Still Aching, Still Aching

Author's Notes: another one for the Could Have Been collection. at the time, 3Hopes didnt come out and Constance/Lorenz didnt have a support. which pissed me off a lot LMAO aas theyre my fave chars (next to manuela, bernie, sylvain, ferdie, and marianne and mercedes)

The sudden blast of colours that danced across the walls surrounding the cloudy courtyard stole Lorenz’s attention. He blinked as the iridescent lights seemed to change hues every few moments. Crimson, saffron, magenta, violet, verdant... It all shone brilliantly like a crystal. He couldn’t believe his eyes!

Laughter, a burst of hardly melodic laughter but one that brought a curl to his lips nonetheless, reached his ears and led him to the source of the colour. There she was, Constance von Nuvelle, a woman who belonged to a once noble house that had been eradicated during one of the empire’s conflicts. A beautiful and regal woman, really. One who had a keen eye and talent for magic if the rumours were correct. If House Nuvelle hadn’t fallen, Lorenz would have considered courting her. However, life could be cruel. She certainly didn’t deserve to go through what she did.

Still, she seemed to be in good spirits.

He watched as the lights caught the rose-scented tea. His grin widened at the realization. Not only was she of once-noble blood and beautiful, but she also shared the same taste in tea as him. He was reminded of a tea party with his dear friend, Ferdinand, he had a few days ago. He mentioned having a past with the woman. He didn’t go into much detail about it but it was more than enough to intrigue Lorenz. There was much to learn about Constance. The first step to getting to learn said things were actually talking to her.

Perhaps joining her for her iridescent tea could be a start.

“Greetings, Constance,” he said once he stepped under the gazebo. “That tea smells divine. Would you mind if I joined you for a cup?”

The blonde blinked and then smiled. “Ah! Dazzled my by newest creation, no, display of magnificent sorcery are you? Please! Please sit down and have a cup, I’ll even pour it for you, Lorenz!”

He tried his best to not grimace at such bold obnoxiousness... No, that wasn’t the word for it. Plus, it’d be unfair. He barely knew her after all! It’d be incredibly rude and presumptuous of him to act on this initial encounter. A true nobleman does not cast judgment so quickly! He gave her a nod as he sat across from her.

“I must admit, I am shocked that you would like to sample my latest delights. Most people have been content to watch but backed away from actually drinking it. Could you believe that Your Majesty asked if it was potable? Ahahaha~!” Constance laughed as she poured another cup for her guest. “What a silly question, is it not?”

“I must agree. I may not know what you have done to change its appearance, but there is no denying the scent of such a magnificent brew. It’s one of my favourite blends from the Empire. Dare I say, I almost prefer it to the rose petal blend from Gloucester.”

“My, my, my, then please drink to your heart’s content!” She said as she flourished her fan before her boisterous laughter filled the courtyard once again. Her eyes shone just as brilliantly as the tea did as he brought the cup to his lips. (He did not notice that her cup went untouched until after his first long sip, however.)

The crowd grew bored and began to disperse once the tea had stopped pouring and the light show mostly ended. The colours still shone on the roof of the gazebo each time either one would bring the cup to their mouths respectively. Sweet floral notes wafted in the air and warmed Lorenz’s belly with each sip.

Yes, this was his favourite tea indeed. It seemed that the party trick, whatever it may be, didn’t affect the taste or texture. He did not know what he would have done if it did. He was very particular about his teas after all. Though, he made a mental note to tell her if she had some strange side effect. Perhaps he made a mistake in sampling Constance’s so-called magnificent sorcery...

No, there was no way that she would have sprung this onto the unsuspecting public if she knew it was unsafe. Constance was a noble, after all. True nobles didn’t put others at risk for petty popularity and notoriety—though, certain ones did not subscribe to this school of thought. He wasn’t stupid. Call it naivete, but he sensed no ill will from the woman. She may have stayed in The Abyss for the last five or so years, he was not sure of the exact dates, but there was no denying that she was of true nobility... As haughty and domineering as she appeared to be.

