Eidolons and Eudaimonia: No Fairness Is Needed For Pigs

Author's Notes:Anita is my OC for my fictional world that I call Eudaimonia.

Anita is a mage in training... for fifteen years. A rampant pervert who wastes money she gets from taverns on pornography and occasional spell craft. She's a fan of the illusive "Artist" and takes on their quests. The "leader" of Team Dissatisfaction, a group of adventurers who work for an immortal being known as The Artist.

Eudaimonia is a world where each country worships a particular element. Each country has a temple and a candle that must be lit at all times to prevent a calamity. It's said that the candles represent hope, the one thing that kept 'humanity' going after the first calamity. Every few centuries, new candles must be created and infused with magic and blessings from each country before being placed in the temples and lit. It's a ritual that has been carried on long before the formation of the Church of the Star Bringer, which eventually took control of candle duties.

It was supposed to be a simple mission. One that even "an apprentice mage like her" could do. That was why Anita came to the forest alone. She didn't even bring her staff for extra protection. The quest on the board warned her of goblins in the area but she paid no attention to that. They were goblins. Weak, pathetic creatures that only took a couple of fireballs or flying stones to take out. Those were spells that didn't need to be amplified by her staff. Anita was just going to grab the herbs and head back to Edgespire unscathed.

Funny how things turn out for 'squishy' mages like her.

There were simply too many goblins that swarmed her. Small, sharp claws tore into her robes and tangled themselves into her stupidly long hair as another swarm jumped onto her. She slammed into the dirt as her clothes were literally torn off her body. Rich brown skin was revealed to the world as she thrashed and kicked at the little bastards. They simply cackled and muttered something in their language that Anita couldn't understand. However, she got an idea of what they were laughing about as they squeezed at her plump and wobbly stomach and thighs. They pinched and prodded at her as others continued to surround her. She thrashed in their grip. More hands simply pinned her to the ground as the stench of musky, unwashed cocks suddenly hit her like a cart. Her mouth went dry as her eyes shrank to pinpricks.

"No!" she screamed only for a goblin to shove its disproportionate cock into her unwilling mouth. She gagged around it as the salty-sour taste of sweat ground into her palate. Tears rolled down her eyes and fogged her glasses as she was forced to choke on goblin dick. Her thick legs were forced apart. They pushed and pushed and pushed until her muscles screamed. A pair of hands parted her hairy lower lips apart to reveal her slowly slickening hole. The goblins cackled once again. Then, another fat cock slammed itself into another unwilling hole. Anita screamed around the cock inside her mouth. The goblin simply responded by shoving himself into her throat. Her walls spasmed around the invading cocks as she tried to wriggle out of their grip.

If she could just concentrate she could conjure a fireball or something!

Another goblin smacked her glasses with its cock and smudged the lenses to hell and back. It only irritated the eternal apprentice. Her hands clenched into tight fists. A goblin climbed on top of her and groped her heaving breasts. Another cock slapped itself against her this time between her tits. Everyone was at a different rhythm and it drove the mage crazy.

Why couldn't they all be synchronized like the assailants in The Artist's works?! Useless. Utterly useless.

She squirmed under her attackers once again only for the goblin in her throat to pull out and give Anita some reprieve. Before she could cast fireball, the cock that was smudging her glasses rammed into her mouth. She choked around it as the cock in her pussy twitched and throbbed.

"No!" she tried to scream again only for the goblins to howl in delight.

Thick goblin spunk flooded her fertile womb. She could only lay there and take it. The goblin pulled out and made room for his clan mate who just as roughly stuffed her full of cock. Unwanted pleasure racked Anita's chubby body. Cum spurted into her mouth and onto her foggy glasses. She reeked of cum and hated it. Or at least she wanted to hate it. It was hard to deny the appeal of being taken like this... as awful as that sounded. There were so many goblins that she was never empty. More of that shameful pleasure burned throughout her body. Hours passed and Anita was taken in all sorts of positions. She was flipped onto her stomach which revealed her 'greatest asset', her thick and wobbling ass that the goblins had trouble penetrating. Their fat cocks ground themselves between her cheeks as another pumped into her pussy from below. It was humiliating and yet Anita stopped thinking about fighting back.

Eventually, the entire group had a round. They all muttered something to each other as Anita lay there, leaking cum and definitely pregnant with goblin bastards. She was picked up and thrown onto a cart, probably going to be carried off to their nest as a breeding stock.

It was a fate that Anita guiltily enjoyed the thought of...