Wild Cherry

Author's Notes: rewrite of a thing i wrote in like 2013(?) under another pen name. i deleted it because the summary was posted on fanfiction.txt and i was scared of being cancelled for writing futanari and incest. then i made this pen name in 2019 and well. ya.

Josuko bit down hard on her pillowcase in a desperate attempt to muffle her scream. Thick ropes of hot cum spurted from her new cock and onto the sheets. Her third load this morning. A low moan escaped her as she dropped her hips onto the mattress. She was too tired to care about how she was lying in a puddle of cum. Too tired to care about how her cum was seeping into the fabric beneath her. Too tired to care about anything but how good she felt. Too tired to even care about how this had happened.

She woke up horny. Hornier than she usually did after a night with Ms. Jotako.

Not that anything had happened the night before. As nice as it would've been. They were on patrol for rogue stand users. Well, that's how Josuko put it to make wandering aimlessly around Morioh sound cool. Wait, no, something did happen. She had been distracted by how pretty Jotako was; she had let her hair down instead of tucking it all under her cap like usual. Then she tried to cross the street, completely unaware of the car speeding down the road. Jotako grabbed her and yanked her back, holding her close until it was safe.

It had just been for a second, but it had felt like an eternity. But even an eternity didn't feel long enough.

What Josuko would give to relive that moment and experience everything again.

The scent of Ms. Jotako's perfume; clean and natural, refreshing but still smoky and musky. It was mature. So much more mature than the body spray that Josuko kept getting for her birthday from her relatives. The warmth of Ms. Jotako's touch and how safe she felt in her arms. The low, velvety tone of Ms. Jotako's voice as she told her to be careful and how cute it was when she whispered "good grief." The softness of her ample breasts pressing against her back.

Josuko's cock throbbed.

Jotako's breasts were incredible. It was hard to tell at first thanks to all the layers she wore, but, when she had taken off the coat and vest during a hot day, it was all too obvious. They were huge. It was possible that they only looked that big thanks to her bra's padding but Josuko certainly didn't feel anything last night. Then again, feeling them with your hands would be way different than against your back, right?

Josuko rolled onto her back and sighed. Her pussy twitched as her cock grew hard again (Again? Really? Wasn't there something called a refractory period?). She dreamt about Jotako last night and things got dirty. It was frustrating. She couldn't remember much from it. The harder she tried to remember the dream, the more desperately the memories tried to slip through her fingers.

Whatever, the best part stayed in her mind.

Josuko buried her face in Jotako's cleavage, taking in her warmth and her scent as she nuzzled her flushed skin. Her hands groped heavy but soft flesh. They were softer than her own tits. Jotako moaned as Josuko massaged her breasts. The sounds that the older woman made were amazing. Especially when her nipples were played with. Jotako was so cute! She would squirm, gasp and whine out as a pretty pink blush spread prettily from her face to across her heaving tits. Her skin was so soft, pale and flawless. Jotako was beautiful.

The girl moaned softly as she gripped her cock for the fourth time today. Her hand pumped her pulsing length as she replayed that moment again and again. Dream Jotako had pretty pink nipples. They were small but stiff and sensitive, judging by how much she cried out when Josuko flicked them with her tongue.

Then again, maybe it was just her projecting.

Did the real Jotako have ones like that?

Josuko rubbed her thumb across the head of her cock. She only had it since this morning but she found that it felt good when she played with the head. Especially when she touched the slit at the very tip. It was almost too much. Like when she'd directly rub against her clit. Heat drove itself through her body as she played with her cock's head. Precum dribbled down her length and her fingers. Shit, this was so fucking messy. Her pussy would get so wet and sticky when she'd masturbate before... So, she guessed that it'd make sense that her cock was just as wet.

Her other hand went to her breast as she kept stroking her cock. Her thumb and finger pinched her nipple through her shirt, sending a jolt of pleasure straight to the tip of her cock. A loud moan escaped her. She thrust up into her hand.


Her hips continued to buck into the air and her fist. She couldn't decide on what to think about. The images in her mind flickered from her sucking greedily on Jotako's hot, sexy tits to fucking them with her brand new cock like those guys in her grandpa's porn tapes he accidentally left lying around when she was a kid to straight up fucking Jotako's pussy.

"Good grief..." The older woman would say as Josuko slammed into her. Her voice would crack and catch, but she'd try so hard to keep her cool. Her face would scrunch up whenever Josuko hit just the right angle. Ms. Jotako would try her hardest to hide how good it felt, but her body would give it all away. Her pussy would grip onto Josuko's cock, her long and strong legs wrapping around her waist to keep her from pulling out as her eyes rolled into the back of her head when she finally gave in.

"Shit! My husband never fucked me as good as this!" She'd cry out.

Josuko would laugh and fuck her harder. Jotako's breasts would bounce deliciously with every thrust. The younger girl wouldn't know what to look at; her tits or the fucked silly expression Jotako's flushed face would wear.

"Don't ever fucking stop, Josuko!"

