Dancefloor Orgy

Author's Notes: one of my ideas from my 40 page document got funded! thank you so much, simo09!

Tohru Adachi wasn’t a player in this game of his. He just wanted to be a member of the audience in the empty stands. He was content to just watch those stupid high schoolers and Namatame play together. Yes, it was him that started this whole scenario to begin with. No, he had no intention of getting involved any further than he already was.

Or rather, that was the plan at first.

Things changed when Rise Kujikawa, a rising superstar who starred in all sorts of commercials and sang stupidly catchy pop songs that got stuck in his head when the Junes jingle left his brain, came to Inaba. She had a body that was absolutely made for sex with the prettiest little mouth that suited the lovesick songs she babbled on the radio. He simply had to get involved when Namatame threw her in.

At first, he was just going to watch. Her Shadow put on quite a show after all. He didn’t do anything when that Konishi girl or Yamano bitch was trapped in that other world. Why should he help?

Simply put, Rise Kujikawa would owe him, little ol’ Adachi.

When would he ever have the chance to get a favour from an idol again?

Gunshots rang throughout the air and ripped Rise out of her dreamless sleep. Once the initial fear and startle wore off, the idol—no, she was a normal girl now—tried to collect herself. How long had she been in this weird world? How long had it been since she slept? That other her didn’t let her have a moment to herself. Sweat rolled down her clammy skin as she sat up.

“Phew, I can see why it takes those guys a month to get through one of these things.”

Rise blinked.

That was a voice she didn’t recognize.

Her eyes flickered towards the doorway to the large club—was that where she was? She wasn’t sure. There stood an older man, maybe in his twenties, with large eyes and a dopey smile on his lips. He spun a gun on his fingertips as he strolled into the large room before sliding it into the holster on his hip. His eyes met hers and his smile widened. He stepped towards her and held out his hand for her to take.

“You’re... not one of those weird things, right?” she asked, unsure if she should be relieved that someone else was here or suspicious. Oh-so-badly, she wanted to be relieved.

“I’m Adachi. I’m, ah, a police officer in the real world. I’m here to help you, Kujikawa-chan.” Swallowing, Rise took Adachi’s hand. Slowly, she was pulled onto her feet. Her knees buckled under her before she collapsed onto his chest. Her eyes widened as her heart raced. What was going on? Tears pricked at her eyes as she buried her face into his wrinkled suit and hiccups began to form. “Whoa! Easy there, Kujikawa-chan! One step at a time.”

“I-I’m sorry, Mr. Adachi!” she sniffled. “I... I was just so scared.

A soft noise escaped the man as he patted her on the head. “Well, ya don’t have to be scared anymore, Risette—oops, Kujikawa-chan. The good guy is here to save the day. Let’s get you home—”

Suddenly, a thick, crackling energy blasted throughout the air. It made the hair on Rise’s body stand up on its ends. Oh no. The lights all went out before a blinding spotlight flickered on and directed itself onto the stage in the middle of the room. That permanent fog rolled into the room and thinned out around the stage as The Other Rise stepped out.

“It’s me! Your beloved Risette~!” she cheered. An unseen audience hollered in approval as she spun around on the pole in center stage. “I’ve missed you all! Mwah, mwah, mwah~! Since you’ve all shown me such amazing support, I think I’ll start my show extra early~. I’m gonna bear it all for all of you guys!”

Fire burned inside of Rise’s throat as she watched Adachi stare at the other her. The man let out a low whistle before looking back at her. “This... other you likes attention, huh?”

“Th-that’s not m—” Adachi silenced her by placing a finger on her lips.

“Don’t worry about it. We don’t need to start that right now. Alright, let’s get this show started.”

Suddenly, a large, towering humanoid... monster? A monster appeared in front of Adachi. The monster wielded a large blade and wore a long coat that dripped with a foul-scented black and red substance that dripped from him like rotting meat. Rise gagged but found herself unable to look away. The monster swung the blade at The Other Rise who spun around on the pole and blocked each attack. Suddenly, the other her let out a shrill wail before her skin split apart, revealing technicolor flesh. She grew and grew and grew until she nearly touched the high ceilings of the club. She was naked but had no features aside from the identical twin tails that Rise herself wore. The officer hissed but continued to battle. Rise watched her hero fight endlessly to defeat that twisted version of herself to no avail. It was a little pathetic but she couldn’t help but be enraptured by it. He was putting in all this effort for... her? Plus, the fact that he had powers—scary, gross-looking powers but they were still powers and pretty cool when she thought about it—made him kind of really cool. Her heart throbbed. A fluttering warmth blossomed inside of her chest as she watched Adachi fight. Fight for her.