Warmth continued to ebb and flow throughout his body. It was a familiar warmth. One that he did not normally associate with tea. As bliss-inducing as rose petal tea could be, there was something off about Constance’s tea. Something strange. Not unpleasant but indeed strange. He swallowed as his mouth grew drier and not in the way that tea could cause. He shifted in his chair.


Oh dear.

Blood rushed to his face as that all too familiar warmth swirled inside his belly and pulsed through his veins. His now shaky hands felt clammy inside his gloves as he held the cup and thought about taking another sip. The rational part of his brain told him to politely excuse himself. However, it was quickly snuffed out by other thoughts. Ones bound by such inconvenient rules and expectations set by polite society.

Damn, there was still a whole pot of tea. He was sure that Constance would not mind drinking it alone but to leave before he even finished his cup was unsightly! Plus, to leave this special occasion—it had to be if Constance had caused such a display this afternoon—because of a sudden discomfort?

Hah, he, The Lorenz Hellman Gloucester, could hold out. At least until he finished one cup. Hopefully, his body would not show signs of arousal on his trip back to his dorm room. He was a man. Not a schoolboy with little to no control over his lust!

“I... I must ask, Constance,” he began. “What exactly did you do to create such a... An interesting pot of tea? Perhaps it could be used to entertain my father and my guests... It’d make gatherings a smashing success.”

She hummed. “Well! I am glad that someone recognizes my genius and usage for such a delicious and impressive invention! It was a spell that I created. One that I intend to use to bring House Nuvelle back to its former glory!”

Lorenz blinked. Did he hear her correctly? Did she really expect such a paltry trick to restore her house? It was impressive, yes, but there was no way that the Emperor, current or future, would or could do such a thing without facing backlash or ridicule! Part of him admired the audacity. He could understand her goals. He would help her achieve them if he could! However, he didn’t expect her to be so.. daft.

“I... I see,” he said. It didn’t feel right to be blunt with his thoughts with how overwhelmed he was with feelings and sensations at the moment. Lorenz knew when to pick his battles and this was not the time. “Well, I’m sure this is the first of... the first of many to—Goddess, is it warm today? My apologies, this must be the first of many creations of yours.”

The woman across from him beamed. Her cornflower blue eyes, Goddess, what a beautiful shade, twinkled as her plump lips curled into yet another smile. It wasn’t wide like the one that accompanied her roaring laughter but softer, sweeter, and subtle. He swallowed. She really was an enchanting woman. He knew this going in but there was something about her at this very moment...

He noticed how elegantly she brought the cup to her lips. The faint shade of pale pink lipstick left on the rim—Goddess, if he kissed her, would there be a mark? Wait. Where was this coming from?! He coughed as he stared into the swirling rainbow in his own cup. Still, he couldn’t help but steal a glance at her from across the table.

Her cheeks were stained a pretty shade of pink. One that contrasted against her pale skin and the blue, that same damned shade of cornflower blue, that adorned her flaxen hair. His gaze traveled across her, or what he could see from his seat anyway. Her face, everything about her face, was utterly entrancing. He never felt so enraptured like this before.

Then, his eyes trailed down to her chest. Her uniform was a custom one. One that clung to her body on the top. He swallowed. Her high-waisted corset or whatever that type of skirt was called, he was not well versed in women’s fashion as Hilda was for obvious reasons, seemed to highlight her bust. The ruffles along the front only seemed to enhance things.

“Lorenz, I...” Constance started, mercifully tearing himself from his perverse thoughts. Her eyebrows knitted together as she flourished her fan once more, this time unfolding it in front of her bosom. “I don’t know how men, no, children are raised in the Alliance but surely you know better than stare at a young woman’s body as if it were meat?!”

“I beg your pardon?!” was all he could say. She wasn’t wrong. He and the rest of his nation were raised a lot better than this. He was of the most upstanding breeding in the Alliance. But, he was staring. He absolutely knew better. He was never like this. Why was this happening? Even with the most daring women he had ever met—Professor Manuela came to mind with her bountiful bust in her low-cut dress—he did not leer at them. It wasn’t until he sat down and...

