Tweetfic 7 - Linhardt x Anon (and Dog)


Linhardt liked to sleep. Everyone knew that. They also knew he didn't want to be disturbed. The only people who seemed to be 'allowed' to do so were the teachers. That didn't stop others, however.

"Oh, can't you just do whatever you want while I nap?" he said one afternoon, not realizing the ramifications of what he said.

The damage was done, however. As he napped in the courtyard, a noble dragged his cock across the sleeping boy's face. Pre flicked itself across his closed eyelids and feathery eyelashes. A groan slipped past Linhardt's pretty lips and gave him an idea. He lined his cock up with Linhardt's mouth and pushed inside. Teeth kept him from getting deep inside but he didn't mind. His cock bulged inside Linhardt's cheek. Precum mingled with the saliva that pooled inside his mouth and threatened to overflow. Greedily, the noble bucked his hips against Linhardt's face.

Soon, he came.

Cum splattered across Linhardt's teeth and trickled into his throat. Satisfied, the noble pulled out and tucked himself in. Before he could put the mage in a more comfortable position, one of the strays padded toward them. A wicked idea brewed inside his mind as Linhardt blissfully continued to sleep. The scholar was pushed onto his stomach and his pants were pulled down to his knees as the dog sniffed around him. Somehow, this was enough to get the dog to mount Linhardt, who had no idea what was in store for him...