Tweetfic 5 - Marth/F!Alear

Author's Notes: love this pairing so much ;;

Alear was hardly experienced. She was the first to admit to that. Still, she couldn't help but wonder if sex was supposed to be like this. Maybe it'd be different if they were someone else. She didn't want anyone else. She never would. Marth was the only one she'd ever need. Still, the sensation of Marth inside her was different. Strange. They couldn't touch. Not in the physical sense. It felt like a force, one that she couldn't explain, like a static shock when his ethereal hand brushed against his. His fingers sank into her chest and phased through her chest. It tickled her senses and lit her nerves on fire. Pure adoration pulsed through her body as Marth leaned in for a kiss. Their lips barely brushed against each other, but it was more than enough for her.

Then, their hips met together. His cock pushed past her petals and into her depths. The two shared a gasp as pure sensation wracked their forms. Alear shuddered as she cradled his face. Her fingers stroked his cheek. Static crackled through her digits once again. A smile spread itself across his oh-so-kissable lips before they met once again.

The way that Marth and Alear made love was unconventional. That was for sure. But she wouldn't have it any other way.