Empowered by his visit to The House of Fortune to act on his desires (read: be an asshole who does what he wants), Umino decides to make his move on Usagi. He manages to steal a kiss from her before shutting her crying up with his fat nerd dick in her throat. The end.

Notes: Once again, this was written by my partner, BottomBitch. If you're interested in more of their work, hit up their AO3. You can find their commission info here.

Umino felt as if he was on top of the world. He could do anything. When he flirted with his teachers, there was nothing that they could do to stop him. He could probably grope them if he wanted to, though he didn't try that just yet. It was during his confidant walk down the hall that he spotted Usagi, someone who had long been an object of his affection. With a growing smirk on his lips, he soon closed the distance between them, his hand pressing against the wall beside her as he closed in on her.

There was no need for words to be exchanged, he figured. There had been so much romantic tension between them that she would understand why he was doing what he was doing. He leaned up to press a kiss against her lips, surprised when she didn't kiss him back, but he kept it going for long enough that he could be sure that she couldn't resist, then pulled back. There were tears in her eyes. Oh, that had been her first kiss, hadn't it? Whoops. There was no need for her to cry, though. Was kissing him really that bad?

"I've got something else you can kiss if that wasn't good enough for ya," he told her, then set a hand against her shoulder and forced her down onto the ground. Getting his cock out was the easy part, laying it against her face, sweat and all, was pretty easy, too, but getting her to open her mouth and take it inside was a little more challenging. In the end, he opted to simply order her to do so, and sure enough, she opened up. What a dream. His hand sat against the back of her head and he forced himself deep into her mouth, all the way to the back of her throat.

The little resistance that she gave was ignored by him; if he gagged on his cock, what did he care? It felt good to be in her mouth, and that was all that mattered. He kept her on his shaft, fucking her mouth as brutally as he could manage, caring little for what state her face ended up in. By the time he was finished and he pulled out to finish on her face, tears had streaked makeup down her face and drool from his rough face-fucking ran down her chin. Leaving her with a cum facial to add onto that, he zipped up his pants and went on his way, whistling as he did.