Call Me 'Lover Boy'

Author's Notes: this was originally part of a larger former commission that i had to cancel in 2019. i found it again sitting in my drafts unfinished and decided to finish it as its own standalone piece. so, if there's a weird difference in writing quality/style... it's probably because a majority of this fic (like the first 1.5k) was written in 2019 and I've been stagnating LMAO.

“I should have seen this coming. You guys already bought your—” Ren forced out, only to be silenced by Ann’s lips stealing his. A shudder ran up his spine as her fingers lightly stroked his jawline while the other ran up his neck to tangle its fingers in his inky hair. Her tongue prodded at his lips, now coated in her lip gloss as well, as her curves pressed into his side. He would have sighed in defeat if he wasn’t so busy.

He had planned on going to the beach with the other girls, Ann had pulled him and a rather anxious Makoto off to the city. She claimed it was to buy a new swimsuit. Why he and Makoto had to be here, he didn’t know. Now that they were crammed into a change room together, he had a pretty good idea.

Makoto’s hands shook, whether, from nervousness or excitement, he had no idea, as her fingers hooked into his waistband and pulled downward. A small laugh escaped her as his stiff cock was revealed to her. She wrapped a hand around the base and gave a few strokes. “You’re already pretty hard, Ren,” she said with a glint in her eye. For how anxious she seemed at the hotel, she was pretty confident right now.

Ann pulled away from the kiss. The hand that was cradling his face moved to the top of Makoto’s head and stroked her hair. “Right? He was complaining the whole time too and…~” Her words soon melted into light laughter. “You look pretty hot like that, Makoto.”

With those few words, Makoto’s confidence was gone. A cute blush blossomed across her face as her lips curled into a sheepish smile. “D-don’t say stuff like that—”

“Why are you acting so shy? You were the one that told me you wanted to do this sorta thing after seeing it in that video...”

Ren stared towards the door of the dressing stall as his girlfriends talked as if he wasn’t there. This was a far cry from the days where Ann cried at the thought of potentially stripping for Yusuke. Now here she was, apparently going along with Makoto’s secret exhibitionist fantasies. Heat flashed under his skin at the thought of them potentially getting into situations like this together.

Before Ren could sink further into fantasies about his bombshell girlfriends, the feeling of Ann pulling away from him tore him away. He swallowed, staring at the girls in front of him.

Makoto’s hand stroked his cock while Ann dragged a tongue down his shaft. He twitched. His toes curled in his sandals as a second tongue joined in and drew lines on the opposite side. Ann’s lips captured the head. Her tongue swirled around and flicked the tip once in a while to switch things up from the gentle, teasing sucks. Each movement, whether from lips or tongue, forced a soft grunt or moan from him.

Ren’s eyes fluttered shut, succumbing to the sensations washing through him. The sound of the store surrounded them. The pop music bleeding through crackling speakers, the shuffling of feet across dusty linoleum, or tourists arguing with staff members over their credit card not being accepted here. It all reminded him to not get too carried away and keep an eye and ear out for staff.

Ann pulled away but Makoto’s hand continued to stroke. The soft sounds of the girls murmuring softly reach his ears. He can’t quite make it out over the even gentler sounds of their kisses. He swore he heard the words ‘cute’ and ‘oh my god’ a few times. Their tongues are on him again. Swiping and swirling around his head or shaft, occasionally meeting and brushing against one another by the tip or base. Someone’s lips, he lost track of who was who at this point, wrapped around his head. At first, Ren thought that it’d be like the light teasing Ann gave him, but, they quickly swallowed at least half of him down.

“Wow~. You used to have so much trouble, now look at you!” It was Makoto, judging from the clear sound of Ann’s voice. It’s enough to make Ren open his eyes and look down to see the brunette shiver and try to focus on sucking his dick. Ann’s fingers ran through her hair, her pale skin contrasting against her brown locks, while the other hand moved downward. He can’t see from this angle, but, he has a pretty good idea even before the vibration of Makoto’s muffled moan runs down his throbbing cock.

The sight and sensation were more than enough for him to buck his hips into Makoto’s slick mouth. She gagged, but, pushed onward. Collecting herself, she ground her tongue against his dick before pulling back to start bobbing along his shaft. The sight of his cute girlfriend struggling, but still trying, to take his cock as deeply as she could, forced a low groan from his throat.

Ann hummed as she watched with rapt attention. Her hand stayed planted in Makoto’s hair while the other idly toyed with her slit, forcing more moans to run down Ren’s dick. Her blue eyes twinkled dangerously. Before he could ask what was up, she shoved Makoto’s head further down his cock. He gasped. His hands clenched into fists as Makoto’s throat convulsed around him while she gagged.

“Excuse me,” a voice from the opposite side of the door started. He couldn’t understand what they were saying, but, it was more than enough for Ren’s blood to run cold. His cock throbbed in Makoto’s tight throat. He would have pulled out slightly, but, his body wouldn’t cooperate.

Ann looked towards the stall door. Memories of the blonde’s poor attempts at acting natural flashed through Ren’s mind and sent panic to pulse through his veins. He looked down at Makoto, whose head was still kept firmly in place by their girlfriend. She stared up at him with watery eyes and a blush that stained the ends of her ears and entire face deep red. Shockingly, Ann replied, her voice sounding bubbly and upbeat and natural. He had no idea. The local seemed to buy it though, thank god.

“Oops! Sorry, Makoto,” she said, suddenly sounding a lot faker, as she let go of Makoto’s head.

