Smooth Like Cheesecake, Porcelain Skin, For Heaven's Sake

Summary: Mordred has a complicated relationship with their father, Artoria, that affects their relationship with every other version of her. After a rayshift accident leaves them, their Master and a handful of other servants that includes an older version of their father on an abandoned island, Mordred is burdened with complicated feelings.
Anyway, they jerk off in the hot spring the team built and Artoria catches them and sits on their face.

Author's Notes: written in like... 2019~2020 as a commission for a friend of mine who gave me permission to post this! thank you so much dude! i think my writing style has gotten a lil more refined since then but i still liked this when i found it again the other day. my friend loves fat asses, even more than i love fat marshmallow titties, so i hope i drove that point home here.
title inspo

Mordred’s relationship with their father was… complicated. Still, part of them wanted to have a relationship that wasn’t antagonistic. Though, they knew they were the reason why things ended the way they did. The version of their father they were most familiar with was usually summoned as a Saber. The version that was here on the island with them, Master and the others, wielded a holy lance. Still, Mordred wasn’t about to ignore her because of that. She was still her father, a person they desperately wanted to connect with. Maybe being stranded here could be that chance. This Artoria was older. Gone were the slim, subtle curves and eternal youth Mordred and her other ‘subjects’ were familiar with.

There was no other way to put it.

This Artoria was stacked and it was distracting enough back at Chaldea, but seeing her in nothing but a swimsuit since they’ve arrived…

A sigh left Mordred’s lips as they sank further into the freshly built hot spring. ‘Why does it matter?’ They thought as memories of this version of their father drifted into their mind. This Artoria. ‘It’s not like what she normally wears isn’t skimpy as hell.

They snorted at that. The small smile on their lips faded as they thought about it a little more. Maybe it was a little unfair. Artoria wore more at Chaldea than she did right now—it was that Alter version that they thought of first. Her large breasts were just on ‘better’ display. However, the high-cut one-piece she wore right now did nothing to hide her lower half.

Wide, curvaceous hips. Thick, soft thighs that jiggled with each confident step. A large, round ass that the sheer lacy saran that did little to hide her soft but powerful body.

Mordred swallowed. Their cock twitched with life in the hot water. A voice in the back of their mind told them to go take care of themselves and to do it somewhere else. The same voice that joked about Artoria’s choice in armor soon chimed in.

Tamamo and Master got pretty gross in here the other day. It’s fine.

They just hoped they wouldn’t be half as loud as that fox if they did. It'd make sleeping even awkwarder. They had to share a bed with their other father, after all. ‘Get it over with,’ they thought with a groan. Maybe if they 'spent' themself, they wouldn’t have to struggle to fall asleep while being pressed up against their thick body.

Swallowing, Mordred sank further into the water. Steam clouded their vision as the water rose to just below their eyes. Their green eyes fluttered closed. Their hand traveled across their body, firm and sculpted from constant training, as images of Artoria formed in their mind. They exhaled. Bubbles rose to the surface of the steamy water. Finally, they grabbed the base of their cock and gently stroked. They weren’t sure what to think about. There was a lot about this Artoria they liked. The thought of her using her fat tits on her cock came to mind and left as fast as it came. Nah, not today.

As much as her outfit back at Chaldea highlighted her breasts, they were something Mordred got an eyeful of every day. That sounded bad. A muffled groan escaped them. They sat up, their hand still gently stroking themselves, so their face was out of the water. The warm tropical air felt cool on their wet, heated skin and instantly refreshed them. Indecent thoughts still plagued their mind, but there was no point in stopping. It’d just frustrate them and make it impossible to sleep later on. Their tongue swiped across their lips. The taste of the hot spring lingered on their palate as they tried to imagine other things.

Mordred’s mind wandered towards Artoria’s new look. The one-piece had a window that put her cleavage on full display, much like her regular attire, but, they never got a look at her ass before. The stupid cape was always in the way.

How good would it feel to grind against her ass? Whether they just rutted against her over her clothes or if she wedged their cock between her cheeks as she ground against their lap…

They gulped. Their cock twitched once again, reminding them to finish what they started. “Alright already,” they muttered to themselves.