"Fuck, you're so hot, Ms. Jotako!" Josuko moaned out, her hand pumping faster and faster.

That all too familiar pressure built up inside her once again. It was weird. It was different than when she'd touch herself before. But it also wasn't.

Her thumb circled around her slit, spikes of pleasure driving themselves into her core as she repeated the motion again and again. Her pussy spasmed around nothing as cum rushed out of her cock and into the air. She gasped as two more shots splashed into the air and onto her flushed skin.

The girl laid there panting, her cock finally softening and mind growing hazy. Her hands fell to her sides as she smiled sleepily at the ceiling.

Fuck, that was awesome.

When she woke up, she went to rub her clit in a daze from the dream she had. But, there was something there instead. The feeling of her stiff cock in her damp panties was enough to wake her up. Acting on impulse, she yanked her panties down and got to work on her cock. It didn't take very long for her to cum that first time.

It had been intense. Her first orgasm tore through her violently; her eyes rolled to the back of her skull and her mouth hung open as a scream forced its way out of her. It had felt like when she used her hairbrush to masturbate that one time and she came hard. So hard that she had squirted onto her sheets.

Though, this time, it wasn't as panic-inducing like then.

She knew she came this time instead of worrying that she had pissed her bed and wondering what the fuck had happened there. The scream this time made her mom rush into her room, asking what had happened and if she was okay. That was what had made Josuko panic as she yanked up her blanket when the door suddenly swung open. Lamely, she lied and told her mom that it was just a nightmare.

Her second orgasm had taken a bit more time. Josuko took a moment to look at what was going on down there. She knew she still had a pussy, she could feel her walls spasm and pulse during her orgasm after all. Even then, she couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief at the sight of it in the mirror. It was mostly the same, just that her clit looked a lot bigger. Like seven inches long and inch-and-a-half bigger. Then things got a little weird.

She knew she was pretty, even if she didn't hear the upperclassmen on the bus noisily talk about how hot she was despite her shitty hair and how yankii chicks were the sluttiest. It didn't take long for that guy to suddenly be punched out the back door by a seemingly invisible force. Josuko was pretty.

She wished she was a little thinner, or at least that her baby fat would move to her boobs and her ass. She didn’t need to have a fat ass like her mom did, but she wouldn’t complain if hers got a little bigger. Her skin was soft and maybe tanned too easily for her taste. Still, it was pretty sexy when she'd get tan lines in the summer, she thought. And despite what everyone said, her hair was gorgeous. It was her pride and joy, she took great care in it, despite all the product she used.

So seeing herself in the mirror, all flushed and with a hard cock... it was something. It was new, exciting even. So, she jacked off for the second time that morning.

There were probably still streaks of cum on the mirror. Socks did a piss poor job of cleaning things up, after all. There had been a depraved voice at the back of her head telling her drop to her knees and lick the cum off the mirror but she ignored it.

Josuko had her limits.

The last time was her exploring a bit more, finding out what she liked. Playing with the head was the most familiar, though, it just made her want something inside her. The thought of that was a little scary though--she was so loud and messy just from playing with her new cock. Who knew how overwhelming it’d be if she multitasked like that? In the end, she decided not to. She rarely did so before. If she started playing with her clit, she’d wind up only focusing on her clit, regardless of how much she ached for something inside her (especially when she was about to come). If she wound up stuffing her pussy, she’d neglect her clit all together. So, why would it be any different if she tried it with her cock? It was unrealistic. Maybe, who knew.

Regardless, Josuko found that playing with the head, especially the sensitive slit, was the most familiar to her. It was also the most intense. It also felt nice, really good actually, when she’d give herself quick but long strokes. She couldn’t help but imagine Jotako taking the whole thing every time she did it as if she couldn’t get enough of it, regardless of what hole she took it in. It made cumming even better as she imagined cumming directly down the woman’s throat or right up against her cervix and pumping her womb full of her seed… or into her tight ass.

‘Would she like it in the ass?’ the high schooler thought. She wasn’t really sure how she felt about it herself. She could appreciate a nice ass--hell, Okuyasu was the one that pointed out how hot her mom’s ass was and she couldn’t help but notice it in that way either. Not that Josuko would tell anyone that for obvious reasons. As she laid in her spent cum, she tried to remember if she ever really got a look at Jotako’s ass, she was so focused on her chest and face that it was hard to think about anything else.

Suddenly, the bedroom door creaked open. Josuko’s heart dropped as she scrambled to yank the sheets and comforter over her body.

“Hey, you’ve been in here a while and making a lot of noise--Jeez, Josuko, it smells weird in here…” her mother said with a grimace.

“...I-I don’t smell anything.”

Tomoko squinted at her before stepping further and further into the room. Each step sent another flash of panic through the teen’s body as she prayed for her mother to please not notice the filthier than usual mirror or laundry strewed about.