The tea.

It was that damned tea this whole time. An aphrodisiac or lust spell, if those existed, or whatever else one could call something that caused such feelings to bloom temporarily.

“I’ll have you know that I... It was this!” He shot out of his chair and pointed at the teapot. This caused the students and faculty at other tables to turn toward them. “Have you drugged me? Why? To make a fool out of me or whomever else chose to sample this vile concoction?”

“Excuse me?!”

“I have no idea why you would create such a thing or what you would gain, but, I can assure you, I will not let you humiliate me or anyone else!”

The other students whispered amongst themselves as Constance fumed.

“How dare you! I have done no such thing and how dare you accuse my magic and I of... Of... such boorish and illicit... things!” She also shot up from her chair and effectively sent it clattering to the ground. “AND I WILL NOT HAVE YOU HUMILIATE ME WITH SUCH PERVERTED—HEINOUS INTENTIONS! IN FRONT OF ALL OUR CLASSMATES NONETHELESS! I REFUSE TO HAVE AN AUDIENCE FOR THIS.”



Their lips met together in a clumsy, unrefined frenzy once Lorenz’s dorm room’s door slammed shut. His hands immediately gripped her slim waist as he pinned her to the back of the door. Feverishly, they tore at each other’s uniforms. Buttons were popped off their jackets or skirts which clattered and rolled noisily across his floor. Her skirt pooled around her ankles and was soon joined by her frilly blouse. Flawless alabaster skin was revealed to him. Every fiber of his body lit up with the intense need to completely ravish her. To decorate her pale skin with kisses and bruises from how hard he was going to fuck her into the ground.

It was an accident, yes, but pettiness ruled over logic to him at that very moment. He felt frustrated and humiliated. Those feelings didn’t burn as hot as the intense desire he had for the blonde but he did not have it in him to make love. Or however else he imagined his first time going.

Constance von Nuvelle was going to take responsibility for reducing him to such a state and for taking his virginity!

Pettiness melted away, just for a moment, when he pulled away to take her all in. The delicate but generous curves of her bust looked like it was barely contained in her brassiere, the way her waist and hips had deep pink indents from her clothing that were probably bound a little too tight and her legs looked all the longer and shapelier thanks to the ankle boots she still wore. He swallowed before diving in to capture her lips once more.

The scent of flowers—particularly lilies and lavender—clung to her skin and wafted into his senses as he kissed her. The taste of that cursed rose petal tea was still fresh on his lips and hers, though, her mouth was sweeter. Whether it was from the tarts and petit fours that accompanied the tea or perhaps she drank her tea with just a bit more sugar than him, it didn’t matter, it was all intoxicating to him and he craved more. His tongue prodded at her lips and she let him enter.

Her hands rested on his shoulders. Her finely manicured nails threatened to dig into them through his blazer. Clumsily, she tried to unlace his shirt before more or less tearing his coat and then shirt off of him the best she could manage during the kiss. Reluctantly, Lorenz pulled away to help her strip him down to his undergarments before leading her to his meticulously made bed.

“You are such a...” she breathed in between pants.

“Magnificent kisser?” he teased before pinning her down to his mattress as he parted her legs. The both of them were still in their undergarments but he figured it’d be best to prepare for the inevitable. “Attentive lover?”

“No... a...a boor—a barbarian even. A clumsy oaf if I’m to be generous.” Despite the iciness of her words, it was impossible to ignore how shaky her voice was. “You... your kissing is hardly... not... not enjoyable, however.”

Lorenz scoffed. Gently, he pulled her onto his lap, trembling all the while as he fought against that screaming instinct and pettiness to just rail into the poor woman. That pettiness was now telling him to show her that he was more than a boorish savage or a clumsy oaf. He was going to make her beg for him even if it drove him insane. His hands splayed across her back as he pulled her close. Her breasts squished against his slight chest as his lips brushed against her pulse. She shivered against him. Then, he attacked.