Their grip around their cock was tight, not uncomfortably so, and their strokes were quick and hard. The water around them rippled and splashed against their sun-kissed skin. If they were outside the water, the light ‘smacks’ of their hand against their damp pelvis could probably be heard through the still, warm air. Small pants fell from their parted lips and into the water below.

What would Artoria do if she knew about this? She was still their father after all. They didn’t know about her alternate selves at all. Did she have a relationship with her Mordred? Did they know each other at all? Would she mind if they thought about her like this? Would she encourage them like in their fantasies right now?

The flames of white-hot shame licked at their skin but did little to deter them. They swore they didn’t think about their father this way.

What made this Artoria different?

Artoria was undeniably their father. The shimmering golden hair and their green eyes that held that cold, firm gaze that commanded anyone’s attention was proof of that. Did extra curves and a different weapon really change their perception that much?

Whatever, now wasn’t the time for that.

“Get it… g-get it out of your system,” they muttered. Their breath was heavy and hot. It echoed in the quiet air and mingled with the small splashes and waves they caused. They licked their lips once again. The corner of their lips twitched into a smirk as they let their mind wander once again, trying to push that shame further and further into the ground.

After a long day of scrounging for food or materials—whether it was something actually needed or over-the-top like Marieland—maybe Artoria would lay on the beach. She had been a lot more relaxed since they’d gotten here. Something about it being the summer so it’d be okay to take it easy. It was something Mordred honestly agreed with. They’d lay on the beach together, soaking in the sun and maybe the mist from the ocean shore just a few feet away. Everyone would be off doing their own things.

They’d be alone together.

Maybe at that moment, they’d have a father-and-son connection.

Maybe, that wouldn’t be enough for Artoria. She’d want them as much as they wanted her at that moment.

She’d sit up, her thighs spreading across the sand from the pressure, and stare at them as she untied her wrap. Then, she’d roll onto her front and put her fat ass on display. She’d arch her back a bit, pushing her ass into the air as if that wasn’t a big enough hint, and tell them to come over.

Mordred stopped stroking for a minute. Suddenly unsure of what excuse to really come up with before throwing that thought into the wind.

Now, they were more or less sitting on Artoria’s wide hips in their fantasy. Their hands splayed across her back, at first brushing off the grains of sand and then pressing firmly into her muscles. Even if she looked so soft, it was more than obvious she was strong and firm under that layer of chub. It made her all the more appealing. Their cock would throb in their bottoms, the thin layer of red serving as a poor barrier between it and the pale expanse of her ass.

In their fantasy, Artoria’s swimsuit was so high cut that it’s practically a thong. They weren’t sure if that was the case in reality. But, with how fat her ass was, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it ate her swimsuit.

Both thoughts were more than appetizing.

“Fuck…” They breathed, their hips bucking into their hand.

Their strong hands would work out the knots in Artoria’s back. Starting from the shoulders and then further and further down. They’d stop right above her ass, right when it’d begin to curve upward, in case she wanted them to stop. Their cock would twitch and throb, the sight and feeling of it just barely brushing against her crack, ready for the go-ahead. They’d wait.

They wouldn’t have to wait long since Artoria would want this too.

She’d wriggle her wide hips before pressing against them. It’d just be for a moment, but, her ass would press against their dick.

“Come on,” she’d say or something. Once again, Mordred had trouble figuring out how she’d sound in their fantasy but kept rolling with it. She’d laugh before bucking her hips against them again. Then, they’d grab onto her hips as they pushed against her.

That soft but firm pressure against their cock would feel heavenly. Then they’d do it again and again and again. By the time pre would drip from their cock and seep into their bottoms, the both of them would be on their knees. Artoria’s plush hips ground against Mordred’s, her soft pale flesh rippling and jiggling from the impact of their hips. Honestly, Mordred isn’t really sure if she would get anything out of it besides the satisfaction of getting them hard.

They licked their lips again. Their grip on their cock grew tighter and their strokes desperate. The thought of Artoria doing this just for them makes them feel wild. Water continued to ripple and splash around them, their movements strong enough to send drops of water onto their face. Pants fell from their mouth, the taste of sweat and sulfur filling their lungs but they didn’t care. Pressure continued to build and build and build. Their cock throbbed and twitched. If they weren’t underwater, the slickness of their pre smearing across their leaking cock and fingertips could have been felt. Instead, their essence seeped into the warm water. Their body ached for release as they felt a trickle of panic.

