Tweetfic 1 - Rie Kishibe/Faceless Hentai Girl Penis

Author's Notes: i never cyber sleuthed in my got damn life. i watched my wife/partner bb play some of it tho.

"I'm sure we can come to an arrangement. Everyone has their price," Rie whispered. Her hand reached for the girl, a young hackivist that kept slipping through authorities' fingers. Her own fingers stroked the girl's face and brushed the greasy strands of hair away. Her other hand reached for her top and popped a button. More of her ample cleavage and bra revealed themselves to the girl. The hacker swallowed.

"Y-yeah, sure," she breathed. "Name a price."

A wicked grin split itself across Rie's face. Without a word, she squatted in front of the girl. Her tongue swiped across her lips as she got to work on pulling down the hacker's shorts. A musky, uncut but still flaccid cock spilled out into the open. The scent of sweat and pheromones clouded Rie's already shaky psyche. It was so strong. She could taste it already. Shivering, she leaned in and took a long lick from the base to the uncut tip. Slowly, her soft girl cock began to stiffen as it lay across the CEO's face. Pre dripped from her tip and into Rie's green curls. A howl of delight echoed in the internet cafe once Rie took the head into her mouth It didn't take long for Rie to get the girl fully erect. It took even less time for the girl to cum. Thick, salty cum painted her mouth an off-white and pumped down her throat.

Swallowing, Rie pulled away and wiped her mouth. "So, you'll work for me now, right?"

"Y-yeah. Sure."