A flurry of kisses was unleashed on her neck. Soft butterfly ones at first before almost rough and wet ones that lasted a little too long for either of their liking took over. Then, he suckled along her shoulder and collarbone to decorate her skin in tiny red marks, ones that’d deepen into dark purple—almost black—spots. His hands reached up to her brassiere and blindly began to unlace it the best that he could. Only the memories of watching his mother and her ladies-in-waiting could guide him.

Out of frustration, either from her own impatience or from his supposed buffoonery, Constance pushed him onto his back. He winched as his head barely missed the footboard.

“I-I will be taking control from now on, thank you very much. You cannot even figure out how to undo my undergarments. How can I expect you to satisfy me, Lorenz? Now be a good boy and stay still!”

He gritted his teeth and held his tongue. He really did not have a response to that. His cock strained against his own underwear. The bulge twitched and throbbed under Constance’s still-clothed sex. So close and yet so far.

“Now behold!” she called out. Her brassiere was then thrown onto his face which he scrambled to throw onto the ground. “Are you in awe of my beauty? Has your breath been stolen away? Am I captivating, spellbinding, and beautiful!?”

“Yes, yes, yes. Of course, you are. I’ve thought so since Professor Byleth introduced you and the rest of your house to the Golden Deer,” he babbled as he drank in the sight. Her body was magnificent and she hadn’t even stripped down completely. The presence of her body glowing from what little light managed to peek through the clouds outside his window made his heart race. Though, that may have been the tea talking. “Now let me ravish you.”

She stirred at his words only to push down on his chest as she rose her hips to pull down her underwear. “I... I believe we’ve waited long enough. The tea... has also had an effect on me also and I wish to go back to my studies as soon as possible.”

“Y-yes, that... that sounds acceptable.”

He reached between them and pulled his own underwear down just enough to reveal his cock. She too reached between them. An elegant hand wrapped around the base of his manhood and lined it up with her surprisingly slick slit. Swallowing, Constance straightened herself, basking and glowing in the indirect light from his window off to the side, and sank down.

She felt as incredible as she looked. So soft, so wet, and so tight. He couldn’t replicate this feeling if he had tried. The second he got a taste of what sex was like, the more Lorenz craved it. It would be a hard sell to go back to masturbating once in a blue moon after this. It was simply intoxicating. She hadn’t even moved yet and she effectively stole his breath away. The frustration he felt swam inside his chest but his body was unable to let him take control, lest he lose this feeling.

“I-impressive, n-not only... a-are you a... more than... impressive size.... y-you haven’t climaxed within seconds of sampling my delights—”

“Oh please! You feel incredible but surely you jest? There is no conceivable way that... that you nor anyone else has... ever... reached their peak that quickly before or in the future.”

“Hah! You would be surprised. Now, s-s-silence! L-let me enjoy this...” she panted.

Once more, Lorenz held his tongue. Anger flashed inside him once more but his body forced him to stay still... aside from reaching up to grab onto her waist. She rose off him only to drop her hips once again. Rinse and repeat. The friction was utterly delicious. He’d crave this for years. A small, secret part of him prayed for his future wife’s body to be able to withstand his newfound lust. Every two or three bounces, he thrust into her, reaching her deepest spots, and making her cry out. Her walls clenched around him as her arousal seeped onto his pelvis. The scent of sex was heavy in the air.

From nerve ending to nerve ending, pleasure zapped its way through Lorenz’s body. He felt like he was flying and crashing all at once. Whether it was because of the aphrodisiac or Constance just feeling that good or everything all at once for his very first time was a mystery. He just knew he felt pleasure. Unbelievable pleasure. With the girlish moans that filled his dorm room, he could only assume that his paramour at the moment felt the same way as he did. Each moment that passed, the tighter and more frequent her squeezes became. Her voice grew higher and higher as his thrusts grew wilder. Each thrust and bounce sent ripples throughout her curvaceous frame and made his need for her grow more and more intense.

It grew to be so much that he couldn’t hold on any longer. “C-Constance! I-I’m going to—”

“Don’t you dare!”