They really shouldn’t cum in the water for the sake of others, but they didn’t want to stop. They were unsure if they could stop. Their balls tightened as that familiar pressure continued to assault them. Fuck, they were close.

“Sh-shit,” Mordred muttered as they stood up. Water dripped from their body and crashed onto the wild waves below. Moans escaped them as their shaky legs tried to grow steady. Even now that they were mostly out of the water and their skin, red with arousal and from the warmth, was exposed to the cooler air, they felt all too hot. Their knees wobbled as they turned around, facing the edge of the pool with hazy, half-lidded eyes.

Artoria was on their mind again.

The large woman grinned, pressing her torso flush against the ground as a hand reached back and tried to pull the crotch of her swimsuit out of the way. Mordred would just barely see her peek over her shoulder, but thanks to the angle and expanse of her ass, they couldn't see it. The glint in her green eyes would tell them everything they needed to know.

Go on, Mordred.”

A shuddering gasp forced itself from their lungs. Their legs shook before they collapsed. Cum spurted from their twitching cock. Milky white droplets landed on the stone surrounding the pool and dripped down their slowly softening shaft. Their spent cum clung to their fingers as they lazily stroked their hand across their cock. The tight ring they made with their thumb and index finger pushed their semen upwards and their cock was now clean. Normally, they would have grimaced at the mess. They felt good, too good. The only thing they regretted was their fantasy ended prematurely.

They snickered. “Bein’ a quick shot is okay, I guess once in a while.”

“As long as you’re able to get back up afterward, I suppose it is.”

Mordred’s blood ran cold at the sound of the new voice.

Despite the shakiness of their legs, they dove up from the water once again. Their toned limbs scrambled to find their place as their mind raced to process what was happening. Tanned hands cupped their groin, mostly obscuring their cock from view. They spun on their heel toward the voice.

The sight of Artoria greeted them. Droplets of water fell from her golden curls. The dampness of her hair and the redness of her skin hinted at her taking the rules about hygiene seriously. Even if she was naked, only a short towel barely covering a fraction of her voluptuous body, the bottom couldn’t even begin to hide her stiffening shaft, Mordred still felt immodest in front of the king.

“I-it’s not what you—wait! Th-the hell were you watchin’ me for?” They asked, voice cracking only slightly.

“Please, it’s not as if I did it on purpose. It felt wrong to interrupt you, even if you were… indulging yourself to the thought of me if I heard your muttering correctly.” The woman sighed, keeping her eyes away from Mordred.

Whether it was from her own embarrassment or if she was trying to avoid embarrassing them further, they felt grateful. Still, they wanted nothing more than to leave. This was supposed to be a quick session to get it out of their system. Shame was supposed to come later. Much later. This was too soon, like their orgasm.

An angry huff escaped them. A hand rose to their face to drag across it as if it would wipe off the white-hot shame along with the water and sweat. They shook their hand off in the steamy air. The moisture was gone, gone like their chance of a hopefully normal relationship with this ‘father’ because of… whatever this emotion they felt.

“S-sorry, or whatever,” they muttered as they stepped out of the water. The stone felt both too cold and too hot on the soles of their feet. They stepped towards the exit, which was unfortunately behind the woman. Their heart throbbed as they stepped past her, pausing for a moment as their shoulders almost brushed against one another. “I… promise I won’t do it again.”


They stopped, preparing themselves for what was surely another rejection from another ‘father’.

“...If you are having these feelings towards me, perhaps, I should help you.”


“Maybe it’s because of the heat or the fact it’s summer or simply because I’ve been… pent up due to our sleeping situations that are making me feel this way, but it might be beneficial for us both. I imagine you wouldn’t normally do such a thing while… well, regardless. Will you accept my offer?”

Mordred swallowed. There was no way this was happening. This had to be some weird continuation of their fantasies. They licked their lips. Green eyes flickered from their father’s face. That steely expression still graced her beautiful features but the look in her own green eyes shone genuinely. Even if they couldn’t meet her gaze longer than a second at a time, Mordred couldn’t peel their eyes away from her face. The sparkle in her eyes, the faint quiver in her rosy lips, and the steady rise and fall of her chest.

