Tweetfic 2 & 3 - Lioubov/Gainer, Adette/Yassaba

Author's Notes: literal tweetfics lmao. too short to give them actual pages on their own, sorry. more lioubov/gainer because of course. adette/yassaba makes me sad cuz they were so cute in the start then just... nothing lol. a forced romance with adette that comes out of nowhere in the last few eps *puke*


“G-Gainer—“ Lioubov moaned her fingers a blur on her clit. A beat passed when she realized what she had said. She didn’t mean… Shamefully, she continued to toy with her clit as a new fantasy about the teen started to play in her lust-rattled mind.


Most looked the other way when it came to Adette and Yassaba, even if their rendezvous were inappropriate. Their pants and moans filled the air inside the Overman. The blonde bounced on her lover’s lap, her pace unwavering even as his hands sent waves of heat across her body.