“Anyway, you feeling okay, hun?” She continued as she cracked open the window, letting in the late spring air. She gave her daughter a look. Her eyes widened at the sight of her; her normally immaculate hair clinging to her flushed skin, sweat dripping down said flushed skin, strangely swollen lips parted in a heavy pant and half-lidded glossy eyes. Rushing to her daughter, Tomoko placed a hand against Josuko’s forehead and compared their warmth.

Okay, no, something was up.

“I’m gonna head to Daikoku and get you something.”

“N-no! Mom, it’s fine!”

“Don’t give me that shit, you’re obviously sick. Stay here, I’ll be back in fifteen minutes… Maybe less if I rush and there’s no lines...”

“Ugh, no, I’m fine--” Josuko groaned as she sat up, forgetting she wasn’t wearing anything underneath the covers before being slammed back onto the mattress. “Mom!”

Their argument was cut short by the doorbell echoing through the still house. A jolt ran through Josuko’s chest as the memory of Jotako asking if she had plans the next day and if she’d be up for another patrol.

‘Oh shit!’ She mouthed before covering her face in shame. She had completely forgotten! She was too busy jacking off to a weird pornstar version of the woman to even consider getting ready! Oh God, what if she came in here? Oh God, what if she noticed the stench of her cum like her mom did? Oh God, what if she saw her with her hair looking like a disaster?!

As Josuko panicked, Tomoko left the room to answer the door.

“Oh! Ms. Kujo!”


“Oi, is Josuko awake?”

“Yeah, but, she’s sick… I don’t think she’s up for… whatever it is you two do. I was going to get something for her--”

“Good grief… Well, I can keep an eye on her as you do that, Ms. Higashikata.”

“Really? That’d be great, sorry for the trouble.”

“It’s fine.”

Jolting upwards, Josuko scrambled to throw the sheets off of her sweaty body and put something on. Anything. Anything that wasn’t a sweaty, cum-stained nightshirt. Then she had to fix her hair! She couldn’t be seen by her crush (could she call Jotako a crush? Was that weird?) without her hair done.

Priorities. Josuko Higashikata had them.

Before she could even get a brush through her hair, Jotako knocked on the door. Startled, the girl turned towards the door with a lopsided smile. There she was; light of her life, the fire of her loins or however that quote went.

“You alright, Josuko?” Jotako asked before sniffing the air. “It stinks.”

“Shut up, it’s fine.”

Jotako snorted as she looked around the room, clearly thinking otherwise of the other’s cheap defense. Her eyes fell upon the mirror Josuko was standing in front of, specifically the milky colored smear around halfway up. An eyebrow raised, she turned towards the messy bed; a pile of twisted sheets with large wet stains. Memories of college flooded her mind. Shaking the thought of walking in on her roommate jacking off her boyfriend in front of the mirror out of her head, Jotako looked towards the squirming girl. Her legs were crossed and her hands were yanking down a tacky shirt. “...You’re not actually sick are you?”


“What the hell is going on?” Her tone was icy and harsh, unintentionally making the girl squirm even more in her spot. A sigh left her as she tried to soften her steely gaze. “Josuko, what’s going on? Your mother’s clearly worried about it.”

Taking a deep breath, the girl uncrossed her legs and grabbed the hem of her shirt. Her hands shook as her knuckles turned white from how hard she was grabbing onto the loose fabric. “...I dunno what happened but… you can’t freak out--don’t tell my mom either! Ya gotta promise me that, Ms. Jotako!”

“Yeah, yeah… C’mon. Let’s get it over with--”

Josuko lifted the shirt, revealing a thick, meaty cock hanging from her body. It twitched obscenely as it steadily grew harder in front of the woman. The girl squawked before yanking the shirt back down. It was too late however, the image had burned itself into Jotako’s mind… and the thin fabric did little to hide the twitching bulge.

“...Good grief,” she muttered, tugging down the bill of her cap to obscure her eyes. Heat flushed itself through her body as she tried to rationalize what was going on here. Clearly, that wasn’t there before. If it was, Josuko wouldn’t be acting this way and probably still be miserable in bed if it was a serious illness.

“React more than that!”

“You told me to not freak out.”

“Fucking--!!” Josuko sputtered as she let go of the shirt to drag her hands down her face. With nothing holding it down, the shirt was pushed upwards to reveal her stiff cock once more. “Ugh, whatever. Just, I woke up this way and it’s been… y’ know.”

Jotako hummed, strolling closer to the girl and squatting in front of her to get a better look at it. She bit her lip, green eyes widening as it seemed to jump in response to her just looking at it. It was a healthy, strangely cute, pink color. Even when it wasn’t completely hard, it was still thick and long. The way it’d twitch and throb under her gaze made Jotako flush. Friendly. Like its owner.

“Stop looking at it like that…” Josuko muttered under a heavy, shaky breath. Her knees felt weak as the woman stared at her cock, completely unaware of how she worked it to near exhaustion to the thought of her. She licked her lips, wondering what she thought about it. Wondering if it was bigger or nicer than any other cock she might’ve seen. Wondering if she wanted to touch it-- “Oh!” A yelp was forced out of her as Jotako wrapped a loose hand around the base and not much else. The realization that it was her touching it was more than enough for Josuko to get completely hard in the feather-like touch. “Wh-what are you doing…?!” The girl asked, hoping that she didn’t sound as desperate as she felt.