Mordred licked their lips once more. Heat steadily began to pulse through their veins once again. Their heart throbbed as their gaze dropped further and further down Artoria’s body, something she seemed to notice. They didn’t see the corner of her lips twitching into a slight smirk before she dropped the small, useless towel.

Everything was on display. Nothing was left to the imagination any longer.

The full curves of her thick waist, soft folds and rolls included, and wide hips, the sight of them hinting at her fat ass that constantly escaped their gaze. Artoria looked soft to the touch but it was obvious to everyone how strong her muscles were under her fat. Even if that wasn’t the case, it’d be hard to deny Artoria’s beauty. As hot and beautiful as she was, it wasn’t enough to make Mordred’s cock hard. Right now anyway.

“Uh, wh-what were you thinkin’ about?” Mordred asked. They cursed inwardly at how their voice caught in their throat. If their skin wasn’t already flushed with shame and from the heat of the spring, they would have been as red as their under armor, surely. Their embarrassment subsided as at the very bottom of their vision, the sight of something twitching caught their eye.

“I don’t particularly care at the moment, I just… need release,” she breathed. Her cock was fully hard now and throbbing needily. A bead of pre sat at the tip of her cock. “Preferably not by my own hand. I can’t stand it anymore.”

“Shit, alright,” they muttered. They wouldn’t have another chance like this. ‘Whatever happens on the island, stays on the island,’ or whatever their Master said earlier. If not, they could untangle this mess later. This wasn’t the time to think of that.

Once more, their hand wrapped around their still soft cock. One pump became two or three… and eventually more. It was to the point where it felt like they were standing there for hours trying to bring their dick to full mast. The sound of Artoria huffing impatiently only made it seem worse.

“Obviously, you require my help. Get down on the ground,” she said, voice firm and icy. It was both alike and unlike the tone of voice that their Artoria would use when addressing her subjects. There was heat to this Artoria’s command, unlike the cool distantness that came from their King of Knights.

It made them sink to the ground, their head tilting forward and their green eyes staring at the stone floor. There was a part of Mordred that wanted to rebel out of principle. They swallowed as the hand of their alternate father placed a delicate hand on their shoulder before giving them a shove to the ground.

Whether Artoria was just that strong or she had tapped into that noble authority] that compelled Mordred to obey was a mystery. Regardless, the knight was on their back, their green eyes wide and lips parted in surprise. Their still-soft cock twitched, hinting that it was more than willing to go but needed time.

Artoria huffed, the ghost of a smirk on her lips, as she stared down Mordred. There was a light in her eyes but ultimately, they couldn’t tell what was on her mind.

“Now, what do I do with you?” she asked, crossing her arms in front of her chest as she tilted her head from side to side. Her foot brushed along Mordred’s shoulder. The touch was feather-light yet it was enough to keep Mordred still. So still that they didn’t dare breathe unless their king commanded it. “As selfish as it may sound, I may have to request that you service me. Are you fine with that?”

The words were caught in Mordred’s throat. How or what would Artoria request of them? They lacked the curves she had and that they were hypnotized by—and thank god for that. Would she use their mouth? Ask for their hands to work her shaft? Or perhaps she’d rut between their toned thighs? All these thoughts caused their cock to throb once again.

Finally, Mordred sucked in a shaky breath and nodded, “yeah, I’m alright with that.”

“Good.” Her tone caused a shudder to run up their spine.

She moved above Mordred, her feet placing themselves on the sides of their head. A jolt ran through their body, crackles of electricity pulsing through their veins, at the sight of Artoria’s glorious body in the moonlight. The silvery-blue light caused Artoria’s milky skin to shine and glow in the light and almost made her seem ethereal. They couldn’t see her face from this angle even if they tried, they didn’t mind the view at all if they were being entirely honest. All they could see from this angle was her ass; her thick, glorious ass, the subtle curve of her wide hips and rolls on her soft waist, and her thick thighs.

Artoria laughed softly as she sank downward, her knees were trembling slightly, whether from excitement or unbalance as unlikely as that thought was until her fat ass was just a few inches above Mordred’s face.

