Author's Notes: im not the biggest fan of dorothea but i LOVE her relationship with manuela so much!!! written for manuela's birthday a while back.

The penultimate show of their tour across Fodlan had ended. It didn’t matter how many times they had performed together since their time in Garreg Mach nor did it matter how many times she had seen the Divine Songstress in her prime. Manuela was just as beautiful in the sparkling lights of the stage and Dorothea could not tear her eyes away from her.

The troupe spared no expense for the after-party, as it was also meant to celebrate Manuela’s birthday. Her cup was never empty. Sparkling wine was poured freely and cheap ale soon followed once everything else had run out. As much fun as the couple had, they could not wait to have time alone together.

Both women swayed as they staggered their way up to their room. Their arms slinked around each other’s waists as if they were taking turns supporting each other. Drunken laughter echoed off the walls and petals from an almost gaudy gift bouquet fell onto the floor. Eventually, they made it. To anyone watching, they might have considered it to be a miracle they made it to their room at all. As Manuela struggled to open the door, she threw her head over her shoulder. Her eyes were half-lidded and her gaze was hot, needy, and sultry… Though it was possible that Dorothea was projecting. Even as she let out a light laugh, her hazel eyes had a mischievous glint.

Dorothea lunged for her. Her hands gripped onto her lover’s shoulders, gently spinning her around before pinning her to the door. Clumsily, she crashed her lips against the other. It was messy and almost painful. Neither of them cared. At least, Dorothea didn’t care. Maybe it wasn’t the sort of whirlwind fairy tale kisses that the two of them acted out on stage but it was real. The gaudy bouquet fell to the floor as Manuela threw her arms around Dorothea’s shoulders and deepened the kiss.

The two women tried to move onto the bed without pulling away.

Easier said than done. With a sigh, Dorothea pulled herself out of Manuela’s embrace, but not before leaning in to steal another kiss. It was impossible to hold back the girlish laughter as they stumbled toward the bed. The older woman slid the heavy stole off her shoulders and let it hit the floor. Before she could try to pull off her dress, she was thrown onto the bed.

Manuela’s lips were claimed once more as she sank into the plush mattress. It was hard to fight back a smirk of her own as she felt her lover, Dorothea’s, lips curl into a smile. Playfully, she nipped at the younger woman’s bottom lip. The sounds of luxurious fabrics rustling, soft yet heavy breathing, and their hearts beating filled the little space between the two divas. Dorothea pressed herself against her, her thighs snugly pressing against the sides of Manuela’s.

Her hands trailed along Manuela’s curves. The pads of her fingers sent waves of heat along the elder woman’s body with goosebumps soon following after. Eventually, Dorothea made it to her shoulders and plucked the straining straps of her dress to the sides. The dress wouldn’t go anywhere. Not while they were this close to each other.

Dorothea longed to touch her lover directly but was unwilling to pull away even for a second. The taste of alcohol was overwhelming. If she was sober, kissing Manuela right now may have given her a buzz. She didn’t mind though. Little things like that never bothered her. She loved her mentor and didn’t want to change a thing about her. Plus, it was hard for her to care.

It was hard for her to care about anything but the sensation of Manuela’s pillowy lips against her own. The way her warmth seeped into Dorothea’s soul and nestled into every nook and cranny, made her feel whole. Complete. Safe and secure. The soft give of Manuela’s flesh under her fingertips was also something that Dorothea enjoyed.

Everything about Manuela, Dorothea loved.

Eventually, Manuela pushed Dorothea away from her.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh, it’s nothing, Dearest,” Manuela said breathlessly. A smile spread itself across her lips as she reached for her younger lover’s face. She cradled it as the other hand slid along and around her neck. Her fingers tugged the fasteners and straps open. Dorothea huffed as her dress hung limply off her body. Faint reddish-pink indents where the straps dug into her flesh could be seen—and definitely felt if Manuela were to trace along the lines and shapes—even in the low light of their room. “I just wanted to see you.”

“Then it’s only fair if I get to see you, Darling.”

“I suppose so,” she chuckled.