Suddenly, he scooped her off her feet—figuratively and literally—and hauled his ass out of the main room. All the air in her lungs escaped her as she bounced in his grip. “W-what are you doing?!”

“Getting out of here,” he muttered in between heavy grunts. “What’s it look like?”

Rise kept her mouth shut as she clung to her rescuer. Adrenaline pumped through her veins but it did nothing to stop the growing adoration for the goofy-looking man in her teenage heart. The other her laughed maniacally as she dove towards the entrance, only to just barely miss the both of them by an inch. The former idol was lowered onto the ground and her hand was quickly grasped.

“I can’t carry you and fight at the same time.”

Rise nodded as she gripped Adachi’s hand, ignoring how electric she felt at that moment. The duo ran through the identical hallways and staircases lined with crushed velvet curtains and neon lights that promised lurid adventures if one were to go into the main hall.

The laughter of The Other Rise grew louder as the both of them got closer and closer to the entrance rather than getting further away. Rise swallowed as the fog grew thicker and thicker. It was getting so much that she couldn’t even see her feet or anything in front of Adachi. Eventually, they made it to the front door.

Right as Adachi’s hands brushed against the door handle, a wall of fire appeared! Hissing, she and Adachi stepped backward as fire closed off the windows by the entrance as well. They spun on their heels to see The Other Rise standing there, no longer giant and made of swirling colours, with a posse of monsters.

“Why don’t you just stay here with me, Me? Don’t you want to be there for our biggest show? Our fans were totally looking forward to it. Weren’t you, Mr. Officer?~”

Adachi snorted. “I’m not gonna lie. I was.”

Rise blanched at that.

“However, the other Risette doesn’t seem too happy about that. So, we’re gonna have to put a stop to this... unless you have something interesting for us.”

The Other Rise tilted her head to the side. “Interesting? How so? Oh!” She clapped her hands before tugging on the strings of her bikini to force her inflated breasts—well, they looked inflated compared to the actual Rise’s chest—to bounce in place. “I think I know what you want. I’m not an idiot. C’mon, I’ll give my big strong hero a private show~.”

Rise squeezed his hand. He looked over at her and smirked. “Only if you’re extra nice to Kujikawa-chan too.”

The other monsters dissipated like shadows in bright light as The Other Rise snapped her fingers. She spun on her heel, her twin tails spinning around in a wide circle, and walked down the halls. Eventually, they made it to the main hall again. Right back to where they started. Rise’s eyebrows furrowed as she clung to Adachi the entire way there. The two were led into a small room behind the main stage. It was a much smaller room. Crushed velvet couches still lined the curtained walls but the lights were dimmer and gave everything a more... lurid feel. Despite the cleanliness of the club, Rise couldn’t help but feel grimy for just being back here.

The man dropped himself onto one of the seats and Rise reluctantly sat next to him. Her arms clung to his side as her doppelganger took to the little stage in the middle of the room. The shadow sang as she danced. Her body swayed and moved in a way that made the girl’s skin crawl. Was that how she looked when she was on stage? The shadow’s breasts bounced and jiggled obscenely as her hips wiggled in a way that made her plump ass bounce. Each sway forced the tiny bikini bottoms to ride up her ass. Or it was possible that the shadow’s costume was shifting. The top of her bikini also shrank with each repeat of the chorus.

“You’re pretty well-made. I’m impressed,” Adachi murmured. He then leaned into Rise and whispered, “Nothing compares to the original though.”

Rise flushed. She was already a bright shade of pink from embarrassment and fury due to the woman wearing her face, but that comment made her heart flutter. As lame as it was. Everything about this guy seemed to make her pulse quicken and her heart race.

Shadow Rise stopped in her tracks. “Oh? Are you sure about that? Why don’t I show you just how well-made I am then you can decide on who you like more, Mr. Officer~.”

Slinking off the stage, Rise’s Shadow strolled towards the couch with wide, exaggerated movements of her curvy hips. The bikini had shrunken down to just tiny triangles that just barely hid the nipples and the cleft of her puffy pussy. A patch of dark auburn pubic hair peeked out of the tiny bottoms. Squatting down in front of Adachi, she placed her hands on his thighs. Back and forth, her hands slid across his legs before leaning in to capture the fly of his pants between her teeth and pulling it down. Her hands expertly undid his belt and freed him from his wrinkled slacks.