“So it just showed up like this? Were you… under attack by anyone? Is it possible that a stand user did this--”

“Why is that all you can say to it?!” Josuko gasped out. Her muscles strained themselves to keep her hips from thrusting into Jotako’s soft grip.

“It’s clearly bothering you. It reeks like fucking cum in here, Josuko. You were probably masturbating like crazy before your mom walked in... If it was a stand user, i-it’s possible they did more than just give you a dick,” Jotako said in a matter-of-fact way. Though, the younger girl couldn’t help but notice the shakiness to her normally cool, level voice. “...How many times?”


“How many times did you cum?”

“Fuck, don’t make me answer that!” The loose grip tightened into dangerous territory suddenly. “Shit! I-I dunno! Three--four times?! L-let go…”

Jotako froze.

“I… I see. Well…” She licked her lips as her grip loosened just a bit. Slowly, her hand began to move along her length, sending the young girl into heaven. Even if it was a lazy, dry handjob from Jotako… it felt incredible! Even better than when Josuko did it herself! “I think you’ll need to calm down before we’re able to get anywhere. If four orgasms weren’t enough for your dick to calm down long enough to talk to me…”

“Ooohhh fuck… Wh-what are you saying?” Josuko moaned. With each stroke of her niece’s hand, a piece of her mind chipped away. Soon, she couldn’t stand it anymore! Her hips bucked against her hand. Each time Jotako’s hand met the base of her cock, she gave her a soft squeeze, forcing out a soft moan.

“I’m saying I’ll help you cum.”

That was all it took for Josuko to thrust madly into Jotako’s grip. Fantasies, some new and some ‘old’, rushed through the teen’s mind. Images of Jotako’s tits surrounding her cock, Jotako calling her a perverted bitch as she sucked greedily on her fat tits, Jotako shyly crying out as she ground her wet pussy against her face, Jotako pulling up her skirt and telling her to get it over with so they can find that stand user… It was all so good.

“Mmmnnhhh!” Josuko cried out as cum spurted from her cock and splattered all over the woman’s pristine white coat. Panting, the girl reached behind her for something to keep her standing upright as her knees struggled to keep herself upright.

“...You come faster than my husband does,” Jotako said. The plain, flat and either bored or severely disappointed voice shot straight through Josuko’s heart in all the wrong ways. “Good fuckin’ grief, you’re still hard.”

“Huh? Oh.” Josuko said before looking down. Then, an idea flashed through her mind. What other opportunity would she get for this sorta thing!? Part of her wondered if suggesting this kinda thing would use up the rest of her life’s luck if it managed to work. But, she couldn’t not take that chance! “...M-maybe it’s ‘cause, uh, I’ve been using my hand this whole time?”

Sighing, Jotako shrugged off her coat and vest before pulling off the skin-tight black turtleneck she always wore. “Might as well… Also, you’re gonna pay for my coat to get cleaned.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. C’mon!” Josuko said, bucking her hips to shove her cock into the woman’s face. Her eyes probing Jotako’s freshly revealed flesh. Her breasts, those tits that Josuko mentally worshipped over and over again, were right there for her. A light flush spread itself across Jotako’s pretty skin, contrasting against the creamy color and the stark whites she usually wore. Even when they were still bound by her bra--which was a disappointing plain beige color, but, if you had huge tits, what could you do--they were still entrancing. The most fucking beautiful thing the girl had ever seen.

“Do you even know what you want?”

“...No, but, uh…” She lied, never taking her eyes off of Jotako’s rack. “This, uh, this totally just came to me but… what if… you used your… b-breasts?”

“Excuse me?”

“Y-y’know! I put my cock between your tits--”

“I know what you mean, I just… Didn’t expect you to ask it so suddenly. Whatever, fine, go sit on your bed.”

Josuko didn’t have to be asked twice. She basically leaped over to the bed, not caring that she was once again sitting on a wet spot. Scrambling to the edge of her mattress, she planted her feet onto the floor and spread her legs wide for the woman. She wriggled her hips, causing her cock to sway from side to side. Okay, she was probably pushing her luck with how impatient she was, but, this was literally a dream come true. Maybe Jotako would love doing this so much that she’d let her play with them? Maybe she could get to fuck them again another time… if her cock was still there.

If… they ever figured this out.

Hm… ’ The girl’s thoughts began to drift off to the future. What if it was an enemy stand? Would her cock go away after this? Would she miss it? Why would she miss it? Did she really want her cock to go-- “Oooooh!”

Her thoughts were interrupted by the softness of Jotako’s breasts. She hadn’t even noticed she was getting into the position! Violet eyes stared down at the woman between her legs. Josuko grinned when she noticed that that ugly bra was off, revealing everything to her. What surprised her the most was Jotako’s nipples… Instead of the small, stiff blush pink ones in her fantasies, there were large, puffy nipples. Was puffy the right word to call these? She couldn’t actually see them, it was like, they were pushed inside her chest. “Oh! You have those ?!” She asked dumbly, her hands floating just above the soft flesh. “C-can I touch them?”

