Tweetfic 1 - Marron/Goten

Author's Notes: idk what krilin did to me specifically but god i dont like him im sorry to krillin fans, unless youre the weird racist who said my partner would cheat on me cuz i write krillin ntr and proshitter things.

Guilt wormed its way through Krillin's stomach as his seed spilled itself over his fingers. Pants fell from his mouth as he locked eyes with a photo of Marron at the beach. The photo he had shamefully masturbated to dozens of times. What kind of father was he? That was the question that rang inside his head as he cleaned himself up and left his room.

The sight of Marron and Goten walking down the hall made his blood run cold. His daughter blinked and smiled at him. Guilt once again panged inside his chest. "Cut it out!" Marron whined under her breath as the two made their way towards her room. "Can't you wait until we're in the room?" she whispered. Krillin couldn't help but steal another glance at his daughter's body as she passed but instantly regret it.

"Sorry, you know I just can't keep my hands off you!" Goten whispered, a little too loudly for everyone's liking, as his fingers sank into Marron's plush ass.