Tweetfic 6 - Byleth/Children


As the gulls cried and circled above them, Byleth let the group of children surround her. They had been following her and Rhea around the beach all afternoon. She had a vague idea of what they could've wanted but decided to let them approach her. Rhea had gone back to the resort, so now it was just Byleth. Snickering, a girl in the group asked if she'd show them her breasts. With zero hesitation, Byleth yanked down her bikini top. With a heavy bounce, her breasts rolled out of the black fabric and were out in the summer air. The kids gasped and dove towards her. Greedy hands sank into her fat tits and plucked at her already stiff nipples. She watched with blank eyes as the girl from earlier pulled down her bottoms as well. Small, deft fingers slipped between her slowly slickening folds before pushing inside her now twitching cunt.

"Hey, Lady, help us out too!"

She nodded and got onto the ground. The brats immediately surrounded her. Cocks shoved themselves into her hands, her cunt, and between and under her heaving tits. The girl huffed before planting her bare ass against her waiting lips. Byleth worked her tongue against the underaged pussy until the little girl was a spasming mess. The boys she came with followed soon after. Both milky and clear cum splattered across her skin and left her completely sticky. As the little girl lifted herself off her face, she gave a wave goodbye as Byleth simply lay there and watched the sea gulls drift in the now orange sky.