A noise that was a cross between a snort and exhale came from Jotako. “I guess.”

The girl’s hands dove towards her niece’s generous bust, marveling at how soft they were. They weren’t marshmallow soft and full of dreams like she fantasized about, but she had to be realistic here. They were still softer than her own, however. ‘ Is it because she’s older? ’ she thought as her shaking fingers trailed down to her inverted nipples. Shyly, they circled the soft areolas and occasionally pushed inward with little strength--it always hurt when she did that to herself after all--just to see how soft they were. A small grunt escaped Jotako which made the girl back off. “Do they come out at all?”

“Yes, I couldn’t feed my daughter if they didn’t.”

“Ah…” Josuko mumbled as she flicked the soft flesh. Her cock twitched inside Jotako’s bust as she imagined her as a new mother; the woman blushing as milk leaked from her large breasts and seeping into the fabric of her sweater...


Holy fuck, were her tits even bigger then?

“Are you gonna fuck them or not?”

Josuko nodded so fast that even if her hair was styled in her signature style, it would’ve all come undone. “P-please move, Ms. Jotako!”

“Good grief…” The woman muttered despite the small smile on her lips. She pushed herself further into Josuko’s lap and took her cock deeper into her cleavage. The rare times she and her husband were home at the same time, it was hardly uncommon for him to request this sort of thing from her. She’d rarely oblige, wanting to just go to bed already or save it for an important occasion, as awful as that sounded. A pang of guilt and shame rang through her chest at the thought. Why was she willing to do this for her younger aunt but not the man she married? She shook her head. Now wasn’t the time for that…

Josuko moaned impatiently as she bucked her hips forward and caused her cock to jump out. Jotako rolled her eyes in response, squeezing her breasts tighter around the girl before drooling onto her cock. Good grief. “Look, I’ll just hold them in place and you… go at it. It’d be faster that way--th-the sooner you cum, the better.”

“Y-yeah! Okay! I-I’ll… Uh, actually, could you… could you use your mouth too? Like… Y’know, k-k-kiss it…?”

“You did say you were a ‘love kinda gal’...”

“Sh-shut… shut up!”

Jotako smirked. “It’s fine. If it’ll make you go faster…”

Swallowing, Josuko moved her hips, trying to get a feel for thrusting. It might’ve been decent practice for later. If Jotako would let her maybe… She shook the thought out of her head, she needed to focus on the now and not push her luck. If she died right after cumming on Jotako’s breasts, that’d be just fine with her. There was no need to get ahead of herself… especially when it felt this good.

“G-go a little tighter? If it doesn’t hurt…” She murmured as she gave short, shallow thrusts. A shiver ran up her spine as even the smallest of movements seemed to send ripples through the soft flesh. The sight of it all made her feel dangerously and regrettably close as well. She wanted to savor this. There was a soft scoff from the woman before the grip around her cock got tighter. “Yessssss, thank you…”

Jotako hummed as she shifted in her spot. Her knees and arms began to feel stiff and locked up from holding this position. With how fast Josuko had burst from that handjob, she thought this’d be over quicker. “You can go har--” Her words were cut off by Josuko shoving her hips hard, the head of her leaking cock smacking her in the face. The girl’s hands weren’t even on her breasts anymore. They settled onto the messy bed, gripping onto the edge of the mattress for dear life and support as she continued to thrust madly. Jotako gaped at the sudden change of pace. Her lipstick smudged against Josuko’s cock each time it met her lips, leaving red smears and spots that grew more intense with shade each time. Part of her wanted to complain, but the growing sounds of approval that left the girl made her keep her mouth shut. Metaphorically.

This was better than Josuko could’ve ever dreamed! Pre dribbled from cock, making things a little more slippery and heavenly around her, and smeared onto Jotako’s face each time it kissed her. Her mind began to grow hazy as she let her head tilt back. The pressure continued to build up inside her. Heat pooled in her stomach as her quim leaked out of her twitching cunt and further stained the sheets below her. “Ah… F-fuck…”

“Are you gonna cu--”

She didn’t even get to finish that sentence before Josuko’s cum splattered onto her again. The first shot had gotten the furthest; drops of pearly white landed onto her cheek, just below the left eye, and lips while the rest splattered onto her full tits. It was as hot and thick as it was the first time she made her cum. ‘How? How was she still…?’

“Ahhhhh… That was great ~!” Josuko said in between heavy pants as she flopped back onto the bed. Her cock throbbed as cum dribbled down her shaft, spilling deep into Jotako’s cleavage. “Thank you so much~.”

Jotako huffed as a hand raised itself to scoop the cum that had landed onto her face. “If it got in my hair, I’m not going to go easy on you,” she mumbled as she pulled away. The valley between her breasts was more or less coated with Josuko’s girl cum, the sight and feeling made her shudder. It was hard to tell if it was from arousal or disgust. Before she could even decide, the teen was sitting completely straight up… as was her cock. “Good grief, Josuko.”