A thick and uncut cock thwapped her in the face. Rise gaped at the sight. It didn’t look big per se but it was still the first cock she had seen in person. She couldn’t help but feel scandalized by the thought of seeing her crush’s dick within minutes of meeting him. The Other Rise’s lips split into a wide grin as she wrapped her hands around his throbbing prick.

Adachi sighed as he slumped in his seat. He slid his arm out from Rise’s grip and wrapped it around her shoulders to bring her in close. He leaned towards her once again as The Other Rise stroked him off. “Bet it’s a weird sight to see this sorta thing from another angle, huh? Seeing yourself working some older guy’s cock from the other side...”

“I... I never did that before.”

“Really? I figured there’d be some sleazebag exec who’d love to get their hands on you.”

Rise shuddered. “Y-yes, but...”

“Ah, you managed to get away. Good girl.” His hand crept along her side as another sigh of pleasure escaped him. His cock throbbed in Shadow Rise’s grasp. He gripped onto Rise’s waist as he leaned in to press a kiss to her lips. “Sorry. Got carried away there. You don’t mind, do you? Pretty girl like you has had to have had her first kiss by now.”

“...” Rise touched her lips. No, she hadn’t. Was it sad that she hadn’t kissed anyone even before becoming an idol? She had performed in gravure DVDs where she pretended to be the viewer’s girlfriends—sometimes they involved her making kissy faces at the camera—but never actually kissed anyone. That was the thing about having no friends as a kid. No one wanted to kiss you. Once she became famous, however, she was flooded with fan letters declaring their love for her. Still, she had her first kiss with her hero. That wasn’t so bad, was it? “...It’s okay.”

“Good. Good girl.”

Why did those words heat her up like this? It wasn’t like when Minoru praised her for an excellent performance or rehearsal. This felt different. Deeper. Hotter. Was she actually the slut that everyone saw her as? She was just sitting here, falling in love with a guy she had just met, and kissed him... and watched him get his dick sucked. A fire lit inside of her. She leaned into him and stole a kiss of her own.

Clumsily, their lips met each other. His tongue pressed against them. It was weird. Slippery and wet. Reluctantly, she opened her mouth and let him inside. She really had no idea how this was supposed to work. Pure instinct began to take over. Her breasts pushed against his arm as her tongue ran along his. Saliva pooled in her mouth and sloshed about as their tongues danced with each other.

Frustration built up inside Rise’s Shadow as Adachi seemingly directed all his attention to the fake, sexless version of herself. Where did she get off on pretending to be a clueless virgin? She may have gotten out of doing things with those execs, but she knew what was going on. She knew that they undressed her with her eyes. She knew what her fans wanted to do to her. She knew damn well what Adachi, their newest crush, wanted to do to her.

Despite everything, Adachi ignored her for her.

Her hands stroked along his average length at a faster pace. His foreskin rolled back and forth across the head as precum dripped from his swollen tip. Messily, she smeared her lips across his tip. A thin sheen of precum stained her lips and coated them in a shiny gloss. Feverishly, Shadow Rise peppered dozens of kisses across his head and dipped her tongue into his foreskin, forcing a groan from the man. Smirking, she slipped his prick into her mouth. Her tongue rolled across his sweat-scented flesh. The salty bitterness of his pre seeped into her tastebuds. She paid it no mind. It didn’t matter to a girl like her. Something told her that he didn’t care much for his partner’s comfort anyway. That didn’t bother her too much.

What did bother her was the other her continuing to kiss and touch Mister Officer.

Shadow Rise’s tongue lathered itself all across the head before slipping him deeper into her mouth. Her tongue pressed snugly against the underside as her throat relaxed. He wasn’t that big. It still was a challenge thanks to his girth. Soon, his balls kissed her neck as she buried her nose in his pubic hair. Her throat spasmed around what was in her throat. A hand slipped down to cradle his balls as she ground her tongue against the base of his dick. Her thumb ran along the middle of his sac before gently massaging his sensitive flesh. Softly, oh so softly, she squeezed and groped his balls. More and more muffled groans escaped the man as the shadow worked him over. His hands reached for her head and made themselves right at home around her pigtails.

Suddenly, he pushed her down and kept her firmly in place.

Saliva pooled inside of her mouth and seeped from the gaps between her lips and his thick shaft in runny trails. If she was a ‘real’ girl, she would have cried from the lack of oxygen or gagged around him. Luckily, she was having zero problems.

