Oh No, Sir


After Chrom's marriage to Olivia, Sumia was left feeling a little listless. She knew her feelings were to never be acted upon. She just couldn't do that to Cordelia after all. Still, she couldn't help but fall for the prince. Perhaps that played a part in why she retired and left to raise pegasi on the plains. It was a quiet life. A peaceful one. It should have been everything she wanted. As her fellow farmhands tended to her other pegasi, Sumia stayed with hers. Her hands stroked its side as she made her way to its face. She nuzzled its cheek with strong affection. Affection for it and for Chrom. It fluttered its wings and whinnied in delight.

She giggled. "You'll always be here for me, right?" she asked.

Her hands ran through its mane before she went back to its side and stroked. The curves and dips of its strong and powerful muscles were always a sight to behold and admire. A guilty heat swirled inside her stomach as memories of Chrom drifted into her mind. Her heart throbbed painfully. The pegasus pawed at the ground, its hoof kicking up dirt that flicked onto Sumia's dress. She huffed. She bent down to swipe some of the flecks of dirt away. Then, she looked up and was face to face with its unsheathed cock. Panic pulsed through her veins at the sight. Embarrassment burned inside her body as her farm hands continued to tend to the rest of the herd. Hunger panged inside her chest as that earlier heat pooled and pooled inside of her before settling into her core. She had never thought about her pegasus, no, animals like this before.

Was Chrom big?

No, she couldn't.

And yet, her hand reached for its cock. Still flaccid and yet so heavy. It hung in the now muggy air of the pasture and throbbed in her grip. As much of a grip as her small hands could get around the thick shaft. The heady scent of the equine's musk hit her like a fire spell. Shameful arousal trickled down Sumia's quaking thighs under her dress. She swallowed. Disgusting curiosity spun in her mind and took over her body. Now, she was fully on her knees and crawling under the beast who huffed and kicked at the ground. Dirt got all over her dress but she didn't care anymore. The scent of the horse's heavy cock and balls was even stronger here. It was disgustingly strong and yet she couldn't get enough of it. Both hands reached up to stroke her pegasus' cock as she stared at its flaring tip. A large pearl of pre formed at the tip. It looked delicious. Unable to take it, Sumia leaned in and licked it.

"S-Sumia?!" a voice called out from above. Pure unadulterated panic shocked the former Shepard's system but she couldn't stop. Her tongue rolled across the flared tip and into every little groove and ridge.

"What are you doing?!" another voice cried out.

"J-just... cleaning," she squeaked. Her voice was brittle and shaky. It was as if she was going to break into a million tiny pieces at that moment. But she couldn't stop. Equine precum stained her tongue and gushed onto her face as she continued to stroke and lick at its throbbing shaft. A loud, happy neigh echoed across the pasture as if it was carried by the wind itself. Sumia was disgusting. Maybe it was for the best that Chrom didn't marry such a depraved creature like her. She might have done something like this even sooner! Still, she imagined Chrom watching her as she slobbered all over her mount's cock. Her lips dragged across the head and shaft as her hands worked the rest of it. The stares of her fellow pegasus handlers were heavy. Awe and disgust washed across their faces as she 'cleaned' the equine's spotted penis.

"Get its balls too, Sumia," a handler said. "Those need to be polished too."

"Yeah and don't forget the other stallions too."

"Do you think she'd 'clean' the mares too?"

"What about their assholes?"

"She's being so thorough, I bet she would."

Blood buzzed in Sumia's ears as she listened to her handlers. Still, she listened to the first handler's 'advice' and moved further back. Full, heavy, and spotted pegasus balls greeted the former knight's senses. The scent was so strong that she could taste it. It was intoxicating. Juices gushed from her virgin cunt and into her underwear at the scent alone. Saliva dripped from her eager mouth as she leaned in closer. The beast's pheromones were intense. She didn't know if she could do it... and yet, she buried her face in the pegasus' balls and let its mighty musk fill her lungs. A shudder wracked her body. Soon, she was slobbering across pegasus balls like she was its cock. It whinnied and kicked the ground once again. Its wings flapped in the air as it bucked forward and buried Sumia's face even deeper into its heavy testicles. They thwapped against her face but she didn't care. She just knew she needed more of it. Noisily, she sucked and worshipped her new lover's sack as thoughts of Chrom left her mind. Without warning, the equine neighed once again as its balls churned in Sumia's grasp. Cum shot from its mighty cock. The shaft seemed to ripple in the air as its heavy cum splattered onto the ground.

"You missed a spot, Sumia," one of the handlers called out. He reached for her under the beast and threw her to the ground. Her face landed in the cum puddle and forced a heavy laugh from the rest of the farm hands. Shame burned inside of her... and yet she tried to lick up whatever she could of the wasted cum. "Now you gotta tend to the rest of the stable."

Sumia gulped.