Tweetfic 3 - Ivy/Diamant

Author's Notes: i need 2 finish engage i barely know ivy but all my friends love her

Diamant was powerful. Everything about him seemed to reek of it. His body, his weaponry, his skill in battle... and his musk. Even though the sweet scent of the orchard, it tried to dominate Ivy. Though, she was not about to submit. His pleasure rested in her hands, after all. Elegant hands wrapped around his thick shaft as her lips stretched around his tip. Smooth motions from the very base to just below the head were given to him. Slowly, her tongue rolled across his heated flesh. The taste of hard work and masculinity invaded her senses. How crude. And yet, she loved it all the same. Pre leaked onto her swirling tongue as she stroked him off.

Diamant grunted above her, clearly trying to hold back any noises. His hands clenched into tight fists as Ivy sank further down his cock. His muscles strained to keep himself still for her sake. Eagerly, Ivy swallowed his cock down. Almost down to the base. Her throat bulged obscenely as tears pricked at her magenta eyes. Mascara threatened to roll down her cheeks. The sight finally made him break. His hips bucked against her face before he came. Cum flooded Ivy's mouth. Some spurted from her nose as she tried her best to swallow every bit. Eventually, he came down from his high. Slowly, ever so slowly, she pulled away. Strings of saliva hung in the air before snapping between them.

"I trust that this was satisfactory?" she asked.