“...Maybe you should let me fuck you,” the girl whispered. A smirk spread across her full lips as her eyes flashed dangerously. Jotako wasn’t sure if she liked it or not. A pair of ghostly pink arms reached out for the older woman, gripping her tightly before she was thrown onto the bed.

“Are you crazy?” Jotako gaped as Crazy Diamond held her down for a moment before dissipating. She sighed, thankful that Josuko’s mind wasn’t completely melted from her constant orgasms. Or maybe she knew that Star Platinum’s Time Stop could easily get her out of this situation and she’d be put into a worse state than her mother thought she was in.

“C’mon… It’d make you feel good too, huh? I don’t wanna keep… making you do stuff, it’s not fair,” Josuko said, her hands running along Jotako’s thighs through the silky pantyhose she wore. “Woah, I never really noticed how hot her legs were…” She thought aloud.

Jotako sighed as embarrassment pulsed throughout her, reaching for the bill of her hat once again, but it had been thrown off in the process. Her hips squirmed as she stared up at the ceiling. She had gotten her young aunt off twice today. They were supposed to be on the lookout for rogue stand users. This literally wasn’t how she expected her day to be going.

Was it unpleasant?


Was it frustrating?

A little. In more ways than one.

“What a pain, fine, go for it.”

It was hard for Jotako to not blush when she saw how wide Josuko’s sparkling eyes got. That dangerous look at back in those round eyes, but it was softened thanks to that goofy grin on her lips. Crazy Diamond’s hands were back; the short white skirt she wore was yanked upwards and the crotch in her pantyhose and underwear was torn apart.

“I-I’ll fix them later, I just… I really, really, really wanna fuck you now!” Josuko choked out as her clumsy hands pushed Jotako’s thighs apart further.

She didn’t know how to describe her pussy besides ‘nice’. In her fantasies, she had imagined Jotako mostly shaved with a little strip of hair above it. Like the women in her grandfather’s tapes. That was furthest from the truth; Jotako had a thick, unruly bush with little to no curls. Josuko personally shaved, thinking that that’s what guys liked if those stupid conversations she heard on the bus were anything to go by. But right now? She couldn’t help but think that they were idiots. It made Jotako look all the more mature and sexy… and consider that maybe, just maybe, she might look and feel sexier too if she stopped shaving too. Shaking the thought out of her head, Josuko continued to stare at Jotako’s pussy, ignoring the woman’s pleads for her to stop staring. Even through the mass of dark hair, she could tell that her wet lips were puffy, making her look all the cuter.

Her thick, dripping cock rubbed against Jotako’s bare pussy. She watched with glazed over eyes as the lips parted with each stroke and sandwiched her cock like her tits had just earlier. “Ah… you’re so wet! Didja get hot from getting me off?”

“Shut up.”

“Sorry, sorry… just, wow… can I put it in now?”

“...Go ahead, you’re already there,” Jotako muttered. The tone of her voice sent a wave of nervousness over Josuko as her gaze flickered from pussy to the older woman’s green eyes. A small chuckle came from the woman as her lips curled into a small smile. “I mean it, it’s fine, Josuko.”

“Right,” Josuko said before blowing out a shaky stream of air. Her heart throbbed as she pulled her cock away to line it up with her entrance. Jotako, deciding to help out a little, reached down and parted her juicy lips. The teen’s pupils shrank to pinpoints as she watched a bead of precum form right as her tip kissed against the twitching hole. The moment of truth. Licking her lips, Josuko finally pushed forward.

Oh, there was no way to describe this. This was a sensation she had never expected to experience in her lifetime… She fingered herself before so she thought that she knew what a pussy felt like, but, this was so different. This? This was so much better. That might’ve been obvious to anyone. She was just feeling herself around her fingers. Of course feeling her crush’s cunt enveloping her overly sensitive newborn cock would feel better.

“Ohhh… Oh fuck,” the girl whispered hoarsely. It took all her willpower to not slam her hips as hard as she could go and never move again. Just being inside of Ms. Jotako was amazing--she never wanted it to end. The slick velvet felt so snug around her cock. It might’ve been better than her tits… maybe. If only because she loved them so much. “I-I… fuck!”

“You can move, y’ know.”

Being given an inch, Josuko decided to go the full mile. Her hands gripped tight onto Jotako’s hips as her own slammed into hers. A girlish squeal escaped the girl as she bottomed out inside the other’s cunt. The tip of her cock roughly met something firm yet soft. The sound of Jotako grunting in displeasure finally tipped Josuko off. “O-oh shit, s-sorry…”

“It’s fine just don’t fucking do it again.”