A small bulge appeared in her throat as Adachi kept himself nice and deep inside her throat. Then, he pushed her head back until just the tip was in her mouth before ramming her down to his balls once more. His balls smacked against her chin as he used the shadow as a cheap fucktoy. Filthy wet noises filled the room; slurps, wet clicks, and the faintest of muffled groans and cries from the idol’s doppelganger sounded like music to the detective’s ears.

“That’s a good cocksucker. Are you sure you’ve never done this before, Rise-chan? The other you’s throating me pretty well. It’s making me wonder...” Adachi whispered against the real Rise’s lips. “Y’know how this place works, don’t you?”

She shook her head. “...N-no, I was just... I was thrown in...”

“Ah... Well.” Adachi hummed as he contemplated telling her everything he knew or if he could get away with lying a bit. It’d certainly make things easier. An apologetic smile flashed across his face as he jammed his cock into Shadow Rise’s throat once more. His head tipped back as he moaned. “Mmmmhhff... Fuck. Think of it like... the inside of your heart. This is how you feel. She’s said some nasty stuff that you never... wanted to admit to, didn’t she? Face it, Rise-chan... you might be a bit of a slut. Nothing wrong with that, in my oh-so-humble opinion.”

Rise frowned. “...M-maybe because it's you’re... Never mind.”

If what he said was true... would that really mean that she was a slut? Or that she longed to be a slut? One that always wanted everyone’s eyes on her? Was that really what she wanted? She wanted friends. Real and true friends who would stick with her always. Being an idol was just a way to stand out and finally make friends. Wasn’t it?

Heat pooled inside of her stomach as she watched Adachi fuck the face of her doppelganger. His cock bumped against the insides of her cheeks making those bulge out as much as her throat did. The slick sounds of saliva sloshing about inside of her throat and the... sexy grunts and groans he let out were getting to her.

Did she want to be used like this?

She frowned once again.

Well, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if it was just Adachi. The guy she liked. She wouldn’t just let anyone use her like this. It felt wrong to think about. She had desires, yes, but she didn’t want to share them with just everyone.

More and more of that heat swirled inside of her as her doppelganger’s hips swayed with every thrust Adachi gave her. Bubbles formed as the saliva frothed up around Shadow Rise’s lips. Wet smacks soon joined the cacophony of noises that filled the room.

Glk. Glk. Glk.

Rise’s thighs rubbed together as she watched Adachi’s face scrunch up in a cute if dorky way. Huffing, the man pulled the shadow away from his cock. An exaggerated gasp escaped the being as strings of spit snapped between them. The shadow panted before she was shoved back down. Her nose was forced between his wet nuts as he smacked his cock against her forehead. Saliva dripped from his dick and onto her hair.

“Feel that? Do you feel the cum churning inside my balls? They’re gonna be filling that slutty idol cunt soon enough. Go on. Show them some love too, Risette.”

Like a good girl, Shadow Rise’s lips smothered his balls in kisses. Smooch. Smooch. Smooch. The wet smacks of her lips against his sweaty flesh made blood boil in Rise’s ears as she watched her counterpart worship his balls. Her tongue swirled along his skin before slipping one of his balls into her mouth. Noisy sucks soon filled the room as she pulled back, let go with a ‘pop’ and let his balls smack back into place. Adachi groaned as pleasure washed over him. Soon, she repeated the motion with his other one. His hips snapped forward and his cock smacked against her face once more.

“Get off. I’m gonna fuck you now, Risette. Er... wait,” he paused to look over at Rise. “Unless you wanna go first? I don’t mind.”


“Nuh-uh! You snooze, you lose!” the shadow said with a cackle before jumping onto Adachi’s lap.

Making a show out of it, she tugged the strings of her bikini and made the rainbow fabric slip off her exaggerated curves. Large, bare breasts with puffy pink nipples were revealed as was a slick, puffy pussy with a small bush above the cleft. Nothing too surprising. It wasn’t like the bikini left much to the imagination, anyway. Still, it was an appreciated sight to the detective.

Licking his lips, he groped her heavy tits. His fingers sank into the soft, pillowy flesh as he squeezed and bounced them in his grasp. Her stiff and puffy nipples bit into his palms. “Such perfect fucking tits, it's you’re made for sex,” he muttered before burying his face between them. Softness surrounded him as he continued to grope her tits. “Probably for the best that you’re not built like this in the real world. You’d be all used up that’s for sure. I’m more than happy to keep this just between us.”

Rolling her eyes, Shadow Rise pulled his mouth towards one of her nipples which he gracefully took between his lips. His tongue traced lazy, messy circles around the stiff bud before suckling noisily around it. His teeth lightly scraped across the sensitive flesh and forced a breathy moan from the being. His hands slipped from her tits down to her hips before squeezing her plump ass.

