Tweetfic 2 - 18/Chichi

Author's Notes: god. i actually like the idea of goku/chichi a lot tbh but.

The sensation of silicone drilling into her shamefully wet cunt was almost enough to distract Eighteen from the guilt wracking her body. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as Chi-Chi's strap stroked a sweet spot--one that Krillin's small cock had no chance of reaching. Her teeth sank into her bottom lip as a moan tried to escape her. A hand smacked itself across her fat ass. The white-hot sensation forced a gasp out of her.

"I felt bad sleeping with other people at first too," Chi-Chi panted between thrusts. "But we all have needs, so..." Another gasp was forced out of Eighteen as the other's fake cock hit that oh-so-sensitive sweet spot. "Just let loose for a while.~"