Tweetfic 4 (or is it too long idk) - Lioubov/Gainer

Author's Notes: based off an idea that my friend Zambot had.

Liubov posed in front of the mirror. A pout graced her features as she turned from side to side. Her stomach and waist spilled out of her bikini bottoms and down her sides in a less-than-flattering manner. Swallowing, she tried to ignore the sight of cellulite on her thighs. "Oh no. Oh no, no no," she murmured to herself. A heavy sigh escaped her. How could she think that she could pull such a garment off? Well, at least she had time to work off her weight before--

Before she could even finish the thought, she was pushed forward. Her cheek smushed against the mirror as did her stomach and breasts. She shivered as the smooth and ice-cold surface hit her heated flesh. Blinking, she looked up to see Gainer behind her. He huffed. His hands slid between them as his hips stapled themselves to Liubov's. Soon, his cock was out and pressed against her hairy pussy.

"Gainer!" she gasped out.

"S-sorry, Miss Liubov..." he panted as he humped her thighs. "Y-you looked so sexy in that outfit that I had to--!!"

A moan cut him off. His cock slid between Liubov's lips and into her slickening cunt. Maybe she didn't look too bad after all the woman thought to herself.