“Go on, ride me. Show me how an idol moves her hips.”

Rise’s mouth grew dry as she watched herself—no, that wasn’t her, it couldn’t be her despite what Adachi told her, she refused to believe it—sink down onto his cock. Pleasure rang through her body as arousal pumped through her veins. She masturbated before. She knew what it felt like to have something inside of her. Actual sex had to feel better than that, right? Her hips squirmed as she watched her other self let out loud, exaggerated moans as she took Adachi to the very base. His balls kissed her lower lips as his cock was surrounded by hot, wet velvet. Slick juices dripped from Rise’s cunt and seeped into her underwear as she watched the two go at it.

Sweaty flesh smacking against sweaty flesh joined the room. Gone were the slick sounds of wet mouths and tongues smacking and slurping against each other and now the room was full of the slick noises of a fat cock sloshing around glossy juices, high-pitched moans and deep grunts as the sound of flesh bounced off the walls.

Unable to control herself, Rise slipped her hand under her skirt. Her hips squirmed once more as the tips of her fingers dug between her clothed folds through her soaked panties. The sensation of the wet fabric against her stiff clit made her moan out. Her free hand slapped itself over her mouth in an attempt to snuff out the sound.

“Hah, I’ll take care of you next, Rise-chan.”

“I... I don’t think I’m...” Rise stopped to let out a moan as her body screamed for more stimulation. Her walls twitched and squeezed around nothing as she ached for something to be inside of her. “I’m not... I’m not ready.”

“That’s fine.”


“I’m not an asshole who’s gonna... Mmmf, shit! Risette, you feel so fucking good!” He groaned as he pulled her down onto his cock. “So fucking good. You’re made for taking cock. Such a good fucking slut. So nice and tight. Such a wet and thirsty cunt. You like that? You like being stretched out by my fat prick?”

Shadow Rise giggled as she bounced atop his lap. Her ass clapped against him as her body wobbled with each impact. Her hips wriggled around each time she bottomed out. His cock ground against her slick walls in a way that made her shudder with delight.

“You feel super good, Mister Detective! You’re throbbing so much~! Do you like how my slutty idol pussy feels? Am I the best you’ve ever had? Nothing can compare, I bet.”

“Yeah, yeah, sure.”

“Say it~. Don’t be shy, Mister Detective,” the shadow jokingly whined as she ground her hips against his. His cock stroked her walls in a way that made her shiver. As annoying as his fucktalk could be, it did start to feel pretty good. She just needed to hear that she was the best. She needed that praise. She needed to know that she was better than the supposed ‘real’ her. The real her would never put out. The real her wouldn’t even know how to jerk him off let alone move her hips or suck him off. “Say that this is the best pussy you’ve ever had. That you’ll ever ha—mmf?!

Adachi huffed as he stuffed the bottoms of her bikini into her mouth. The stretchy fabric was jammed as far into her mouth as he could manage without choking her. Saliva seeped into the lycra. The shadow let out a few muffled whines and whimpers as he gripped onto her hips so tightly that angry red marks appeared on her skin. “Shut the fuck up. Good cocksleeves should just learn to keep their whore mouths shut. You’re ruining it by babbling on about stupid shit like that. It’s none of your fucking business who I fuck or will fuck. You’re only good for taking dick. Now shut up and make me fucking cum.”

He pulled the shadow off his lap—strings of sticky arousal connected the couple’s pelvises before snapping—and pushed her onto the ground. The girl whined once more. She was flipped onto her hands and knees as Adachi lined himself up with her drooling slit once again.

With zero regard for her comfort, he slammed himself forward. His balls slapped against her mound as his fingers tangled themselves in her pigtails and yanked back. A muffled scream escaped the shadow. Something panged inside of Rise as she watched herself—was that what she was calling that twisted version of herself now—get brutally taken.

Their earlier... encounter left her feeling hot and sticky. Now? She wasn’t sure how to feel. Her thighs continued to squeeze against her hand which never stopped moving. Her fingers were still a blur against her clothed slit. Her body still ached for stimulation. Guilt and shame swam inside of her chest as she watched herself cry and whine into the air. Except she wasn’t. She wasn’t allowed to moan or complain thanks to the makeshift gag in her mouth. She watched as she trembled and shook with every harsh thrust.