The two women pulled themselves away from each other… just enough for Dorothea to sit up on Manuela’s lap as she sat up. Now that she was sitting upright, Manuela’s dress began to slip off her form but still hid what Dorothea wanted.

A gasp escaped the woman as Dorothea tugged down the emerald satin just enough for her generous breasts to spill out. Before she could even try to tease her for her eagerness, Dorothea dove forward. Hungrily, her lips attacked Manuela’s neck and collar. If her lipstick hadn’t been ruined by messy kisses and drink earlier, it would have smeared across her mentor’s flushed skin. For now, all she could do was decorate it with small hickeys that’d be a pain to cover up for their next show.

That was a problem for future Manuela to deal with.

Manuela shivered under her touch. Her hips rolled under Dorothea’s weight. More goosebumps rose under her skin as shuddering breaths fell from her lips with each kiss and suck Dorothea gave her. Hands sank into her breasts. Gentle yet greedy. That was how she could describe her lover’s touch. Fingertips danced around her curves as palms pushed against her now stiff nipples. Finally, finally, she felt her lover slide downward. A soft sigh escaped her as she flopped back onto her back. Her back arched against the mattress as Dorothea’s shaky breath ghosted across her heated skin.

Her tongue rolled across Manuela’s breast, circling and lapping against her stiff nipple before she finally wrapped her lips around it. The other hand massaged the other breast almost absentmindedly. It was obvious what she was focused on. Occasionally, she’d flick or tug on the other nipple whenever she felt Manuela was getting too comfortable. Her teeth dragged across the stiff bud.

“Goddess, you’re being rough, Dorothea,” Manuela laughed airily.

“Oh please,” Dorothea said with a roll of her eyes. “It’s hardly the first time. I believe I remember you begging for… harsher treatment only a few days ago?” As if she were punctuating her sentence, Dorothea pinched Manuela’s nipple and gave it a soft twist. A hiss slipped past Manuela’s lips. Once again, she felt her lover’s hips buck and roll under hers. “Do tell me when I am too rough, however… The last thing I want to do is harm you… especially on your birthday of all days.”

“I was simply teasing, my beloved. Please… keep it up.”

“I mean it, Manuela.”

“Yes, yes, I know and will keep that in mind… Now, enough of that! I want you to get back to work,” she said as she yanked the younger girl down. Her fingers threaded through Dorothea’s auburn waves before pushing her lips towards her heavy breasts.

Muffled by her lover’s flesh, Dorothea laughed before once more latching onto her nipple. In between sucks, she’d either swirl her tongue across the stiff flesh or once again drag her teeth across it.

Soft, hushed curses fell from Manuela’s lips as shivers wracked her body. Her body writhed under Dorothea. Her toes curled with every nip. Her other hand pushed her hair from Dorothea’s face. The sight of her intense green eyes staring up at her sent a jolt straight to her core. She swore she could see her smirk. Manuela’s eyelids fluttered before screwing themselves shut. Heat swirled inside of her before settling into her core.

With a loud ‘pop’ that seemed to echo in the room, Dorothea pulled away. Thin strings of saliva trailed from her lips to Manuela’s breast before snapping. She wiped her lips with the back of her hand as she stared at her handiwork. Deep red—ones that’d deepen to a dark purple over time—marks trailed along Manuela’s neck and collar bone. In the faint light, she could see Manuela’s damp skin twinkle with sweat and saliva with each deep breath. Though, the sight of her laying there, utterly breathless and stained pink with arousal… that was the best part for her.

Reluctantly, she rose herself off of the other and stripped. Wine red satin and her sleek black under-dress were tossed off the bed. Her hands, shaky with arousal and excitement, tore at her lover’s gown and yanked it down her wide hips.

“Goddess, you know Millie won’t like having to repair another gown because someone got too handsy,” Manuela teased.

“She gets paid for it, she shouldn’t complain… too much.” The two shared a giggle as Dorothea slid Manuela’s panties off her hips and up her legs. “Now, is there something that the birthday girl…”

“Please, we don’t need to pretend I’m that young.”