“I thought about having you service my… er, member,” she coughed. They imagined she was looking away, her cheeks flush from slight embarrassment despite the small smile on her lips, as she said this. “But, I thought about the constant stares you’ve given me. At first, I thought it was distaste due to… never mind that, however, there was a heat to it. Especially as of late, you’ve been staring at my rear. Did you think you were being subtle, Mordred?”

Before Mordred could even begin to form a possible response despite how tangled their thoughts and feelings were, Artoria dropped her hips down onto their face.

Warmth surrounded them. Whatever little light they had before was gone, it was snuffed out by the overwhelming expanse of Artoria’s ass. Their hands rose to place themselves onto her shapely hips or at least grab an overflowing handful of her ass to confirm what was going on. The slight sting on their palms from how firmly they smacked her now jiggling—of course, it was fat enough to jiggle, God, how they longed to see that—ass was enough to fill in the details as if the heavy weight on their skull wasn’t enough for that.

King Artoria Pendragon was sitting on their face.

Their head spun, whether from lust or surprise or a lack of air or some mix of the three. The faintest scent of the makeshift soap everyone made clung to her skin. God, all they could smell was Artoria; gone was the scent of the sea in the distance or the faux sulfur smell of the hot springs just a few feet away.

They had zero problems with this.

They hadn’t even considered Artoria sitting on their face in their frenzied fantasies about worshipping her ass earlier! The thrilling newness of it all and the fact that they were practically drowning in her ass sent them soaring. They squirmed in delight as they groped and massaged her cheeks. The weight, the heat, the feeling of her on their face and in their hands was so, so, so much.

“I figured that you’d like this. You were so soft earlier and now look at you—” There was laughter again. “—Hard as a rock. I’m glad that you’re enjoying this so much, Mordred, however, I did ask you to service me, didn’t I? Come on.”

Gently, she rocked her hips against Mordred’s face, the pressure forcing her cheeks to push apart and forcing them deeper into the recesses of their ass. It was harder to breathe but they didn’t mind. Was there anyone that would?

Soon, their lips met Artoria’s twitching hole. The soft gasp that slipped past Artoria’s lips went unheard by Mordred, but they did feel her twitch and squirm in their grasp. They squeezed her plump cheeks tighter before pushing their face deeper to kiss her hole. Languidly, they dragged their tongue across her heated flesh before peppering a few kisses around the rim. Their touch was light and hesitant despite the desperation behind each kiss or lick. It was unlike them.

Suddenly, everything was light. Gone was the weight on their face and the darkness surrounding them. They gasped, sucking in the much-needed air.

“You can do better than that. Take a minute to breathe then—”

“Eat it like I own the thing, I get it,” Mordred gasped out.

Their hands stroked Artoria’s ass as they sucked in a few needed breaths. The sight of her jiggling and their fingers sinking into the almost rosy flesh was as beautiful as they imagined. They licked their lips as their cock throbbed needily.

Shakily, they rose to brush their lips across her soft flesh. Sometimes they actually kissed her cheeks. Sometimes they just dragged their lips across her skin. They just needed to be doing something. Their breath was heavy and hot, the small puffs of air would gently bounce back against their sweat-slicked face, reminding them of how close they were.

“I appreciate the thought, but you certainly do not.” Her hips sank down onto Mordred’s face. “Make me eat those words.”

Her weight was fully on Mordred’s face and they were once again almost overwhelmed by the sheer amount of ass Artoria had despite being prepared. However, they entirely welcomed it.

They pressed their tongue flat across Artoria’s flesh. The tip of their tongue teased their taint and the rest laid as flat as it could while being squeezed around her cheeks. Slowly, they dragged upwards, gently grinding against her hole a few times, before reaching as far upward as they could.

They repeated the motion over and over again, each long stripe growing shorter and firmer with every lick. Sometimes, they didn’t even get halfway up before they were practically shoving their face into her fat cheeks. Soon, they were gripping onto her ass for dear life as they lapped at her twitching hole.

Mordred’s tongue swirled and prodded at Artoria, hinting at the possible thought of penetration. It seemed like that’d rile her up the most, considering how she’d twitch and freeze, the only motions she’d make were the small trembles in the thick thighs surrounding their face. Their cock throbbed.