Adachi yanked harder on his makeshift rein and forced Shadow Rise’s head to be pulled all the way back. Her eyes rolled into the back of her skull as her muffled cries grew louder and louder. The sound of skin smacking against skin grew faster, more erratic, and sloppy. Slick dripped onto the floor. Her arms gave out but she wasn’t allowed to collapse onto the floor thanks to Adachi’s grip on her hair.

“Take it. Take my fucking cock. I bet... I bet a slut like you would be happy with anyone’s cock, though, huh? Whores like you wouldn’t parade yourself like that on the air or during concerts if you didn’t like the attention. You love having eyes on you. You like the idea that there’s desperate losers jerking off to the thought of holding your hand at those lame meet-ups, don’t you? You got all tight. I knew it. It’s okay. I can fix you. The only cock you’ll ever need is mine. You’re my personal slut. My cum dump. You can keep being a stupid skank all you want... as long as it’s just for me.”

Rise swallowed.

That sounded... wrong. She didn’t like the attention. At least, she didn’t like that kind of attention. She swore! It was nice knowing that people found her cute and talented and wanted to be her friend—or her lover, she wasn’t an idiot—but she didn’t... She didn’t!

Adachi looked over towards Rise and smiled.

“The sooner you admit to it, the sooner we can get out of here. The sooner you admit that this slut is part of you and that you’re a slut, the sooner we can leave.”

His hips never stopped moving.

“I’m content staying here though if you’d rather watch me fuck this sad and neglected part of you.”

“I...” Rise shook her head. “Am I really...?”

“I can’t answer that for you.” His thrusts grew harder. Ripples ran across Shadow Rise’s body as her breasts swung wildly under her. Her muffled wails grew louder and louder. “Fuck... Gonna cum.”

His balls slapped against her mound one final time as he sheathed himself fully inside. Cum rushed from his balls and into Shadow Rise’s twitching cunt. Milky white splashed against her womb and filled her to the brim. Adachi shook as he gave one final tug on her hair before letting her drop to the ground. Grunting, he pulled out of her sticky cunt and watched as semen dripped from her slightly gaping slit.

He looked towards Rise and flashed another smile.


Rise crawled off the couch and towards her counterpart. Herself. Gently, she pulled the bikini bottoms from her drooling mouth and petted her hair. “I... I guess you are me. I don’t know who I am yet but... You are me. I’m you... I do like the attention. I... I am a slut like you said, Mr. Adachi.”

A strange light filled the room as the shadow disappeared and melted inside of Rise. A monster soon appeared behind her. It was humanoid in shape and bloody rust in colour. A large radio satellite was its head. Loose wires hung from the rusty and dirty dish as a loose, raggedy dress hung from the body. A lone card floated in front of Rise’s face.

Adachi grinned as the girl took the card and crushed it between her fingers.

Weeks passed.

The official story was that Rise Kujikawa was found wandering around the shopping district in a daze. She was kidnapped but had little to no memory of the incident. The Investigation Team hung around her and hounded her for answers that she just didn’t have. Still, she became friends with the group... At Adachi’s insistence. They seemed to be good people. Rise probably would have been friends with them anyway if her boyfriend—at least, that’s what she called him—didn’t push for it.

Wet slurps filled the tiny, barely furnished apartment. Messy kisses trailed themselves along his shaft as Rise worked herself along Adachi’s cock. Faint shimmery lipgloss was smeared across him in messy streaks or blurred rings near the top half of his prick. She was nowhere near the expertise that her shadow somehow had but she had improved considerably. The incredibly weak gag reflex that didn’t let her swallow pills or have anything thicker than her toothbrush in her mouth was soon worn down to a regular one. She still gagged. Of course, she did. Adachi was rough with her and wanted her to throat him. He asked if she wanted him to be happy. Of course, she did. He insisted that she should be able to take him to his balls without his help. Saliva ran down his cock and pooled on top of his twitching balls before being smeared around by her fingers. Gently, she massaged his sac as she suckled on his tip. Her tongue lapped against his drooling slit in between sucks. As drool ran down her lips, chin, and neck and seeped into her collar, Rise couldn’t help but notice how different things were.

When she and Adachi’s relationship properly started, she was so awkward. She could barely take the head into her mouth and her rhythm was all weird and wrong or too mechanical—something that amused her due to her experience with dance—when she stroked him off.

Still, he managed to cum eventually after taking control once in a while.

Rise couldn’t help but wonder if it was normal to do these things before going out on a proper date. He insisted that girls her age did these things. They were just quiet about it. They didn’t want anyone to know how slutty she was. She wanted to be a normal slut like all the other girls her age now, didn’t she?

