Tweetfic 1 - Yunaka/Vander NTR

Author's Notes: this is ooc as fuck but i wanted my two faves to bang

It was wrong to lie and she knew she had to get that habit of hers under control. But, ever since she caught the sight of Vander and Alear together... she knew she had to try sleeping with him. At least once! Once duties were done and they were alone, Yunaka told him that Alear had a strange request for him.

"This can't be right," he muttered to himself as Yunaka climbed on top of him. Her wet cunt glided across his slowly stiffening cock. "I... don't know why the Divine Dragon would..."

"I mean, you can always leave... and go ask her yourself and tell her you didn't believe in it," she breathed. Finally, she lined up Vander's huge cock with her oh-so-willing pussy. "That you didn't believe in her."

Panicked, the old man gripped her hips and yanked her down, impaling Yunaka onto his prick.