“Please… don’t do that again,” Makoto coughed as she pulled away, strings of saliva snapping between them. “I should have expected… things like this would happen…”

“But doesn’t that make it fun?”

Ren sighed, feeling neglected once again. “C’mon,” he whispered, reaching for one of Ann’s pigtails and gently tugging on it. He pushed his cock towards her face, poking its slick head against her cheek. “Make me cum before they come back.” His voice was firm, as firm as it could be with how desperate he felt. He tugged her forward, taking care to not pull too hard, and smeared his cock against her pretty lips.

It felt ‘right’ to focus on Ann for a bit, figuring Makoto deserved a little break. At least for now. She had a bit of a masochistic streak, despite the dominant image of herself she put out, but he had doubts that it’d be enough to carry her through being almost caught. Maybe. Ren had no idea anymore.

Ann let his cock slide into her mouth without a fuss. Her tongue rolled across his sensitive flesh as her lips kept a tight seal around him even. Effortlessly, she glided her mouth along him and coaxed out a few soft moans. A second mouth joined hers, surprising him. Makoto’s tongue traced along whatever didn’t fit into Ann’s. However, that didn’t last long. Ann’s lips met the base of his cock, her tongue peeking out to tease his balls, before pulling away. Her movements were smooth and she showed no signs of stopping, even when Ren gripped tightly onto her blonde curls. However, Makoto didn’t pull away. She dove further down, her lips capturing one of his balls and suckling lightly.

Pants fell from his lips. Once more, Ren closed his eyes and let his head roll back even though he desperately wanted to take in the sight of his girlfriends sucking his cock. His free hand slapped over his mouth, muffling the few already quiet sounds that managed to escape. Beads of sweat rolled down his skin. His toes curled as Makoto rolled her tongue across his skin in between sucks. His cock throbbed and his balls tightened--there was no way that Makoto wouldn’t know he was close.

Ren felt a slim trickle of panic as each suck or lick drew him closer and closer to his orgasm. Would Ann be able to swallow it? They couldn’t exactly just let it spray across their faces or heaven forbid onto the clothes they pretended to buy.

Desperation took over. He tugged on Ann’s hair and yanked her flush against him. The tip of his dick struck the back of her throat. Silently, he thanked God that she had no gag reflex and relaxed a bit. A heavy shudder ran through his body as the first blast of cum went down her throat. He felt her try to pull back and a voice at the back of his head told him to let go. It took a moment, but, he did.

He loosened his grip, his fingers still laced in her blonde locks so she couldn’t pull away entirely, as he pulled out. Cum splattered onto Ann’s flushed cheeks. Thick, creamy white painted her stunning features and ran down in milky streaks. A whine escaped her as another shot landed on her forehead and threatened to drip past her eyebrow. One final, but small, burst landed onto her hairline. He felt Makoto’s lips still work his sac. Her touch was gentle but noticeable even through Ren’s orgasm. He sighed in contentment. Powerful shots slowed down to a dribble as his cock softened.

With that, he finally let go of Ann’s hair and slumped against the wall. Makoto pulled away from his balls, but not without giving them a parting kiss. Her mouth trailed upwards and latched onto the wet tip. Her tongue rolled around his head and dipped into his foreskin. Any lingering drops of cum were now gone and coating her tongue.

“Hey, no fair,” Ann said with a fake pout. A gentle hand reached for Makoto’s face and pulled her close. Icy blue gazed into warm cognac for a long moment. The sound of their heavy breathing in that tiny changing stall filled the air but it wasn’t enough to drown out the sound of the store outside that door. The two girls giggled before sharing a kiss that seemed to end too soon for the brunette, judging by the small pout she gave. “I didn’t get to taste it.”

With a roll of the eyes, Makoto leaned in and licked the other’s cheek before stealing a kiss herself. Ren watched as the two swapped some of his load between himself. He huffed. If only they were back at the hotel or even some secluded area of the beach, he’d be beating himself up for not being up for an immediate second round.

The girls pulled away from each other. “Have another taste if that’s not enough, Ann,” Makoto whispered as she swiped a finger across Ann’s face. She scooped up what she could before sliding her finger into the blonde’s willing mouth. Ann hummed. The slick sounds of her lips suckling around the digit and her tongue lolling across her girlfriend’s flesh soon joined the sound of their heavy breathing.

Still buzzing with excitement, Ren reluctantly got redressed and slipped out of the change room. Then came Makoto. Eventually, so did Ann, who came out to model a sunset-colored number; a mostly pink bikini with yellow, orange, and purple stripes that tied in the front and sides. She spun on her heel and struck a pose.

Ren’s eyes flickered towards the store employees who eyed them suspiciously. As they bought the bikini, both he and Makoto couldn’t look the cashier in the eye. ‘Well, at least we got away with it,’ he thought.

The trip back to the hotel was uneventful. The trio got a few looks, especially from people who got a little too close to Ann, as they walked past. It was probably nothing, but, Ren couldn’t help but smirk to himself. It wasn’t every day that a guy had two beautiful girls on his arm. He squeezed both girls’ hands.

“Oh, there you guys are,” Ryuji said in between long drinks of his cola. He got up from his seat in the lobby and made his way to his friends. “You guys finally ready to hit the beach or–Hey, Ann, ya got somethin’ white in your hair.”

Ann blinked. She reached up and touched her scalp. The pads of her fingers brushed against something thick and sticky. Her face blanched.

It took a moment for Ren to realize what it was.

His load...