So, she sucked him off. She wore skimpy little outfits for him when they were alone in his apartment or the police station late at night. She let him touch her. She wanted him to. She really, really did. He just didn’t fuck her. That was at her insistence. He never pressured her outside of sighing and saying that he’ll hold out until she’s good and ready.

“I heard that boy detective is in your class.”


“He’s a real bitch. He drives Dojima and me up the wall.” A grunt escaped him as he brushed a loose curl out of Rise’s eyes. “You should get to know him. He’ll probably be buggin’ you and the others soon enough. Something tells me that he’s gonna go... missing soon enough. Fuck. That’s a good slut.”

Heat licked at Rise’s skin as she suckled on the ridge of Adachi’s foreskin. Slut. Yes, that was what she was. She was Tohru Adachi’s slut.

“Are you gonna be a good girl?”

With a wet ‘pop’, Rise let go of Adachi’s wet prick and nodded. “I’ll do that for you, Tohru.”

“Would you do anything for me?”

She nodded.

He smiled.

“Are you ready to lose your virginity for being such a good girl?”

Her heart was caught inside of her throat. Arousal pumped through her body as the phrase ‘good girl’ rang in her mind. Heat pooled inside of her core and threatened to overflow. Swallowing, she stood up and pushed down her panties.

Adachi’s smile grew wider.

“You’re finally ready to become my dedicated whore?”

Sucking in a shaky breath, Rise nodded. She was ready. She had to be ready. If she was a good girl, she’d be ready to give it up for him. Hesitation bubbled inside her chest but she shook it off. No. It had to be now. It had to be. It just had to be.

He stood up and unwrapped her as if she was a birthday present. She then stood in front of him in just her socks. Her clothes were thrown in random parts of his room. A problem for future, shaky-legged Rise who would definitely have to walk home—after all, what if people caught him, an officer, with a girl his age—alone, surely? He led her to the bed.

She dropped onto his thin mattress in a breathless heap. Her heart throbbed as he pinned her legs as far back as they could go. Her fingers hooked themselves behind her knees as he positioned himself in front of her. His uncut cock lined itself up with her drooling entrance.

“Always so wet for me. Can’t believe it took you this long to put out—I mean, I’m so glad you’re finally letting me do this. You’re finally going to graduate into being a real woman. My woman.”

Rise bit her lip as his bare cock continued to tease her slit. Slowly, it ran up and down her sex, bumping and prodding her clit in a way that made her cry out, before poking the entrance. Her breath hitched.

“You’re on the pill, right?”

She blinked. “N-no—”

Shit. Whatever. We’ll deal with that later. Condoms are such a drag. You’ll be fine. You’re my dedicated slut anyway. My good girl.”

There was that phrase again. Good girl. Good girls put out. Good girls had unprotected, raw sex with their older boyfriends. Good girls did whatever Tohru wanted.

“Yeah, it’s alright, Tohru. Just, um, go a little slow at first... Y-you’re really thick,” she half-lied with a smile.

He grinned at that. “Sure. Whatever you say, Rise-chan.” His prick lined up with her twitching entrance again. The blunt tip circled around her before prodding the dead center. “Take a deep breath.”

She did.

He continued to drag his cock along her slit and entrance. He’d poke and dip the very tip not even an inch inside before pulling out. The girl squirmed as her breath caught in her throat. What was he doing? Wasn’t he going to take her virginity? Why was he doing this? Her hips bucked forward and caused her feet to wiggle above her head. Each stroke fanned the flames of desire inside of her. She swallowed.


“C’mon... tell me you want it. Good girls beg for cock.”

She swallowed once again.

“Please... please put it in!”

“Put what in?”

She huffed. “Please... Tohru, please put your cock inside me! I want you to take my virginity! Please fuck me! I need you to make me your woman for real!”

Finally, he sank inside of her. He hissed as hot, slippery velvet enveloped his cock. There was some resistance. She was tight. So, so, so tight. Her entrance burned as she was forced to take something thicker than her slender fingers. Tears pricked at Rise’s eyes as he slowly sank deeper and deeper inside of her. True to his word, he was slow and gentle... to a nearly painful degree. Every other second that passed, he would inch just a little deeper. Part of her wished that he’d just snap himself forward and tear the band-aid off. Desperate pants escaped the girl as he pushed just a little deeper.

Unable to take it anymore, she let go of her legs wrapped them around his waist, and pulled him forward. Her eyes snapped wide open as she took him to the very base.

“I knew it. You’re just a desperate little whore for me, huh? Couldn’t even wait for me to keep my promise. Alright, I’ll give you what you want.”