Curses fell from his lips as he lilted his head back and yanked her as close as possible to him. He completely bottomed out inside of her. The tip of his leaking cock kissed her womb, surely fertile and hungry for his seed, as his balls tightened under her ass. His nails dug into her wide hips as a strangled cry escaped her. His cock jumped and throbbed inside her wet cunt as the first shot of semen painted her womb white. She squealed as the twitching sensation inside her was enough to push her over the peak. She writhed on top of him as her body seemed to try to milk him completely dry.

Eventually, his orgasm ended but his cock didn’t soften. It stayed hard while Constance continued to whine and squirm on top of him.

“Apologies, my dear Constance, but...” he panted before throwing her onto his back and beginning to pound into her overly sensitive body. “This isn’t enough!”

Her cries bounced off the walls and down the hall. There was no way that others in the building couldn’t hear them even through the thick stone walls. The creaking of his bed frame and the sloshing of her juices between them only added to the debauchery. His body felt hot. It burned as his hands did every time he used a fire spell.

There was no relief.

Only a wanting for more and more and more.

The poor girl came again and pulled him into an orgasm yet again. Of course, the tea did not wear off with just two measly orgasms. Even if they were the best the duo had ever felt. That would have been too easy. Whatever rational part of Lorenz’s mind was left worried that his future wife wouldn’t be able to compare to this afternoon.

He pulled out of her, panting heavily, as his mind raced. Sweat rolled down his brow and caused his aubergine hair to cling to him like a second skin. Constance groaned as she flipped onto her stomach. Her flaxen curls were matted and messy but it mattered little to him. He pushed her legs apart as her hips rose and swayed side to side in a way that he couldn’t ignore. He hilted inside of her and began to fuck her into the thin dormitory pillows. They moved onto his desk. Her legs wrapped around his thin waist as their moans were muffled by each other’s hungry mouths. Their chests were flush against each other as he gripped onto one of her thighs and the other held onto one of the shelves above his desk. The piece of furniture rattled and knocked noisily against stone as his books and flower vase knocked themselves over. He didn’t care. There was no possible way for him to care.

Not now anyway.

It was all future Lorenz’s problem.

More. More. More.

Once again, they moved to another part of Lorenz’s room. From the desk to the wall in front of the window. The sun began to peek in through the thick, dark clouds as Constance’s head hung low and ragged breaths fell from her gaping mouth. Her hands slid against the stone as she tried to find purchase. Her hips drove themselves back against Lorenz who continued to rail into her as if she were nothing but a lowly commoner. It was something that he would have to apologize for profusely once the magic was out of their system. The clouds finally dispersed and sunlight poured in through the dusty window. Its warm rays hit both of their bodies, bathing them in an almost holy light as their pale skin seemed to reflect it.

Constance sobbed as disparaging words fell from her lips. Lorenz stopped his thrusts to hear her better, sensing something was off.

“Please. Use my lewd body as you see fit. I am not suited for anything but this, I am no better than a common whore—no, even prostitutes have more worth than a wretch as I...” she babbled.

“Constance, please, I... I can assure you... Th-that is not the case! Y-you’re so wonderful...” he panted. “I-I’m not sure where this... where this is coming from but... I-I will... Goddess, I... I could fall for you right now! I’ll make you my wife! W-we can find a way to rebuild House Nuvelle together or my name... my name is not Lorenz Hellman Gloucester!”

He leaned over to press a kiss to her shoulder blade before she turned to look at him. Her eyes, now sad and dark with depression, still seemed to sparkle even now. Gently, he took her chin and kissed her sweetly. “Please, w-would you rather head back to the bed and... I-I can make love to you properly?”

“That... is more than I deserve... But that sounds—!” Before she could even answer him properly, Lorenz pulled out—and tried not to shudder at the sight of how filthy wet both of their sexes were—and scooped her off her feet. He trembled as he tried to stay upright and carried her to the bed. She was out of the direct sunlight but she still shone as brilliantly as the sun and the rainbows in her tea.

He wasn’t sure how he was going to help save her house but he would be sure to give her his word and do everything in his power to do so...

After the tea got out of their system, that is.