Call On Me

Author's Notes:yuka = yu. riku = rise. in case it was confusing. sorry!

Riku was used to his senpai taking control.

She was their leader, after all. Yuka Narukami was the one to call all the shots in the TV World and she seemed to know just what to say and what to do in every situation. However, she admitted to him that she wasn't used to relationships.

Despite the flirty pretty boy persona he picked up in show business, he wasn't either. Some of it came from his gender–apparently, she preferred girls most of the time but boys were usually intimidated by her when she did show interest–and some of it was simply because…

She had only had sexual relationships before. It was something that took him a while to get used to. He was flattered that all his flirting had paid off and he managed to convince someone like her to like him. There was no doubt about that. But it was still a bit hard to take that his first girlfriend wasn't a virgin like he was. He called the shots then when she said she was ready.

Yuka was so cute whenever they hooked up. No, that wasn't the right thing to call it. Making love felt too formal. But it was the closest name for it he could come up with. She was so sensitive. The tiniest kiss against her neck or grope of her pert ass would make her melt under him. The way her skin, normally so pale that Riku wondered if he could see through her at night, glowed a pretty shade of pink that contrasted against her silver hair at every little touch… the way her sweet, kissable lips would pout whenever he'd stop touching her, the uncharacteristic shy look she'd give him when she wanted him to play with her small but delicious breasts.

It all drove him wild.

It was like he was the only audience member of an exclusive concert. Only he got to see Yuka Narukami in such a state. He'd treasure every moment forever.

So, it was a bit of a shock today.

After ensuring Nanako was out of the house, Yuka dragged him to her room. She didn’t even wait for him to try to sit down. She pushed him onto her futon–surprisingly left out on the tatami instead of nicely folded up like usual–and got onto her knees. He blinked as her shaky hands worked on undoing his pants and pulling out his still-soft cock.

“Senpai,” he began with an airy laugh. “Is there something up?”

Yuka dragged a long stripe along his flaccid shaft. Her eyes locked with his as she gave him another long lick. The intensity in her storm-colored eyes was nothing he had seen before. At least, he had never seen anything like that outside of the TV World. It made his heart race. It was the look that made him fall for her in the first place.

It didn’t take long for his cock to stiffen in her grasp.

“Happy birthday, Riku,” she whispered before slipping the tip into her mouth. Delicious warmth surrounded his cock. Her tongue squirmed and rolled across the head and what she could reach of his length. He couldn’t even say anything despite bewilderment swirling inside his skull.

Shudders ran up and down Riku’s spine. Moans were squeezed out of him with every lick and suck his girlfriend gave him. Her hand stroked whatever didn’t fit inside of her mouth which admittedly was most of his cock. Yuka couldn’t take him deeply. It didn’t bother him. Not when her tongue work was amazing as it was.

He throbbed inside of her mouth. Pre spurted from his slit and coated her slithering tongue. His hips couldn’t help but jump forward. The head of his cock slammed into the back of her throat.


Yuka coughed and sputtered as she pulled away from his dick. Tears pricked at her eyes as spittle sprayed all over his pelvis and her futon. Heavy strings of saliva wobbled and waved in the air before snapping between her lips and the base of his cock.


“It’s fine, Riku. It’s your birthday.”

Confusion once again swept across his features.

With that, Yuka stood above him with her feet planted on both sides of his hips. Her hands shook once again as she lifted up her skirt. He swallowed as his eyes traveled along her long legs and slim hips once her skirt was high enough. The sight of black ribbons with lace trimming dangling beside her hip caught his eye. She swallowed. Her skirt dropped back down to its original length.

He huffed. His cock throbbed.

Then, she dropped her skirt entirely. The black and grey skirt pooled around her ankles the best they could before she stepped out of them. His hazel eyes flickered up to her crotch. Crotchless panties. The sight of her now neatly trimmed pubic hair greeted him. Crotchless panties. Arousal had started to drip down her trim thighs and lips which were now shiny with her quim.

Crotchless panties.

He tore his eyes from the wet cunt in front of him to stare up at her.

Yuka blushed furiously.

Hesitantly, she pulled off her uniform top. She was wearing a matching bra–one that was slightly too big for her– that served no purpose whatsoever. Well, he knew what the purpose was. The bra had lacy cups that would have covered half of the breast. But she didn’t fill those cups. Still, it made Riku grip the futon.

Without a word, Yuka crouched down and grabbed his legs. His pants were quickly yanked off him. He blinked. He wasn’t sure what she was up to as she pushed them back against his chest. He huffed. It didn’t bother him, he was plenty flexible thanks to his dance routines. It was still… confusing.

His cock still stood up, however.

He watched as she bit her lip and sank herself down onto the back of his thighs and dick. He shivered as her wet pussy enveloped his cock. The sound of her moan filling the room made his raw cock throb against her bare walls. She clenched around him while her hips shifted on top of him.

It felt good. Really good.

But what was this position? He felt so small and powerless here. He didn’t dislike it but… it was just so different!

Riku groaned as his senpai bounced on top of him. His knees pushed against his shoulders with every ‘thrust’. His thighs stretched and burned as the minutes moved on. Yuka kept a slow and shaky pace at first.

A pace that drove him crazy.

Panting, Riku tried to thrust upwards but couldn’t. Not in the way that he wanted to. The way that his instincts screamed for.

The sound of their moans, skin smacking against skin and her slick dripping down his ass and back filled the air. He huffed in between needy moans. “Senpai…!” he warned.

“M-me too, Riku!”

A few more bounces was all it took before she came around him. Her twitching walls clamping once, twice, thrice around his cock dragged him down soon after. Cum splattered against her bare walls. They shivered as their orgasms took over them. Slowly and steadily, they fell back to earth.

Yuka shook violently as she pulled herself off of him and flopped next to him on her futon. He grinned at her as they snuggled up close to each other. She gave him a sleepy smile before burying her head in the crook of his neck. “I… I hope it was a good birthday present, my little kouhai.”

“...Senpai…” Riku whispered. It was time.


“...My birthday is in June.”