He pulled back, as far back as her legs let him, and slammed forward.

Stars flashed in the corners of Rise’s vision as his balls clapped against her perky ass. His cock dragged across her virginal walls. She didn’t know if this felt good per se. It stung too much but it wasn’t unpleasant. He was definitely too rough. Yet, part of her craved for more.

High-pitched whines tore themselves from her throat as he slammed into her again and again. Her walls twitched and clenched around him each time he bottomed out. More and more of her slick gushed onto his cock and dripped down her ass and onto his slightly scratchy sheets. Pleasure sparked inside of her core. Soon, she reached out to him and pulled him into a kiss. She felt him smile against her lips before he shoved his tongue into her drooling mouth. His hips never stopped moving. They were sloppy and uneven thrusts but it still drove the inexperienced girl wild.

She had lost her virginity to the man she loved.

Rise Kujikawa was soaring through the skies as Adachi fucked her into his cheap mattress.

Their tongues swirled against each other. He was a messy kisser. Even with her inexperience, she knew he probably wasn’t the best at it. It didn’t matter to her. All that mattered was the fact that she was Tohru Adachi’s dedicated slut now. No one else’s. She would never give it up for anyone but him.

Every curve, every vein, and every throb could be felt against her oh-so-sensitive walls. She squirmed under him as her legs bounced atop his waist. Her toes curled in delight as he stroked a particularly sensitive sweet spot inside. Her body ached for him to hit it again and again. He didn’t. It just drove her more insane. Deeper and deeper she sank into that sea of pleasure. She was drowning and didn’t want to be saved.

Each thrust sent ripples across her youthful body. Her breasts bounced as her ass jiggled under his thrusts. She couldn’t help but squirm and cry underneath him. Her body burned for him but it just wasn’t enough.

The throbbing of his cock grew harder and faster as his balls tightened against her ass.

“Gonna cum.”

“N-not yet! Please! More, more, more! Please, Tohru!” she wailed as she tightened her grip around him.

He chuckled. “I can’t help it, baby. You just feel... so fucking good! Take it all!” Cum flooded her insides. Semen splashed against her womb and coated her walls in thick, milky white. He huffed above her as he trembled. Heavy breaths fell from Adachi’s mouth as he slowly pushed himself off her body and rolled onto the side. “Fuck... That was good.”

Rise squirmed as she snuggled up to him. It was so strange. She felt both horrifically empty and still full. She just knew that she wanted more and to possibly experience her own orgasm. “Um... Can you do it again?”

A laugh escaped him. “It's not like I have superpowers, babe. Here. Lemme just...”

He wrapped an arm around her as the other dove between her legs. His fingers trailed over her dripping slit and forced a gasp out of her. His fingers dove between her folds. She squirmed as the embers of pleasure grew hotter and hotter before burning into an inferno once he brushed against her clit. Electricity pulsed through her veins as he nudged the tiny bud once, twice, three times before grinding the pad of his finger against it. Almost painful spikes of pleasure drove into her core as he attacked her clit. Her hands slapped themselves over her mouth in a desperate attempt to muffle her screams of overwhelming pleasure. She bucked her hips against her lover’s hand. Her body screamed for relief, it screamed for more, it screamed for it all to just end. His fingers plunged inside of her twitching hole as his thumb circled around her clit. Her juices mingled with his cum. Every twitch and throb of her cunt forced more of his cum to drip onto his fingers. It didn’t take long for her pussy to feel as though it had its own heartbeat. Desperately, she clung to Adachi’s nimble fingers as she writhed atop his mattress.

Just as quickly as it began, it all came to a hot, sticky end.

Juices gushed onto his hand as the world around Rise came to a glowing white. Pleasure burned through her body as pure adoration pulsed through her body. Hearts shone in her eyes as she looked over at Adachi who grinned as her pulsing cunt milked his fingers like his cock. Shakily, she dropped her hands from her mouth and laid there in contentment. Her body tingled in delight as he pulled his messy, cum-coated fingers to her lips.

“C’mon, clean me up.”

Lazily, Rise opened her mouth and suckled her mess from his fingers. The salty bitterness of his cum and the salty tang of her slick stained her palate but she didn’t care. Affection bubbled inside of her chest as she snuggled up closer to Adachi.

“If you keep acting like my little spy, I’ll do this with you whenever you want.”

Rise swallowed. “I’ll do whatever you want, Tohru. I’m yours.”

“Good girl.”

This game was about to get a lot more interesting.