A Little Less Conversation


A slow day at the office was both a blessing and a curse for Kunikazu. It meant less trite inanity to deal with, whether it’s a two-faced boardroom that pretended to be sycophants or lingering lawsuits from his dark days. It was all such a drain. Any break from it was something he should have been grateful for.

However, it meant dealing with nothing.

He would sit there for hours looking over papers for deals that he had accepted weeks ago or listen to petty office politics. It also meant wasting time sitting at his desk instead of spending time with his precious daughter.

Since the Phantom Thieves had intervened months ago, he and Haru grew closer. Their relationship was always unorthodox. Her mother had passed away early in Haru’s life, it was always just the two of them and his own father for a short time.

Kunikazu didn’t know if it was the gods blessing Haru with her mother’s looks instead of his or the gods playing a cruel trick on him. Haru had her mother’s light curls, her soft honey-colored eyes, and her cute nose. Save for the lack of freckles dusting her face, it was like looking at a photograph of her mother when they first met. It was hard for him to meet women when he was as busy as he was, trying to get Okumura foods into shape so his family could finally afford to have simple luxuries instead of constantly being in the red.

It was hard to keep any relationships he’d make. A lot of them didn’t care for the fact he had a daughter, as well behaved and saint-like as she could be. They wanted to be Cinderella, not the Evil Stepmother, he imagined. Haru was always affectionate with him, even when she’d pout and whine about him missing a school event. Whenever he held his daughter in his arms, the loneliness didn’t bother him anymore. As long as he had her, it would be okay. As the years passed, his ambitions grew bigger and bigger and Haru grew more into her mother’s appearance.

It was a mistake to approach her the way he did. It was a mistake to keep going to her for relief. Maybe that was why he was quick to sell her off the way he did? To get rid of the guilt he felt.

Regardless, it was all behind them now. He was a changed man…

For the most part.

Their relationship had begun anew. He still felt guilt for it all but he was unwilling to stop. He adored his daughter. She was kind, determined, and ever so patient. He was sure that his wife would be proud of the woman she grew up to be. He loved Haru. But he knew there would be a day when their relationship would have to end. She deserved a relationship that could be open. One where they didn’t have to protect themselves to a paranoid degree to avoid a child. She deserved to raise a family of her own, free of fear. He wanted oh so badly to give her all of that. But he couldn’t. For now, all they could do was fantasize about what-ifs or other lifetimes where they could be together.

That was okay for him.

It was more than he deserved.

His cellphone rang and pulled him from his daydreams. His heart lit up at the sight of his daughter’s name on the screen. The sound of her sweet voice on the other end sent a wave of warmth across his body.

“How much longer, Father?” Her voice was thick and dark. It made a lump appear in his throat. Her breath grew heavier. Static crackled in the phone as she waited for a response. Kunikazu swallowed and muttered to her about how it’d be a few more hours until he could justify leaving.

A long whine escaped her. “I’m lonely.”

He huffed.

“I need you.”

"You can wait a little longer, can't you?"

Another whine and various shuffling could be heard. He wondered what she was doing. His phone buzzed. Probably just a reminder about a meeting for next week, he figured. He pulled the phone away to look at the screen. Haru sent him an image. He gulped and opened the file. The sight of his daughter on her bed greeted him. Her sweater was unzipped just enough to reveal her bare, heavy breasts. Obvious arousal stained her normally porcelain skin a healthy pink that matched her adorable nipples. He swallowed, unsure of what to do.

"Did you get it?" She sounded absolutely breathless over the phone.

"Y-yes, my girl."

"...D-did you... Did you like it, Father?"

"Yes, my girl. I... I love seeing you."

A shuddering sigh filled his ear. "I wish you were here... touching me instead."

He slumped in his chair in utter defeat as he listened to Haru moan. A hand roamed between his legs. Kunikazu imagined her propped up on her pillows, her phone tucked between her ear and raised shoulder as she toyed with herself. He palmed his erection, not completely hard yet but he’d quickly get there. His eyes flickered to his door and he held his breath. Would anyone walk in? What would, no, could anyone do if he was caught? As long as no one knew it was her… It’d be a mess to untangle, for sure… but.

“I wish I was there too,” he whispered.

