Tweetfic 2 - Josuke/Yukako

Author's Notes: still dont know how to write this ship despite it being a big thing of mine.

“Quit your bitching and just let me do this,” Yukako spat as she dropped to her knees in front of him. “Like hell, I’m going to owe you any favors after this.”

Josuke sighed. “It really isn’t necessary. If you really don’t wanna owe me anything…Just buy me dinner or something—“ He was quickly cut off by her yanking his baggy pants down to his ankles. “Jeez, Yukako! You’re dating one of my bros… I can’t… just…” His resistance melted away as she stared at the bulge in his overpriced underwear. He gulped at the heaviness and potential heat of her gaze. Her manicured fingers slipped into the band and yanked his boxers down too. His already half-hard cock nearly smacked her in the face from the sudden motion. He huffed as she began to stroke him off. “Fuckin’ hell.

Josuke throbbed in her grasp. He shut his eyes and tried to think about literally anyone else doing this to him. The fact it was Koichi’s psycho girlfriend doing this made it real hard to get into it. It felt impossible, however. The image of her now ‘virginal’ pussy was burned into his mind. God, why did he even agree to do that for her to begin with?! The sensation of her pretty lips wrapping themselves around his cock brought him to reality. Reluctantly, he opened his eyes and stared down at her. She took him deep and sucked hard. Yukako’s cheeks hollowed each time she pulled back, her lips formed such a tight seal around his head that he couldn’t help but roll his eyes back and groan out. “Shit, keep going…” he muttered. Her movements grew faster and more intense. He panted. His balls tightened and his hands dove forward to grab onto her head as he hit his peak. Her hair wound itself around his wrists but he thrust forward anyway. His balls smacked against her chin and her nose was buried in his thick pubic hair the entire duration of his orgasm.

Finally, he pulled himself from her throat. “Sh-shit! I’m sorry—!”

Yukako coughed and coughed until a glob of cum unlodged itself from her throat. She spat it out and stood up with a glare. “Tell anyone about what happened today and I will kill you.”

Josuke sighed and nodded.