Yamchad fucks Mai

Notes: Once again, this was written by my partner, BottomBitch. If you're interested in more of their work, hit up their AO3. You can find their commission info here.

The scent of an older woman was nothing like Yamcha had expected it to be. He had thought that it would be unattractive, but it was the total opposite. As he held Mai's skirt hiked up high and took his place between her legs, he couldn't get enough of her tits—kissing them, groping them, squeezing them, sniffing them. Though Mai could barely fight back the deep flush on her face, she did reach down to help him line up with her already wet pussy, worried that he might be too distracted to actually do so. And once he was lined up properly, she slipped her hand into his hair, the worship of her chest pulling sweet sounds of pleasure from her.

All the same, Yamcha was eager to prove that he could be a good lover. He didn't have to prove anything with girls his own age, because he was usually the only partner that they had ever had, but he was sure that a woman like Mai had a lot more experience than perhaps even he did. Once he had been lined up, Yamcha gave an eager thrust up, then began to take Mai against the wall as roughly as he could, slobbering over her tits as he did. They were supposed to be enemies, at least on some level, but it was hard to focus on that with a pair of tits as good as hers in front of him, ready for the taking.

Not to mention how soft her pussy felt around him. Even if she was experienced, he couldn't tell, she seemed tight enough to be a virgin, but he didn't go any easier on her for it. As he leaned down to capture one of her nipples with his lips and suckled hard on it while his arms moved around her back, he slammed up against her over and over again, burying his cock all the way inside with each immature, powerful thrust.

Her orgasm came first, signalled by the way that she held his head against her chest and slammed down onto him in turn. Her cunt convulsed around him, proof of her need, and in turn he gave his final two shallow thrusts into her tight snatch and then came himself, blowing a healthy load deep into the older woman's snatch without a second thought, and then smirking at her as he pulled out.