The image of their other father throwing their head back, strands of gold clinging onto her flushed face, as her green eyes rolled back and her rosy lips parted into a pant filled their mind. The semi-muffled sounds of her moans and the subtle grinds of her hips told them they were doing a good job even if they couldn’t see anything for themselves. They didn’t need anything else. The thought and feeling of making their father tremble and moan did wonders for their ego.

Mordred’s own hips bucked in the steamy air. Reluctantly, they let one hand leave Artoria’s hips to reach down and grab their throbbing cock. They gently squeezed the base as their hips humped their hand. It was simple and hardly enough for them, but they didn’t want to lose focus. This was all about Artoria—and drinking their fill of her body, as selfish as a thought and need that was—after all.

“M-more, come on! Look at you… Relieving yourself when you were to be… s-serving me. Gods, I had no idea you could… b-be so… so shameless, Mor—More! More!” Her voice was shaky and almost lost to the shuddering breaths but it was loud and clear to them while lost in the depths of her flesh.

Her movements grew more desperate. Her hips bucked against their face. Sometimes lifting up off of it and giving them a quick break for air only for her to crash downward.

Another kiss, unlike the soft ones they gave earlier, was pressed against Artoria. Hard and firm, Mordred’s lips pushed against her needy hole. Dozens of frenzied kisses landed across and around her rim before they delved forward. Their tongue peeked out of their lips and ran across her rim. The tip teased each tight crease, sliding between them and hinting once again at penetration.

So, so, so badly they wanted to push their tongue into Artoria’s hole.

Whether it was their cock, fingers, or their tongue, they wanted a taste of her tightness around them. If it was the latter and they never got a chance like this again, they could use that detail to paint more details into their guilty fantasies. If this shameful lust lasted until they all made it back to Chaldea, they could imagine the feeling of their hands sinking into her jiggling flesh and her tight pucker around them until they spent their seed across their once pristine sheets.

Needily, they lapped at her once again. Her asshole was slick from their spit and their heavy pants against her skin. All they could hear were their gasps and pants, the slick sounds of their tongue and lips against her skin, and their heartbeat. The soft ‘clap’ of her cheeks against their face or heated moan, whenever she’d lift her hips just enough for them to breath once, would interrupt the all too familiar sounds of their mouth.

Need and sheer want consumed them both with each lewd sound that either they or she made from up above. Her hips grew wilder; dragging her ass across their face so that their tongue wound up teasing her taint once again and their nose barely brushing against her hole. The thought that Artoria was in such a state because of them…

Mordred shivered.

Everything was just so much. This situation was out of control. Artoria was out of control; her thick body that you couldn’t tear your eyes away from, her breathy, shaky moans, her uncomposed movements, and just the sheer amount of ass that seemed to overflow from Mordred’s slim fingers. It was hard to breathe and it was hard to even conceptualize but they didn’t care. The world could have faded away around them at that very moment, just leaving the two of them in that void, and Mordred couldn’t have cared less.

The only things that mattered at that moment were worshipping Artoria’s gloriously fat ass and making her cum.

Artoria lifted her hips once again. Her body shook as she leaned forward. The light ‘clap’ of her hand resting on the pavement could just barely be heard over her girlish gasps and faint slaps of flesh smacking against each other, which confused Mordred.

Was she…?

As Mordred looked up, their thoughts were torn from their mind as they were greeted with the sight of Artoria’s ass once more. Their mind spun as they drank in the sight of the moon on her pale skin and just how much body she had.

The idea of her body being too much for a mortal person made them laugh internally.

The woman continued to tremble and gasp even as Mordred left her untouched. Their shaky hand slid down her hip and along her thigh, feeling her muscles shift and stiffen under her jiggling skin. The light ‘smacks’ continued to fill the air. Finally, it clicked.

Artoria was masturbating and it was because of them. Once more, Mordred’s ego began to swell.

“Did I get you that hot ‘n’ worked up?” They asked only for Artoria to drive her hips back against their face, effectively wiping the smirk off of it.

“If you have enough sense to try mocking me,” she snapped before grinding her hips hard against Mordred’s shocked face. Her ass, taint, and balls dragged across their face with every word that spilled from her lips. “You have enough sense to keep tending to me. Did you forget that you are helping me receive release, Mordred? Go on, the sooner I finish… the sooner you can too.”

There was a distinct shakiness to her voice despite how authoritative it was.

