“…Yeah?” “So it’s not real. It’s not gay if it’s not real.”

Junpei wasn’t sure what it said about him and his sexuality when that was all he needed to actually go through with this. The fact that all it took for him to get interested in his leader was seeing him in a maid outfit probably said some things too. He just knew that he needed to thank Elle-P after this for blessing him with the sight of Minato in his personal favorite fetish wear. He hoped that he looked half as good in his own outfit. He was sure his legs could pull off the tiny skirt. wait. Unwilling to even begin unpacking all of that, Junpei grabbed the other’s shoulders and wrinkled the cute puffed sleeves in the process. His heart throbbed as he stared the other down. He felt his mouth go dry as he noticed how pretty his friend was. The dark bags under his equally dark eyes and the way his cute, pouty lips were always half-frowning were… charming in a way he couldn’t explain. He gulped. His hands ran along Minato’s slim frame that seemed to be lost under all the layers of frills and petticoats.

His friend simply stared up at him, almost bored.

Or is that just how he always looked?

Junpei bit his lip. He’d make him feel something.

His hands dove under his skirt, grabbed onto his slim hips, and pulled them onto his lap. Minato laid his slim legs on Junpei’s shoulders, his Mary Janes threatening to knock against his ears if he took any longer. With a huff, Junpei slid the other’s underwear down his legs. Of course, they were a plain white pair of panties. Boring on their own but the fact he was wearing them lit something in Junpei. His cock throbbed as he left them hanging off of one of Minato’s legs and positioned himself properly. “This okay?”


“You sure?”

Just do it.

With a shaky breath, Junpei pulled out his cock and lined it up with Minato’s asshole. It was a slow and nerve-wracking process. He should’ve prepped. Minato was tight, thankfully not as much as he was expecting, but, still. It was almost overwhelming! Eventually, he sunk halfway inside and trembled. “M-man, you… you doin’ alright?”

Minato nodded before reaching down to stroke his own cock. Junpei swallowed as he watched him finally reach full mast. “You’re not the first guy I’ve fucked. Go harder.”

Junpei clicked his tongue and nodded. He dove forward and pinned his legs to his shoulders, practically folding Minato in half and wrinkling the uniform, and started to slam his hips down. The power of his thrusts forced a grunt and a high-pitched moan to slip out of him. Junpei smiled. His balls slapped against his ass. The sound of sweat-slicked flesh slapping against each other filled the room. Reluctant moans and grunts soon followed. Minato’s strokes grew desperate and sloppy but would stop entirely every few thrusts, Junpei noticed. He shifted his hips, his twitching cock stroking and bumping against the other’s tight walls in a clumsy mess until he found it. Minato’s eyes shot open and his back arched the best that it could in this position.


“Right there, eh?” Junpei knew he was a little too satisfied for his own good but he couldn’t help it. He continued to angle himself to hit that spot until his friend burst. Cum shot out and splattered against Minato’s flushed face. He panted. His cock throbbed as cum continued to dribble onto and stain the black fabric.

“A-aren’t you… done… yet?”


“Hurry… the fuck up, th-then…”

Junpei huffed as he started to pick it back up, slow, shallow, and gentle for now. The sight of Minato glaring at him behind his fringe and heavy blush was doing more things for him than he’d like to admit. He throbbed inside of him before it grew too much. He pulled out and began to stroke himself wildly. Globs of pre flicked out and landed onto Minato’s uniform as he stroked. Finally, he came. His cum splattered onto Minato’s face, joining the earlier facial. He panted and flopped beside him on the too cramped bed.

Minato then punched him. “Dick.”