Her breathing grew heavier and more desperate. More shuffling could be heard. His phone buzzed again. Excitement pulsed through his veins as he opened up the message. There was Haru again.

The picture was blurry and she was off-center but it was more than enough for him. The shot was of her wide, curvy hips that were still clad in her favorite white tights. The normally pristine white nylon caused her legs to bleed in with the crisp white of her duvet but he didn’t mind. But what he did notice was how wet she was. The fabric had turned translucent and revealed the lilac lace of her panties. The shade of purple looked vibrant in contrast to her tights and pale skin. He couldn’t make the details aside from the colors, but, he was incredibly familiar with that pair of underwear. He huffed at the memories of past experiences with his daughter. As he drank in whatever details he could from the blurry image, the sound of Haru’s muffled whines brought him back to reality. A flush blossomed across his face when he realized he was acting like a stereotypical dirty old man who got excited over panties of all things. He swallowed as he noticed Haru’s fingers in the shot and how they seemed to be pressing hard against her plump pussy.

A shudder ran up his spine as he brought the phone back to his ear, the sound of his daughter now clearer to him. He palmed his erection with more fervor. “You look so good, my girl,” he managed to growl out in between desperate huffs. “…despite the mess of yourself that you made.”

“I-I’m sorry, Father…” Her keens made his cock throb under his touch. “I’m just so… hot… I couldn’t stop thinking about you…”

Kunikazu couldn’t help but smirk at that.

“Is… is that so? Does thinking about your father normally… reduce you to such an…” Dozens of degrading words and names rolled around in his brain and in his mouth but he didn’t dare to voice them. He didn’t want to risk slipping back into the cruelty he showed her nonstop before. He wondered if she ached for it some days with how bratty she tried to be. He swallowed. “…An indecent little minx? A tramp?”

Her voice jumped an octave. He imagined her rubbing her clit in a frenzy, her hips bucking wildly against her fingers as the other hand toyed with her soft breasts. The phone would have slipped from her shoulder as she sank further into passion but he wouldn’t have minded. Not when the thought of it finally made him completely hard.

“What were you thinking about?”

He heard her sputter and then the sound of her phone clattering on something. She was clearly taken aback by the question. His daughter could be such a tease and not be able to dish it out once it was dealt back to her. His strokes grew firmer. “Tell your father what you dreamt up, my girl.”


“What got you so worked up that you had to interrupt my day, hm?”

“...Mn…” She whined. He wondered if was from frustration at being teased or because she was getting close. “I… I thought about… I thought about bringing… one of my male friends over. You had gotten the wrong idea…”

“Wrong idea? What does that mean?” He asked. His strokes slowed down but still kept up the firm pressure.

“...Y-you had gotten jealous. We… we were just having tea in my room and you asked to have… a w-word with me in… in the other room. Then…”

“Then what?”

“...This is so embarrassing, F-father.”

“Come on. Finish your story,” he murmured. “...Or… I’ll hang up and ignore all your desperate, slutty pictures until I get home. Maybe… Maybe I won’t even consider relieving you for the almost pathetic whorish behavior you’ve given me this afternoon.”

That got a response out of her. Her breathing grew even heavier, to the point where he wondered if her pants would drown out anything she managed to say. “F-forgive me, Father. I… Please don’t hang up. I-I’ll… c-c-con… continue!” He huffed at how utterly breathless she sounded. He didn’t like being so domineering with her. It made him feel too guilty. He’d just have to make it up to her if she did feel genuine worry. Still… it was hard to ignore how good it felt to see or hear her submit to him. It was a rush. A rush he was sure she got whenever Kunikazu had her take control.

He imagined her writhing on her plush mattress once again. Her sweater was completely unzipped and her heaving breasts glittering with sweat in the late day sun pouring in from her window. He wondered if she had torn through her tights to get to her needy little cunt or managed to keep playing with herself through the wet nylon. Or maybe she had taken them off completely with her lilac panties hanging off her thick legs. All of these images were more than arousing. Each of them would’ve made his cock jump in his grip. He felt a bead of precum form at the tip and threatened to soak into the expensive cashmere. Another huff escaped him.

“You take me into the living room… and kiss me right in the open. You tell me to ignore your friend because…”

“Because what?”