“Do I need to repeat myself?” She asked before wriggling her hips and inevitably causing her cheeks to part once more. “Is it possible that you were the one that got so… er, hot and worked up that you’ve forgotten how to use that mouth?”

Mordred huffed. Heat pulsed through their body as their free hand slinked back to spread Artoria further. Their other hand gripped tighter onto their cock while their hips bucked feverishly into it. Shame licked inside their chest as their father urged them forward, though that shame served as coal to fuel that burning arousal. If it was their other father, any other Artoria, would they react like this? No. They didn’t think so. There was something about this Artoria—whether it was just her appearance or the fact that Mordred was literally shoving their face between her thick ass cheeks—that made them want to obey.

Their lips pressed against Artoria’s hole once more. Hungrily, they peppered a flurry of kisses against it. They couldn’t see in the low light because of her flesh, but, they didn’t need to. The feeling of Artoria’s ass twitching against their lips and wild wide hips grinding against their eager mouth told them all they needed to.

Each kiss grew firmer and firmer. Some were long, lasting several seconds, others were hard but quick as if they were trying to kiss a lover goodbye but every kiss wasn’t enough and they weren’t willing to part just yet.

Their hand gripped tight onto Artoria, her jiggling flesh squeezing between their calloused fingers, as their kisses grew more desperate. Kisses weren’t enough anymore. Their tongue finally peeked out of their lips once again. The taste of Artoria’s clean skin and the heat was on their tongue once more. It swirled and prodded against her hole. Sometimes it’d miss in their desperation and hit the tiny creases and ran between them or hit in the dead center. Other times, it’d flick back and forth and side to side. They gasped, their breath hitting their flushed face once again, before going in for a noisier kiss. Their puckered lips smashed against Artoria’s asshole, their tongue peeking out once more to lap at it once, twice, three times only to suckle around it.

They weren’t sure what they were doing at this point, they just hoped that Artoria liked it.

A high-pitched squeal, completely unbecoming of the King of Knights, forced itself out of the woman. It made Mordred blink before they realized that yes, Artoria liked that. In desperation, whether out of a need to please their king or just chasing their own orgasm guilt-free, they suckled needily on Artoria’s hole.

More high-pitched moans and gasps filled the air. There was no doubt that the rest of the party could hear them at this point. Even when smothered between Artoria’s fat ass cheeks, her voice and sounds of pure delight were loud and clear. Their cock throbbed happily at the realization even if that all too familiar rush of shame came over them.

Really not any better than that damn fox, am I?’ they thought as they sucked. They would’ve laughed, but there were more important things right now. Said thing was literally in front of their face.

In between sucks, they lapped against her. Whenever they weren’t lapping against her, they prodded and swirled their tongue around her hole. Whenever they weren’t teasing her, they were kissing her.

It was a mess and it was completely because of them.

Artoria was slick with Mordred’s saliva. She twitched and moaned louder and louder. The bucks of her hips grew more desperate, whether it was to get more of Mordred’s tongue or just that she was back to stroking her dick and couldn’t hold back anymore. They imagined her hair was mussed up from how much she was thrashing around and her mouth drooling and her skin flushed a deep red.

Everything about this went against that image of a true king that Mordred saw all those years ago as a child… and it was all for them. The only thing they hated about this situation was that they couldn’t see Artoria come undone from this position. But, it was hard to complain when you got an overflowing face full of her fat and heavy ass.

They groaned against Artoria.

Their head spun as the lack of air was getting to them but they didn’t care. They needed to make her cum. They needed to have their king come undone from their mouth.

With a loud ‘pop’, Mordred pulled away, gasping for the air they weren’t getting for a moment. Before Artoria could whine, they pushed their face deeper. Soon, they were flush against her; their nose pressed tight against them as their tongue pushed into her willing hole.

“God, yes!”

Mordred wriggled their tongue inside of Artoria’s hole. She was tight around them despite how easily they slid inside, so they could only get an inch or two for now. They froze for a minute, unsure of what to do besides slide their tongue back and forth. Slow, hesitant but deep movements to start before their thrusts grew shorter but quicker. Even if the motions were shallow, it was more than enough for the trembling king on their face.