Sucking in another breath, Josuko began to move her hips once again, taking care to not shove it as hard and deep as she did at first. Her tip kissed Jotako’s cervix once in awhile, but she had managed to not ram into it like the first time. Her movements were sloppy and awkward. Even a virgin like her could tell that that was the case. Her mind and body were at war with each other. Her body screamed at her to go as hard and fast as she could while her mind told her to do the opposite. She had already hurt Jotako in her eagerness and desperately wanted to avoid it again. It wasn’t like a few minutes ago where she rutted against her tits. This was supposed to be her chance to make Jotako feel good!

She swallowed as she started into Jotako’s eyes, whimpering pathetically as she couldn’t decide between shallow, quick thrusts or slow and deep. The friction had felt amazing no matter what, but she wanted everything at once. It was like swimming through a sea of indecision as her hips snapped awkwardly into the woman. “I-I… wh-what should I do?”

Jotako tilted her head to the side and sighed. “Good grief… Star Platinum!” Time suddenly froze around them. This had to be the most irresponsible usage of The World she had ever done. She pushed the girl off and out of her before sitting up. If she had the time, she would’ve had her stand put the girl onto her bed and flat on her back, but time had resumed. “You’re too nervous, just let me take over.”

Josuko’s head swam as she tried to piece together what had happened. “Y-you could’ve just asked me to pull out, jeez--” Her words were cut off as she was shoved to the mattress causing her breasts and cock to bounce from the rough motion. “Oh, alright…” she whispered as she watched Jotako crawl onto her lap. Her cock twitched happily, or impatiently in the other’s eyes, at the sight. Soon, it was enveloped by Jotako’s hand giving it a few quick strokes before being lined up with her slick pussy.


Oh, she definitely was.

The sight and sensation of her cock sinking into Jotako once again felt even better than the first time. It was slow, agonizingly so, but, the girl wouldn’t trade it for the world. The muscles in her legs spasmed as she fought to keep herself from thrusting upwards and repeating the same mistake. Somehow, she had managed by the time their hips met.

Finally, Jotako started to move. They were short if slow movements as if she were trying to tease her by barely moving. Thankfully, she started to pick up the pace and really bounce on Josuko’s cock. “How’s that?” she asked breathlessly. Her hands reached behind her, the heels of her hands digging slightly into the girl’s thighs, to steady herself.

“...R-real good,” Josuko gasped out, her hands clawing into her sheets as she tried to hold back. Violet eyes flickered from the heavy, full breasts bouncing in front of her to the space where they were connected, unsure of what she wanted to look at. Both were hypnotizing to the horny teen. “Real good.”

“It’s good for me too.”

After a few minutes of this, Josuko placed her hands onto Jotako’s firm thighs. She whimpered once more as her cock twitched inside of the other’s tight pussy. “C-can I move?”

“I dunno, can you?” Jotako smirked as she leaned forward, her hair and breasts now hanging over the girl. Her hands placed themselves beside Josuko’s face as her hips slowed to a stop. “If you can handle it, sure.”

Feeling a little confident, Josuko’s hands slid up to Jotako’s hips and grabbed on tight. As she thrust upwards, soft moans and heavy pants escaped the girl each time their hips met. It was so good. So, so good. Her pussy pulsed around nothing as pressure built up in the base of her cock. “Fuck, Jotako… I-I…” She swallowed. “I-I’m close.”

“Fine. Did you want--!!!”

Her words were cut off by Crazy Diamond pulling her backward and keeping her back straight. Her eyes widened as she felt the ghostly hands run along her body. One hand reached up to grope and massage her left breast, occasionally tweaking and rolling her nipple between its strong but gentle fingers. The other hand roamed Jotako’s body, almost as if it was appreciating the smooth curves, before diving between her legs and stroking her clit. A girlish moan forced itself out of her as pleasure zapped through her. Her toes curled. Her hips squirmed and her back tried to arch against Crazy Diamond’s firm chest ineffectively.

Josuko continued to thrust up into Jotako’s spasming pussy and watched her melt with half-lidded eyes. “I-I want you to cum too,” she breathed. “Come on, Ms. Jotako…!”

Crazy Diamond’s touch grew bolder as Josuko grew more desperate. Its hips ground against Jotako’s squirming ones as if it was packing something like its user as well. It pulled the woman flush against its chest. Its hold on her grew tight and its lips pressed against Jotako’s neck. The pace on her clit quickened but stayed light enough to not overwhelm her.

Jotako bit down on her lip. She would have slammed her hips down against Josuko’s to meet her thrusts, but her Stand kept her locked in place. It was agonizing. If she wasn’t drunk on the sensations attacking her body, she would have just called Star Platinum to get her out. Not that she wanted to. For once, she just let herself surrender to the feeling. Either Josuko’s cock was just that good or she just really needed a solid fuck after her own self-afflicted dry spell.

The ghostly lips on her neck, the big dick rutting desperately inside her, the firm touch on her nipples and clit that’d send jolts down to her very core. It was so much.

“C-can I cum inside?” Josuko gasped out, unsure if she would even be able to pull out.

It was a bad idea, probably. There was just too much unknown about Josuko’s condition; what if it passed on or what if she was able to get Jotako pregnant? How would she explain that to her husband and Jolyne back home? How would she explain that to Josuko’s mother or the Old Man?