With a roll of her eyes, Dorothea sighed dramatically. “...The woman of the hour… like this evening?”

“You spoil me, Dearest… but, let’s…” Manuela said as she sat up. Her thigh rested on top of Dorothea’s hip as the other leg tried to slip under the other woman.

Dorothea blinked. Then it clicked.

“Ah, if that’s what you wish…” she murmured as she got into the position. The young woman huffed when she realized she was still wearing her undergarments. Awkwardly, she managed to pull them off with no help from Manuela. Her hands grabbed onto Manuela’s thigh and pulled her leg up to rest against her chest as she angled her hips against the other’s. A jolt of pleasure ran through her body as her skin met Manuela’s.

Delicious friction. It wasn’t enough. Would it ever be enough?

She huffed as she slid forward, pushing her lover’s leg toward her own chest as she started to buck her hips. Both women were incredibly wet. Slick arousal seeped into the plush bedding under them as their hips ground against each other.

Or rather, Dorothea ground against Manuela. She always preferred to take control when the two of them made love. Manuela never complained.

Moans filled the air between them as they rocked against one another. The friction and pressure—even through their lips and pubic hair— was still more than enough to make the older woman’s voice jump an octave. Dorothea wondered if she could make her lover hit that note with enough effort. It was an exhausting yet thrilling night. One that she hoped to make a reality another day. A day when alcohol wasn’t buzzing through her senses and burning through her. If she was any more aroused, she might have worried about the room catching ablaze.

Manuela groaned before throwing her hips against Dorothea. Her lips parted from the pressure. A high-pitched keen escaped her. Pleasure coursed through her veins and nerves. Her clit brushed against Dorothea’s slit. Her hips rolled in clumsy circles as her body begged for more and more.

Dorothea whined. She hadn’t expected her lover to suddenly pick things up. Her breasts bounced as she swiped her pussy against Manuela’s. The friction of her thick hair against her flesh was a sensation that she had to get used to during their first time but she loved it all the same.

Desperation burned inside both women as they bucked against each other. Pleasure crackled and zapped through their nerves with each bump and grind. Their moans, the slick sounds of their cunts against each other, and the creaking of the inn mattress created a lewd symphony that’d probably lead to complaints in the morning. Neither of them cared.

The only thing on their minds was hitting that peak and making the other unravel and melt against the other.

“G-goddess, Dorothea, I-I...!” Manuela breathed. Her shaky voice caught in her throat and was nearly swallowed up by the heavy pants that fell from her mouth. The muscles in her thighs and core ached and burned. She couldn’t stop now. She wouldn’t stop now. She definitely knew that Dorothea wasn’t going to stop. Her walls twitched around nothing, aching for something to be inside her, as her body grew hotter and hotter. Her toes curled as her back arched against the mattress once again. A near scream tore itself from her throat as her clit bumped against Dorothea’s. Her eyelids fluttered as they desperately tried to do that again.

More, more, more. Just a little more.

Those words rang in their minds like the bells at Garreg Mach as they chased their orgasm.

With one final buck and jerk, Dorothea came first. Her body quaked above Manuela as a swell of juices dripped onto her already wet cunt. She sank her teeth into her bottom lip as pure utter sensation wracked her body. Her head threw itself back as a strangled whine tried to slip past her lips. Whether it was pride keeping her upright—she couldn’t be the only one to cum, especially this hard—or her trying to draw out her orgasm, she continued to wriggle and buck against Manuela.

Thankfully, it didn’t take her too long to cum. Manuela cried out as her own orgasm tore through her body. The world around them grew white as pure relief and white-hot pleasure washed over her. Her walls clenched as she twitched uselessly under the other.

With a huff, Dorothea wrangled herself out of Manuela’s legs and flopped beside her. A lazy smile spread across her lips as she watched the other come back to earth. Still panting, she shuffled towards the other. Her hand shook as she brushed a few damp strands of hair out of Manuela’s face. She leaned in and pressed a kiss against her forehead, her nose, and then her lips.

“Happy birthday.”