Tweetfic 1 - Koyuki/Maho

Author's Notes: written when i was rewatching BECK with my partner in 2022. good times.

Koyuki couldn’t take his eyes off of her. The way the moon reflected off the water and onto her wet, pale skin made her look ethereal. He swallowed as he watched her swim. The critiques Saito drilled into his head during training rang in his mind but faded away once Maho rose from the water once again. Glowing silver rippled across the hotel deck, making the room shimmer just like the stars outside. With a sigh, she fell onto her back, her breasts facing the skylight once she floated back to the surface. Water lapped at her skin and threatened to eclipse her body if she exhaled even in the slightest. He felt her eyes flicker to his face. Blood rushed to his face as her laughter bounced off the walls.

“You enjoying the view?” She asked as she turned towards him. Her gaze fell onto his crotch, his stiff cock in plain sight and straining against his shorts. “Well, are you coming in, you fucking nerd?” She asked before kicking the surface. Water splashed out of the pool and onto Koyuki.

“R-right!” He stammered before diving in