Author's Notes: AO3 User Trying To Own Me: " You realize Namekians are asexual in reproducing. Why not Goku x Android 18? Or Master Roshi x android 18?
Me, Based: Because this is explicitly referencing one of the Broly movies and I think it is super funny

Piccolo watched as krillin flew out of his house wearing his clothes. He huffed and went to krillin's place. "Hey wtf" 18 said as the namekian tore thru their wardrobe. He stripped and his big namekian knob was revealed and 18 gasped. He bent down to pull up krillins pants and His sluggussy was in display as well. 18 gasped again. He was now dressed like 18s lame ass husband but their frames were p different so he was praxgislly gonna rip everything if he bent or breathed a certain way. It was kinda ridiculous honestly but 18 didn't care he was so hot

He turned towards thr blonde ans tried not to breathe. His uncut dick ripped thru the orange gi. 18 could not wait any longer and dropped to her knees and worshipped that trouser slug all sloppy like. "Yeaaaaaaaaa" piccolo said and then 18 also went "yeaaaaaaaaaa"

Glk glk glm glk 18 went as she inhaled the alien dick and used her robot strength to suck his cock and he moaned and she went harder like she was basically a humanoid vacuum it was impossible o suck krillin off like this cuz he didnt let her acger she sucked him so hard that His foreskin tore off on their wedding night so she wasn't able to rly suck him how she craved. She lived for sucking dick. She didn't know why she just rly liked it it was p based and Piccolo seemed to think so too. Then. She heard a rip and smth came loose in her mouth "Aw fuck not again" she said as hee pulled out the foreskin.

Piccolo laughed and simply regrew it tight in front of her eyes. She gasped. He was perfect unlike krillin who was dumb and did fucked up stuff and named their kid after his ex gf with big boobies shit was crazy

18 tore open her shirt and the crotch in her spanks and got on the bed. "Pls give me that diccolo piccolo" she moaned sexily. He got on top of her and mating pressed her and she went yeaaaaaaaaaaaa fuck my andrussy up!!! He fucked her harder and harder and his balls smacked Against her fat ass ans then he flipped her over and fucked her doggy style and she said MMMM YEA KNOT ME and he just kinda stared at the back of her head like

uh OK lol freak.

He stretched his dong out to be longer and then made it fatter and fatter and it was LIKR he was he was Wasn't tho cuz yyknkw. He clapped her cheeks like chalkboard erasers. He spanked her vuz she was a pawg I guess and that's what u do with pawg I guess. He fucked her for hours inn all sorts of positions like doggy missionary mating press and cowgirl and that thing where You sort of scissor and his fake knot popped in and out of her pussy and she creamed on his dick. Piccolo laid on his back as 18 rode his dick reverse cowgirl style and she was going really at it and all her brainceells leaked from her ears. Then as he trusted up into her He spurted his cum and then an egg shot out of his dick and launched into hee womb and she ahegaord and hit her final orgasm. The door opened. It was krillin and still dressed in piccolo outfit. Her squirt shot across the room and splashed onto krillins face.


The end