“...B-because I’m yours!”

Kunikazu moaned at that. “Yes, you’re mine. Y-you’re my little girl. Keep going.”

Another whine followed by creaking and shuffling in the background. “I-I’m yours and… and then you undress–no, t-tear my blouse and… hosiery open… I-I’m so surprised that I can’t even complain. You say you’ll just… b-buy me another pair like always…” A light airy laugh followed. “You really do make me… go through… s-so many nice tights, Father.”

He couldn’t help but chuckle at that as he struggled to undo his belt. The way his pants confined his cock had grown to unbearable levels, he wasn’t sure if he could actually expose himself at work… but it’d offer him some relief. “Does it bother you?”

“N-no… I… I like it. It feels so thrilling…”

“Good.” He was sure that he was grinning like a maniac. “I rip open your tights and then… and then what?”

“You kiss me again and tell me to get on the couch… O-or you… or you pin me down. I-I couldn’t decide… You have me on the couch and s-start… start kissing me all over. I’m trying n-not to make a noise in case m-my friend might check up on us…” She paused. “I… can’t help it though. Y-you make me feel so good.”

“Because… I know… wh-what my girl likes.”

“Y-yes! I-I start… making too much noise even before you pull out… y-your…”

“My what?”

“You know…”

“Say it.” He didn’t even really want to or need to hear her say it, he just wanted to drive her crazy. “Say it or… I-I’m hanging u–”

“Your cock! Y-your big, th-thick… thick fat cock…” There’s a near sob that forced the receiver to crackle and distort her breathy voice. “Your cock th-that fills me… fills me up s-s-so good…and nicely an–”

“Good girl…! K-keep talking.”

“I-I make a mess on the couch… a-and I’m m-m-may… making so much noise th-that he can’t… thathecan’thelpbutcomeintotheroom!!!”

“Does he… does your friend see us about to make love?”


“Does the thought of… m-me fucking you in front of your friends excite you?”

“...Ye… y-yes! I-I… I w-want them to kn-know how much D-Daddy loves… l-loves me…!” The image of Haru screaming this out filled his mind. More and more pre seeped into his underwear. A heavy groan fell from his lips as he hunched over his desk, the phone in his hand threatening to slip from his sweaty grip as he finally pulled his cock out from his pants. His hand is a blur as he stroked himself. “A-and that… and that I-I love you too! You f-fuck me right there! You tell me th-that y-you’re going…y-you are going toooo… t-to im…impregnate me! Th-that you’ll m-make me… a-all yours and th-that he–everyone needs to know that…!”

“F-fuck, Haru, I…” A heavy shudder ran through his body at the thought of her dripping with his seed. The thought of her already soft and curvy body all swelled up with his grandchildren and children. It’s a sickening but ultimately thrilling thought. One that he knows he shouldn’t enjoy. A fantasy that he knows that should never come to life. “I-is that what you want? Your daddy to knock you up?”

A loud cry, one that bordered on a scream, explodes in his ear. The phone crackled and popped. Through the chaos, he swore that he could hear her whimper and whine out garbled apologies. He keened and wished desperately to be there with her. To be the one that made her scream like that in person and not just listen to her like this. His hips snapped up from his chair and thrust into his fist. God, he so badly wanted to feel her cunt spasm around him through her orgasm. To feel her raw walls squeeze and milk every last drop of cum from his balls. He wanted it so badly. He imagined himself burying his cock to the very hilt, his balls thumping against the cleft of her heavy ass, as he filled her fertile womb to the very brim with his cum.

Then, he came.

Cum splattered onto the underside of his desk and dribbled onto his wrinkled hand. He panted as the phone dropped from his hand and clattered onto his desk. He trembled before sitting upright once again, only to slump in his chair and lazily reach for his phone. “Are… are you still there, Haru?” He managed to ask, still breathless and hazy.

He listened to her hum in contentment over the phone. She was probably limp, her body still buzzing with sensation, as she somehow still managed to cling onto the phone and try to babble on the phone. She was always sort of helpless whenever she came, especially this hard.

“...I-I’ll see if I can… get out of the office earlier tonight.”

She giggled. “I’ll see you then, Father.”