Go, Go, Go Girl!

Author's Notes: i also love jaboli from this series. wow. another lovestruck girl with glasses? daring today, aren't we? LMAO. asuham is also another character i like in king gainer, crazy obsessed unhinged blonde man who is yaoi and siscon coded? king shit. jaboli likes asuham so ofc i ship this and rarararara

Jaboli couldn’t believe what was happening! She had dreamed of this moment since she first caught a glimpse of him at the station that afternoon. However, the situation was less than ideal… She hoped that her encounter with Asuham Boone would’ve been more romantic. Being cornered in the hangar, surrounded by weapons and the risk of being caught by colleagues was not romantic. Still, he swept her off her feet with honeyed words and comparisons that made her heart race. He needed her help and she was more than willing to give it to him!

But, he pinned her to the wall and stole a kiss from her. She melted into his body, her chest pushing against his as his hands wandered her svelte form, feeling her subtle curves under her uniform. His tongue probed and dominated her mouth, effectively stealing her breath away. His deft fingers made quick work of her uniform, plucking her coat and pants open and just out of the way for him to have access to her body. Pale white contrasted against rich brown as he toyed with her modest breasts, pulling away from their kiss to take hard sucks of her stiff dusky nipples. She gasped and writhed against the wall. A moan escaped her but was quickly snuffed out by Asuham’s lips once again. She moaned into his mouth as his hands wandered downward.

His fingers disturbed her slick pubic hair as he explored her folds. She whined as he slid two fingers inside her wet pussy. Even if she was slick, the sudden and rough intrusion was still a surprise. He pumped in and out of her, pulling away to whisper commands and sweet nothings into her ear. Jaboli simply nodded and bit her lip. She didn’t want this to end, even if it wasn’t ideal. He sucked on her neck, just below where her uniform’s collar would be, and left a dark mark.

Suddenly, one of her legs was propped up onto his shoulder. The strain of her muscles in her thighs and unbalance made her want to complain but she kept her mouth shut once she saw his cock. She gaped at it as he lined it up with her entrance and slammed forward. Her teeth sank into her lip, desperately trying to keep quiet as he told her to, but his brutal thrusts made it nearly impossible! He pushed her harder against the wall, the pressure forcing her leg to stretch straight up, and picked up the pace. A hand reached between them and was a practical blur on her clit. Jaboli’s walls spasmed around Asuham’s cock as he forced her to crash into an orgasm. Her cunt pulsed and squeezed tightly around him as if it was desperate for his seed. He muttered something about her feeling good and she shivered. He fucked her through her orgasm and he soon followed. His cum flooded her womb.

Just as quickly as things started, it was all over. She dropped to the floor in a panting, half-naked heap as he dashed into one of the Overmen. His thanks and praise of her echoed in the hangar as she slumped against the wall in a daze.

Inside the stolen Overman, Asuham snarled to himself. “Am I no better than that bastard, Gain Bijou?!”