Keeping Warm

Author's Notes: i think i wrote these two ooc and should've switched roles maybe but... o well

“How did you and Eula become friends?” Lumine asked Amber.

“Uhh... well... It was during a storm,” Amber began. Her voice was just loud enough for the other knight to hear a couple of feet in front of them. A heavy flush burned across Eula’s cheeks as the memory played in her head.

“It’s really pouring out there,” Amber murmured. Her hair, her clothes, her skin, and she swore that even her soul was soaking wet. It didn’t even sound like rain. It sounded like the crashing of a waterfall with how hard the droplets were coming down. A shiver ran through her body as she reached up to squeeze out the water in her long hair. Part of her regretted coming out on a reconnaissance mission, something she didn’t normally do, but that would have meant missing out on her.

Eula, the Spindrift Knight.

Swallowing, she peeked over her shoulder to steal a peek at her fellow knight. When Eula’s eyes met hers, Amber blushed. Her skin was already a rosy pink thanks to the chill that permeated everything inside the cave. Blood buzzed under her skin and made her feel warm.

“We should get out of these wet clothes.”

Her blush intensifying, Amber nodded and stepped further into the cave as she started to strip. Laying their clothes against a pile of rocks, the two women sat on the thin camp bedding. A small fire was started. The fire crackled as smoke from the damp wood billowed in the cave for a moment before drifting out of the mouth. The scent of the wood combined with the sound of the storm outside was relaxing despite everything. Heat licked at the top of Amber’s breasts and her shins. She felt a little warmer but it wasn’t enough. Even as she burned in embarrassment from being nearly nude beside her crush, she still felt cold.

“Come here, Amber. It’s easier to keep warm if we share what little body height we have.”

“A-alright,” the brunette whispered before crawling towards Eula. The scent of smoke was stronger here but it was definitely warmer. She sat next to her fellow knight. A small gap was between them still.

It was enough to make Eula sigh in slight annoyance. She reached over and pulled Amber into a sort-of embrace. Their sides met one another as Eula’s arm hooked around Amber’s shoulders. Amber gasped at the sensation of Eula’s breast against her arm.

“Sorry,” Amber murmured.

“It’s quite alright. However, in times like these, there isn’t time for modesty. Unless...”


“Are you avoiding me because of my lineage? I didn’t expect it to be something that bothered you...”

“N-no! Not at all, I promise, Captain!” Amber’s hands flung in front of her chest and flailed from side to side. “I just... I’m not normally... you know around other people.”

The two shared a small laugh. Warmth blossomed inside of Amber’s chest before she leaned against the other without realizing it. A moment passed before the two looked at each other. Amber’s heart throbbed as amethyst met warm brown. Her eyes drifted towards Eula’s pretty lips and she swallowed. Eula smiled and leaned in.

“Are you really that nervous?”


“I have an idea of how we can keep warm.”

“I... think I have an idea of what it might be...” Amber began. Her confidence and energy slowly returned to her as they physically grew closer together. “... Let's do it.”

Finally, their lips met each other. It felt wonderful. Amber groaned into the kiss as Eula pushed her flat onto her back. Their breasts met one another as the Spindrift Knight laid on top of her. Eula’s fingers and tongue tingled as they met Amber’s. It reminded the brunette of the coolness of mint. If it was anyone else she was stuck with during this storm, she would have found it unbearable. Right here, right now with Eula? It was a delicious coolness that seemed to highlight the heat between them.

Amber nipped at Eula’s softer lips before shoving her tongue into the other’s mouth. Eula may have called the shots initially, but Amber wasn’t content with laying back and being a starstruck fan any longer. Eula was beautiful and powerful. Amber may have not been of nobility, but she wanted, no, needed to impress the other girl.

Their tongues swirled around each other, fighting for dominance as the fire crackled beside them. Heat licked at their bodies. Arousal burned inside of them as the storm raged outside. Eula’s larger breasts stroked Amber’s as their kissing deepened. Saliva pooled inside of Amber’s mouth and threatened to overflow. Amber swallowed. The taste of their concoction was intoxicating. Amber knew she needed more of it but her body burned for more stimulation.

Reluctantly, she pushed Eula away from her. “Is that what you had in mind?”

“No, we should... move more.” The two of them sat up. Eula shifted her hips so that one leg lay under Amber’s while the other lay on top of it. Slowly, they edged towards each other. Soon, their slick cunts ghosted against each other. She bit her lip. “Ready?”

Amber didn’t even nod in response. Her hips bucked forward and their sexes met together in a messy frenzy. Their shared moans rang throughout the cave as they started to bump and grind against each other. Pleasure panged through Amber’s body as Eula’s smooth lips kissed her hairier ones. Pressure continued to swell and build as they ground against each other. Another moan tore itself from Amber’s throat as Eula circled her hips in just the right way. Her lips parted just enough for Eula’s clit to meet hers. Electricity pulsed through their veins. It was as if they had been overcharged by an enemy. Amber’s hips shot forward and ran in clumsy circles in an attempt to recreate that sensation once again. Pants fell from their mouths.

The fire continued to flicker and crackle. Heat filled that tiny cavern as the two of them worked up a sweat. Eula’s damp skin twinkled in the flickering orange light, painting her like the fresh fallen snow in the sunrise. Her eyes sparkled as they reflected the warm light, shifting them from a deep purple to a warm glowing gold. Butterflies fluttered inside her stomach at the sight. Eula’s breasts bounced and circled as Amber continued to fuck her. Slick juices gushed between the both of their dripping cunts. Every time they pulled apart, strings of arousal formed between them and shrank every time they crashed together once again.

Pleasure swelled and swelled. Soon, it was too much.

The two of them came.

Pleasure washed over their bodies as the rain did earlier. Sweat rolled down their bodies as they collapsed into a sticky and clammy heap. Eula twitched as she tried to pull away. The friction was enough to set the both of them off again. Amber groaned as another swell of juices splashed against her fellow knight.

“Captain, that was...” Amber gasped out.

Eula shook her head before pulling away entirely. Amber mewled in disappointment only for Eula to collapse next to her. The captain smiled as she snuggled up to the Pyro user. “Don’t call me that. Just call me Eula.”

Amber snickered. “Yeah, I guess... After that... We might as well call each other by our names.”

“We had to huddle for warmth and talked all night,” Amber said simply to the traveler.

Eula sighed in relief. As proud as she was to be Amber’s friend, even if she didn’t show it, she wasn’t quite ready for everyone in the party to know just how close they were.