“I-it’s fine!” Jotako cried out, nodding crazily as her cunt spasmed around Josuko’s cock. Immediately, as if on command, Crazy Diamond pushed Jotako downward as Josuko thrust upward. It was just enough to drag her down into an orgasm with Josuko. “Oh my god!”

Cum flooded inside her twitching pussy before Josuko’s cock could have the chance to kiss her cervix. Milky white coated her walls, splashing inside her womb with each thick spurt that steadily grew smaller and smaller. As cum dripped down Josuko’s pelvis, her cock finally began to soften as she laid there in a pant. Crazy Diamond faded. Jotako fell forward onto Josuko’s chest.

Shakily, Josuko’s hand rose to brush the strands of black curls out of Jotako’s flushed face. A smile spread across the teen’s lips before pecking the older woman on the forehead. A soft laugh escaped them both.

Warmth, different than the blistering heat that lust that overwhelmed her earlier, swirled and spread inside Josuko’s body. Despite how sticky the both of them felt, from sweat and cum surely, how messy and gross her hair was and how she didn’t even have makeup on, the girl felt the happiest she had in… Well, since last night when her niece pulled her out of the street.

A small groan slipped past Jotako’s lips as she pushed herself upward. Her knees shook as she rose up. The slick sound of Josuko’s finally limp cock seemed to echo through the quiet room and made her snort. Cum spilled out onto her lap in thick, sticky streams and onto the mattress--how much cum would the poor thing have to deal with today, the teen thought--once Jotako flopped beside Josuko.

“I need a smoke,” the woman said, nudging her aunt in the side. “Go look in my jacket for them.”

“Don’t smoke in my room!” Josuko cried out. Jotako rolled her eyes. Soon, Star Platinum was out. The sight of the Stand sent a wave of ice water to pulse through Josuko’s veins in a panic. It faded, somewhat, when it moved towards the pile of discarded clothing on the floor, digging around for a pack of cigarettes and her lighter. “H-hey! Don’t just…” Her words went ignored as Star Platinum glided towards Jotako, placing the unlit cigarette between her plump lips and lit it for her. “Great… you better not get any of it on my sheets! Mom’s gonna kill me if--”

“It’s still there.”


“Your cock.” Inhale and an eventual exhale. “It’s still there.”

“...Oh.” It was all Josuko could really say as she sat up, wriggling her hips to make it flop from side to side. Her eyebrows furrowed and her lips pressed into a line. Uncertainty washed over her features. She definitely wasn’t going to complain that her dick was still there. The only thing bothering her was how sensitive and unwilling to go down it was… and that she didn’t know where it came from. “What do we--”

“I don’t think there’s much we can do, we can try our best if it bothers you that much. You’ll… have to learn how to deal with it on your own though. I can’t always be around to… help out.”

“...But, will you help me out if y’ know.” She had no idea why she was asking this or where this bold rush came from. What she did know was that she didn’t want this to be a one-time thing. It was obvious Josuko had used up all her luck to even get this far with Jotako, but, after getting a taste--well, maybe a whole meal really--there was no way she could go back to being just aunt and niece with a dash of… whatever this was.

Jotako rose an eyebrow as she took another drag of her cigarette. “I don’t know. Fill me in.”

Gulping, Josuko fought to cling onto that stupid feeling. “L-like, if I got like this again… it’d be, uh, it’d be great if you’d help out… until you really gotta leave, I mean.”

Silence hung in the air. There was another inhale and eventual exhale. Star Platinum was out once again, only to pluck the cigarette out of Jotako’s hand and extinguish it before disappearing.

“Yeah...I guess I don’t mind, but, you really have to--” Jotako’s lips were claimed by Josuko’s. Surprise jolted through her chest both at the sudden kiss and her being pinned to the bed once again.

Josuko shifted so she was between her legs once again, her hands desperately running along her body to find somewhere to grab as she continued to clumsily kiss her. Soon, she pulled away with a cheeky grin. “Can you help me right now?”

Breathless, Jotako looked down as she felt her aunt’s suddenly stiff cock rutting against her slick, well-used pussy. “Good grief…” She sighed with a smile. “You’re hopeless. Fine.”

A gasp escaped them both as Josuko pushed forward into Jotako’s cunt. It didn’t take long for her to quickly pick up the pace. The sounds of skin against skin and girlish moans filled the room once more.

Tomoko grimaced as she finally tore herself away from the door. Her pussy twitched needily as she staggered to her bedroom. Jealousy and shame ate away at her heart while arousal licked at her flushed skin. It didn’t matter how badly she craved to be fucked, there was no excuse feeling this way for her daughter. But, maybe for today, it would be okay to fantasize. Just this once.

“Just this once,” Tomoko whispered as she laid down onto her own bed. Her hand slid under the waistband of her jeans. The muffled sounds of her daughter’s moans added to the filthy images in her mind. All of them about her daughter. “Just this once…”