The movements grew sloppier; some were hard and deep, others hard and shallow, others slow and shallow. It didn’t matter. It all seemed to coax out girlish moans and heavy shudders.

Their hand squeezed and groped Artoria's ass as they assaulted her hole. Tirelessly, they worked her ass. As if on auto-pilot, Mordred gently smacked her. Her flesh jiggled from the impact, enough for her rippling cheek to 'clap' against their face. White-hot pressure built inside them once more, collecting at the base of their twitching cock.

'No, no, no, not yet,' they thought. There was no way that they could come before their king. Their tongue began to ache from the breakneck pace they set themself at. Regardless, they weakly swirled their tongue inside her, which was easier said than done thanks to how snug Artoria was.

“Are you close? H-how dare... you,” Artoria managed to gasp out. Despite her words, there was a distinct softness to them. Was it because she felt a fondness for them or simply because she was close herself? Mordred did not know and they almost didn't care. “Your cock is throbbing so much. I-I, ah, would think it had its own heart...b-beat. Mmmnnn...! Such a mess. If my own l-leaked as much as yours does, I'd... Ohgods, I'd be ah... ashamed! I suppose it's... it's fine. Such a dutiful... thing... It's almost humbling to experience such... an eager subject that gets so worked up... servicing their... their king!”

Any more words that the woman could have said quickly melted into a messy puddle full of incomprehensible moans. With every breath she managed to suck in, her trembling voice jumped an octave. Soon, they couldn't even hear moaning anymore, her voice was so high and soft. Her body tensed up. They could feel her muscles shifting slightly in their hands before locking up.

Sticky warmth spilled onto Mordred's overheated skin in small droplets.

The realization that Artoria came finally set them off. Their orgasm pulsed through them; hot seed splattering out of their cock and onto their thighs and the ground under them. Their mind spun, whether from their messy orgasm or the fact they've been lodged between Artoria's cheeks for so long didn't matter anymore.

Artoria huffed before ever-so-slowly rising herself off of Mordred's face. Her legs shook as she managed to stand up and turn around. Her ivory skin was painted a deep red, her green eyes half-lidded and a satisfied smirk on her lips, much like the images they imagined while tonguefucking her ass. “Well... well done. For a 'quick shot', you managed to get me to finish first. Your job isn't over yet, clean me—”

“Hey, hey, hey,” Mordred said as they pushed themself off the ground and onto their knees. “Don't need to... keep talkin' to me like that.”

The smirk on Artoria's face softened. “I apologize, I may have said some... cruel things as you, er, tended to me. Thank you, Mordred.”

“'s fine,” Mordred mumbled before shuffling closer to their father, their knees shaking under them. Their hands rested on her wide hips as they brought their mouth towards the base of her cock. Semen dripped down her softening shaft in a thick, runny rivulet that threatened to drip onto the ground. What a waste. “...I'm, uh, only cleaning up 'cause I wanna.”

“Of course, I wouldn't want it any other way.”

Mordred gently ran their overworked tongue across her length and slowly rose to the tip. Saltiness clung to their palate as they lapped across her shaft, licking up any traces of cum they may have missed. Gently, ever-so-gently, they reached her head. They took the tip onto their mouth, rolling and swirling their tongue across it before softly suckling on it. As they sucked on her cock, Artoria cradled their face into her hand and gave them another smile. The tender action sent a jolt to their core. Heat built up around their eyes as they slowly closed them.

Once they were satisfied that Artoria's cock was 'clean', they pulled away. However, Artoria's hand was still on them. Her thumb swiped across their cheek before her hand rose up to run through their blonde locks. “Thank you once again.”

“Don't mention it,” they said as they got up onto their feet. Mordred's eyes stared at the ground as they turned away from her, rubbing their upper arms almost nervously. They still couldn't look at their father, somehow it was easier to when they were barely managing to hold off on jerking off to the thought of her.

“Maybe it's because it's summer, but, I had a thought... Perhaps, until we get off this island,” she began. She took a step towards them, her plush body pressing into their sculpted back. They could hear the shy smile on her lips as she leaned in, her hands trembling a bit as they rested on their shoulders. “We could... continue to spend time together.”

“...Y-yeah, sure.” Mordred swallowed, desperately scrambling to hide how thrilled they were. “I'd like that.”